Chicago Department of Water Management gets more Trench Shoring

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Last week the City of Chicago Department of Water Management received a truckload of new Shoring. It was delivered to the Water Management facility at 39th and Iron on Chicago’s South Side. I have always demanded shoring and the city needs to make the rules in place enforced. If you are on a job and the shoring is not used please e-mail me. I also suggest the Department of Water Management train Operating Engineers on the proper procedures loading and unloading the shoring. Much of the shoring is in disrepair. I hope buying new shoring is not a half hearted attempt to pretend to be in compliance. We also need the people in charge of safety to quit wasting time picking up money for charity and do the job they are paid to do. Demand Shoring! Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley's Employee in Transportation caught in the act

City worker solicited 'prostitute' during work hours, police say
Department of Transportation supervisor approached undercover cop, police say
Tribune staff report
10:57 PM CDT, April 29, 2008
A Chicago Department of Transportation supervisor has been placed on leave with pay after being arrested while on the city clock Friday morning, accused of seeking the services of a prostitute who was really an undercover police officer.
Hugo Holmes, 56, of the 1700 block of East 55th Street was charged with soliciting a sex act, a misdemeanor, and released on his own recognizance, police said. The vehicle he was driving at the time of his arrest on the 4600 block of South Washtenaw Avenue was impounded.
Holmes, a field supervisor first hired in 1989, earns about $85,000 a year, according to city records. "Depending on the outcome [of his case], we will decide what kind of discipline is appropriate," said Maria Castaneda, spokeswoman for the department

Chicago's Inspector General's Office Visit April 25, 2008

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Chicago’s Inspector General enjoyed a visit by Patrick McDonough and other members of the Chicago Clout Inspectors. Our team has produced additional evidence of corruption, waste, mismanagement, and malfeasance. Most Chicago City employees use their vacation days for personal use, but not us. Our April 25, 2008 our visit provided more information needed by the I.G. to root out the tangled mess in the Daley Administration Departments. Many Chicago Taxpayers pray for a day when their hard earned money will be spent cautiously, until then, count on a group of dedicated civil workers to “do the heavy lifting”. Photo by Chicago Clout’s Director of Operations. More on this later…..

Chicago Clout Welcomes Inspector Michael McGann

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Inspector Michael McGann enjoyed his day at the Chicago Police Headquarters. Inspector McGann became an official member of the Chicago Clout Media Team. Michael was very happy to pick up his official credentials. Michael will host Chicago Clout’s “Ask your Plumbing Inspector Show” on Can-TV. Michael will also take on difficult issues facing the Plumbing Industry. This show is still produced by Patrick McDonough. We have another gentleman that was named as a director of our new non for profit yesterday. I will also sponsor him after he gets his studio credentials. My friend and famous Attorney Russ Stewart is preparing the documents. Click here for Russ Stewart’s website: Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley fails at stopping Gang Violence

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Mayor Daley’s press machine works well at spinning a terrible lie. Chicago Clout warned you about the impending disaster in Chicago’s Streets. How come we knew the Chicago Gangs are at war and Mayor Daley did not? It seems the only thing that Chicago cares about is the “Emerald Belt”. The “Emerald Belt” is a section of Chicago where the elite live. Daley wants to make sure everything is nice and wonderful for these Chicago residents. If you drive to the west and south sides of Chicago, you will find a vacuum that is sucking the life out of the neighborhoods. The Daley spin machine wants you to believe the cause of gang warfare is because of the warm weather. I was amazed to hear from several news sources propagate the false lies as if the gangs start shooting because of the weather. The reason Chicago’s poor neighborhoods are on fire is because the kids have no place to work. The only way for Mayor Daley’s poor residents to make money is to deal drugs. All of the industry has been removed from the west side due to high costs and politicians selling out. This picture was taken at 21st Street and California in Chicago. Some kids were shot and killed over turf wars. In the old days, kids would have a chance to make some money at the Park District or hustle a buck or two at a small store. Mayor Daley needs to reach out to former gang leaders like Wallace “Gator” Bradley and Harold “Noonie” Ward to get the insight needed to rein in the violence. Daley will instead go to the Preachers that also remove opportunity from the poor and cash in on providing votes for Daley backed candidates. Note the bullet holes in the house. All city workers should pack heat Mayor Daley, you ruined the west side. It is time to reach out to gang leadership in jail, they will bring piece back to the streets. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Commissioner John Spatz and Stanley Pehrue are in Hot Water

