Chicago's Inspector General's Office Visit April 25, 2008

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Chicago’s Inspector General enjoyed a visit by Patrick McDonough and other members of the Chicago Clout Inspectors. Our team has produced additional evidence of corruption, waste, mismanagement, and malfeasance. Most Chicago City employees use their vacation days for personal use, but not us. Our April 25, 2008 our visit provided more information needed by the I.G. to root out the tangled mess in the Daley Administration Departments. Many Chicago Taxpayers pray for a day when their hard earned money will be spent cautiously, until then, count on a group of dedicated civil workers to “do the heavy lifting”. Photo by Chicago Clout’s Director of Operations. More on this later…..

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  1. you know, that Frank Avila can be a little brash but between him and you, you both motivated me to do some extra blogging of my own on the plight of terrible “throw out the poor” city we now have. I hope information you brought to the inspector general includes info on getting Daleys criminal son Patrick. You and Frank Avila may not be perfectly polished but you guys do have balls and are very honest in your work for the taxpayers even though it has cost you both plenty. My hat is off to you guys.

  2. I am a great judge of character and I will tell you this from my analysis…I really think for once that Daley is finally scared of what is coming his way when the feds deliver it to his door. He has worked very hard to earn it. So it’s only right that noone should now keep him and his son from their well earned appointment with the federal magistrate. But he still has a lot of power and I’m just waiting to see how he is going to use it in reaction to the looming indictments. This is gonna be interesting now. I think the feds are gonna get him this way, through his son first and then they will get him like they got Al Capone. Not for the big stuff (although they will try). it’s the little stuff like what Patrick done that will amount to Goliath being brought down for his crimes against the poor and middle class taxpayers. But the big stuff just may get him too. Then we can get someone in that is not afraid to do things to help the poor and middle class in this city. By the way, the middle class are poor too.

  3. WOW! you guys are inspectors now. I’m impressed. We could really use Kojak about now too. He’d get Crocker to dig up the right stuff. Who loves you baby.

  4. What is taking the feds so long to bust Daley? i had Obama’s office offer to help me with my apartment and the amount of city sabotage was revolting. i suggested from the get go that Obama’s office get a home inspection done for me and ask the city why their report did not match some bribed to look the other way or lying to not loose their job city employee city report and then question the differences. With all the websites and blogs devoted to writing about city corruption, Daley and his sidekicks and unelected community group members would be out and I hope audited.

  5. The major problems in our society and big cities today is that our elected officials quickly put their hands in the public cookie jar and enrich themselves and buy off their competition leaving no accountability to us, the people they represent. Chicago’s mayor Richard Daley is a prime example of a democratic mayor who has policies of a staunch uncaring republican. Mayor Daley is a major mover and a shaker, and he also runs a very corrupt organization and administration. When he wants something he throws his gusto into it and makes sure the job gets done. What he is succeeding at is silencing his critics either by buying them off or scaring them half to death. He is orchestrating the systematic demise of the working class from the city of Chicago. This weekend alone there have been over 20 shootings on the south side in less than 24 hours. As Daley decimates the poor from these neighborhoods he leaves them with no hope or structure, and raises the costs for the poor people to live in this city. Its no wonder that the crime rate is spiking now. When you see Daley at a news conference he looks like a frightening bitter and angry man. It’s clearly evident that his corruption and mismanagement of the taxpayers money is coming back to haunt him in a big way. His only son is off in the army somewhere in the desert. His sons name is Patrick Daley and Patrick has been in the news recently because he was caught hiding his interest in a sewer company that was doing business with the city. Patrick signed up for the army right after a major scandal involving rigged truck leasing by the city of Chicago. Patrick has been signed up three years now with the U S army but only got deployed right before his role in the rigged scandal came to light for the first time. As a expert in psychology and reading people extremely well, it’s clear that mayor Daley has a lot to hide and he is working very hard behind the scenes to stall the federal investigation of his fraudulent hiring practices which enabled him to build a huge 20,000 strong political army and also he is working hard to cover the tracks of many more of his top aids and his sons fraudulent dealings with the city. When Patrick Daley’s fraud first came to public light the mayor Daley acknowledged his son made a “bad error in judgement”. That’s a nice way to say that what his son done was illegal. When asked if his son had any other interests in city business he replied “I don’t know”. The gig is up for this mayor, it’s now just a matter of how long he can stall the federal investigations that are swirling around him, his cabinet and his family.

  6. The next shoe to drop will be as this recession deepens here in Chicago. This market is late to feel the fallout from the glut of condos on the market. The Trib Or Times reported how Chicago condo sales are off by 25% last year. And this year is reported to have 40% more condos available than last year. So Robert Vanecko needs to be watched. He was given $63 million dollars from the cities pension funds. That money was to be used for realestate investments. I think Vanecko got that money to save his butt with that high rise he is building on Michigan and Roosevelt. Sure he told the pension board that their money was to be used for realestate investments, but here is the possible fraud to watch out for: did Vanecko need to get that $63 million dollars becuase he was in trouble with his condo high rise due to this bad condo market. Sure he told the board he was investing their money in realestate, but did he tell them that he was in financial trouble with his high rise and that their money was needed to bail his butt out. I would think not. And if that is the case then he committed fraud. This is one to watch.

  7. You sound like a man doing the right thing and so does this tom ryan. Sorry I’ll not be voting Democrat again ever and it’s the Daleys that did it to me and mine. Liars that they are and the son stealing the pension money and all. I know you like Obama and at one time I did too but after his association with the liars in this town, I’m taking my chances with the POW, Thank You.

  8. The crookedness of this mayor has so infuriated me that I dont care to concern myself with with national policies anymore . The only reason I want a republican in the white house again is so that Patrick Fitzgerald stays in office. A democrat will replace him and protect this crooked mayor Daley who cares only for the rich.

  9. Sheilagh,
    I’m not getting why there are not many more letters like yours above. Everyone should quit the scummy deranged democratic party. I’m not getting why I’m not hearing more folks around this country of ours, talking like you.

    It seems they are just brainwashed. I hate to keep saying that, but……?

    It also seems they don’t realize that party is something they can change; it’s not like being Italian or German or female or Polish or male or Mexican or white or black or Chinese. They act like their stuck being a democrat—-to serve the lying Daley forever and ever.

    Just Quit the stupid party.
    Quit! Just do it. Enough!

    Thanks for writing that – I’m going to bed happy.

    The trend has started . …

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