More Trench Safety Classes for Chicago Department of Water Management Employees

Trench Safety Chicago.jpg
On October 30, 2007 at 4:30 p.m., Chicago Department of Water Management had some additional instructions on Trench Safety. Prior to the meeting, I discussed trench safety with Jesse Canet, a foremen in the North District. Jesse was concerned about “Production”. As we all know, trench safety has been one of my most major concerns at the Chicago Water Department. It took years to update this department into the new century. I had many spirited conversations with Foreman, District Foreman, and Superintendents, demanding Job-site safety for Chicago City Workers. I was alone and called a “Troublemaker”, but in the end, declared victory. Many people in the meeting brought up many concerns, but I am happy to report, Arnold Coleman made it clear by saying, ” YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT SAFE”. The meeting was given by Water’s Safety Department employees, Mark Holder, Alice Carter, and William Coclanes. Chicago has a one year agreement with the State of Illinois Department of Labor, to get the Water Department in compliance. I was proud to be the only “Competent Person” at the meeting, so I think we better get all employees certified A.S.A.P. Remember, in the long run, Chicago Taxpayers will benefit by saving millions in workman comp claims. Special thanks to Fran Spielman for making this a public issue at the Chicago Sun-Times. Also thanks to James LoVerde for sending me to the classes. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Homeless Update

Chicago Homeless 2.jpg
While Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and other politicians were pouring water into the Chicago River to protest Mayor Daley’s proposed tax increases, a homeless person in the street takes a nap. Mayor Daley’s Administration has greatly underestimated the homeless problem in Chicago. I really wish all the bottled water the politicians poured into the Chicago River, would have been given to a Homeless Shelter instead. Remember it is getting colder every day in Chicago, please donate to the Homeless and Voiceless. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Parking Signs for the "Good Neighborhoods"

Chicago Parking Signs.jpg
Please enjoy a picture of a Chicago Parking sign. This is a permanent sign that clearly shows the parking policy in this pricey, clout and connected Chicago neighborhood. While Mayor Daley want to increase the parking fines to astronomical levels, the signs like these can help you avoid the ticket. These signs also have lights which flash red if “No Parking” is in effect. Wow, flashing lights for the Chicago Gentry. In the poor and west-side Chicago wards, the parking signs are paper attached to the trees with string. This costs taxpayers more money because Streets and Sanitation crews need to put them up and take them down. I hope Mayor Daley hides the West Side of Chicago from the Olympic Committee, they might tell Daley he has far greater problems. I think the parking signs in Chicago are discriminatory. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Feds raid Chicago Little Village Update

Foto-Munoz Sign Removed.jpg
The Foto-Munoz Sign came down last week. Alderman Munoz’s father was alledgely part of a Chicago Mexican Mafia that produced false I.D.s. Many people blame Mayor Daley for the immigration issue in Chicago. Some say Mayor Daley allows these illegal immigrants in Chicago, as he is able to shake them down with parking tickets and numerous fees. Also the money brought into Chicago Coffers from 26th Street is massive. 26th street shops in Chicago ring up massive sales. More on the prior post about the Feds raiding Foto-Munoz click here: Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley's Chicago Homeless Citizens

Chicago Homeless.jpg
This is a picture repeated every night for many of Chicago’s Homeless. This person put a large sheet over their body and changed their pants on a street corner in Chicago’s West Side. Right out in public. To listen to Mayor Daley, you will get grossly underestimated homeless statistics. Chicago Citizens were told only 24 homeless downtown and 958 citywide. This is nowhere near my estimate of over ten thousand homeless in Chicago. Unlike the Daley Administration, I am underestimating these numbers. I hope you when you see Daley’s friends pilfering millions from taxpayers, while living like royalty, you demand better conditions for the homeless. It is going to be very cold in Chicago this year, please donate money to help our poorest citizens. Forget the Olympics in Chicago, lets tackle this issue first. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Marathon Video Update Channel 2 CBS Chicago

I told you a while ago about the Chicago Marathon and the disaster it caused many people. I do not blame Daley for the mess, but Daley seems to twist the story to incredible lengths. Chicago Taxpayers have given up hope, when will the Mayor will tell the truth? Dave Savini, is an excellent Investigative Reporter and I hope you take the time to watch the video. Click here: I also ask everyone to send some money to this family that suffered tragedy at this Marathon. Patrick McDonough

Chicago Department of Water Management Honor-Guard Busted

Honor-Guard Security.jpg
For quite some time, the Department of Water Management has used a lousy choice for Security Guards to protect the Drinking water of Chicagoland. Chicago choose a company that is not even located in Chicago. I know the Chicago Inspector General was aware of this company because I reported them as just another form of “Hired Trucks”. If you read the contract they promise some top guards, but the workers on site were never on certain posts. The “officers” guarding the entrance of the 3901 S. Ashland post was never in the post because, “there is no heat”.
The two ladies would chat in the front entryway all night. The guard in the back would watch t.v. all night and had nothing to do except guard a pile of dirt at the transfer station. These guards are paid about $10.00 – $10.50 per hour and they do not receive any health and welfare benefits. In the contract with the city Honor-Guard promised benefits and health employees with a military background. They also subcontracted to two “Minority” subcontractors to have a minority presence. The guard at 39th and Iron, in the middle of the street was doing nothing for months and nobody in management noticed? I say fire more of the management. Excellent job Sun-times and star journalist Fran Spielman. According to the story, Jan Pestka actually did a good job? Also the guards never received paid training according to two of the guards. Read story below. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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Sun-Times Column a Gambling Nightmare

Mayor Daley Interview.jpg
Please read a editorial from the Chicago Sun-Times allowing gambling in Chicago. I cannot believe the Sun-Times could even fathom this. The suckers and the poor pour millions into the Illinois Lotto with lousy returns. The Illinois Lotto is a chump bet to clean out the poor. People get wealthy on the lotto by providing “Legal and sub-contracting” services to the Lotto. Does Mayor Daley’s cousin still have access to the 68 million dollars. Wake up Chicago, you are being fleeced alive. Chicago Taxpayers should demand a full scale investigation into Daley now. Daley is refusing to give David Hoffman enough power to combat corruption, so why give Daley and his mafia friends the Gambling? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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Mayor Daley's 11th Ward Massage/Olympic Bid Update Video

Chicago Massage Parlor.jpg
Mayor Daley is trying his damndest to convince the Olympic Committee, Chicago is the best Site for the 2016 Olympics. Please enjoy this video, as a Chicago 11th Warder and Daley man talks about Bridgeport. Click here: Many officials from the Olympic Committee might want to travel to 2519 S. Archer, the Daley’s know a good full body oil massage from Xindy might tip the balance in Chicago’s favor. Also, if the young Olympians hurt their muscles, or miss their wives, can get some relaxation at Xindy. This might be Chicago’s start to corporate support. Photo by Patrick McDonough.