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Commissioner John Spatz and Stanley Pehrue of the Chicago Department of Water Management were in hot water last week. Please see this video and click on Water Worries,,8,1&pl=New%20Video%202 John Spatz should watch more videos produced by Chicago Clout that explored this issue many months ago. Stop putting drugs down the toilet, mix them in cat litter, and throw in the garbage. Please read this as reported by Channel 7 News Chicago… City employee arrested for making threat Thursday, April 17, 2008 | 4:33 PM A City of Chicago employee, Stanley Pahrue, has been placed on paid leave after he was arrested for making a threat. Pahrue works in the Chicago Water Department. He was arrested Wednesday for allegedly making a violent threat against his employer.
This is his second arrest in the last 10 days. He was previously arrested on April 6 for soliciting a prostitute.
The Chicago Tribune reported: Originally posted: April 17, 2008City water workers warned about suspended co-worker Posted by Dan Mihalopoulos and Todd Lighty at 1:20 p.m. Chicago officials told workers in the city’s Water Management Department Thursday morning to be on the lookout for a co-worker who allegedly threatened to go on a shooting spree at a department facility at Ashland Avenue and 39th Street. The workers were told that the employee, a construction laborer, has been put on paid leave from his job pending an investigation into the alleged incident. Water Management Department spokesman Tom LaPorte declined comment. Patrick McDonough, a city plumber, said the employee made the threat Wednesday to a female security guard at the facility. The employee allegedly told the guard that if he loses his job he will come back and “light this place up,” McDonough said. Barrett Murphy, the department’s managing deputy commissioner, met with employees Thursday morning and told them the city was taking the matter very seriously, McDonough said. You can visit lout Street Blog and comment click here:
I hope when Mr. Murphy got that question about the treatment of other people that have had problems, he knows his answer was reported to the Chicago Inspector General. Stay away from Hot Water Guys. Also, our Commissioner has put on a few pounds since he got the big post, did you notice? Patrick McDonough

Daley and Sorich's Nativity of our Lord Sewer Repair Scandal

Nativity of our Church Chicago.jpg Thanks to Mayor Daley and the corruption in Chicago, stories never end. I many times come across stories that that just bother me greatly. This is a story that starts about April 1, 2008. April fool’s Day haunts me because it is the anniversary of the day I was fired from the City of Chicago. I knew that act was to send a signal to Chicago City Workers to clam up to the corruption. I got a call from my ever expanding network of Chicago Clout Inspector Generals and got a tip on this story. As a Roman Catholic, I despise this story. I sent this story out in hope a major Chicago Newspaper would look into this, thus letting me off the hook. I think I still have Catholic Guilt at an abnormally high rate. Here we go….
In early April, a crew was sent to investigate a flooding problem at Nativity of the Lord Church in Bridgeport, Chicago, Illinois. This church is loaded with clout including the Daley Family and Robert Sorich. When Robert Sorich got busted by the Feds in Daley’s Hiring Scandal, Nativity had a fund raiser for Sorich. Sorich is still out of jail due to clout reserved for royalty. The Chicago Department of Water Management sent a large amount of crews on the taxpayer’s dime to help with this church’s sewer problems. Vactor crews, Investigator crews, sewer crews, and multiple supervisory staff were sent in. Private contractors such as National Power Rodding Corporation were sent to assist. More info click here: The Central District might have been able to do the jet rodding if the Vactors were repaired correctly. Vactors are large trucks that suck sewer waste and sewerage out of basins. Vactors also jet rod sewer mains. In the old days, the districts were cut into quadrants; each quadrant would have two Vactors to ensure the sewer basins were maintained. Central District was down to only one Vactor with a barely working jet rod. There are three Districts in Chicago. Chicago needs a total of twenty four Vactors per shift city wide to protect and maintain the Chicago Sewer System. Back to the story… within three days a massive amount of work was done to repair the church’s sewer. (Or as we say their “P.D.”) A crew was sent back at the end of the job and fresh concrete was poured on the sidewalk. This was proof to me the Chicago City Worker can outwork any private company. Nativity of our Lord motto is “Serving God and the Bridgeport Community”. If you are in the know, you are laughing because Nativity got some really great service on the taxpayer’s dime. The “Mayor’s free sewer program is for private homes and up to four unit buildings. This afternoon, I spoke on the phone with Father Brandt regarding the costs in the sewer repair and found him to be very nervous and guarded. He said some things about the Business Manager and $11,000.00 in prior plumbing bills. I leave the rest of the talk at that. I hope the Chicago Inspector General looks into the way this job was handled. Am glad I am done writing this story and I feel better, like I had a confession. Please do not take this personal, but I do not like the way they do business in Bridgeport. Thy Shall Not Steal. Maybe they could have a fundraiser to pay the city back, right Mr. Sorich? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Stop Prostitution in Chicago Now

Click here to find Johns shopping for prostitutes in Chicago. I think we need to unionize this trade do you? See if you know anyone on this list. Remember, you are guilty in Chicago, until you bribe your way to innocence. Remember my friends, if you are not getting the service you need, visit the massage parlors in Mayor Daley’s 11th Ward. In the 11th Ward you might pick up a VD, but you will not be thrown in jail. We need to unionize the Massage Workers in Chicago Now. Patrick McDonough

Please Read the Teamster's 726 Lawsuit Chicago Union under Attack

You might need adobe to read the extended file below. It is free so get it. Thank you to Angelo Fata for waking up Chicago Unions. Patrick McDonough
Chicago Clout Fans. Many of you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free if you click here: Many more of these legal filings will appear on this website. Get informed.]]> Continue reading “Please Read the Teamster's 726 Lawsuit Chicago Union under Attack”