Chicagolands Best Halloween Store "Scary Perry's

Scary Mask Scary Perry's River Grove Scary Perry has one of the best Halloween Stores in Chicagoland. Do not be afraid to take your last minute shopping needs to this great store. Scary Perry’s also has a Free Haunted House inside the store. Mr. Perry really gets into the spirit of Halloween. Scary Perry’s Halloween Store is located at 8412 Grand Avenue River Grove, Illinois. Call 708-646-0076 for more information! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Perry Pearce Water Department Hero assaulted today.

Perry, all City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees support you during this difficult time. We also admire you for standing up for your rights seval years ago when they gave you a ticket when you were working at City Hall. I hope the OIG cleaned up that mess. God Bless. Patrick McDonough