Mayor Daley's Employee in Transportation caught in the act

City worker solicited 'prostitute' during work hours, police say
Department of Transportation supervisor approached undercover cop, police say
Tribune staff report
10:57 PM CDT, April 29, 2008
A Chicago Department of Transportation supervisor has been placed on leave with pay after being arrested while on the city clock Friday morning, accused of seeking the services of a prostitute who was really an undercover police officer.
Hugo Holmes, 56, of the 1700 block of East 55th Street was charged with soliciting a sex act, a misdemeanor, and released on his own recognizance, police said. The vehicle he was driving at the time of his arrest on the 4600 block of South Washtenaw Avenue was impounded.
Holmes, a field supervisor first hired in 1989, earns about $85,000 a year, according to city records. "Depending on the outcome [of his case], we will decide what kind of discipline is appropriate," said Maria Castaneda, spokeswoman for the department

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  1. Even city workers like **** ***** of streets & san has visited the wares given by Bridgeport brand hookers. As a mater of fact he did this twice during the day on separate occasions while working for the city of chicago.

    Guess what he was arrested (with) both times and nothing seems to happen to him.

    I wonder if its because it was in the 11th Ward or because he was black

    Even the commissioner is aware of this incident along with the inspector general

  2. Things are not always as they seem. I feel people get caught up in situations while being in the wrong place at the wrong time regardless of skin color. Just saying no in some people’s head still means yes, just because the person was acknowlaged

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