Chicago Department of Water Management gets more Trench Shoring

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Last week the City of Chicago Department of Water Management received a truckload of new Shoring. It was delivered to the Water Management facility at 39th and Iron on Chicago’s South Side. I have always demanded shoring and the city needs to make the rules in place enforced. If you are on a job and the shoring is not used please e-mail me. I also suggest the Department of Water Management train Operating Engineers on the proper procedures loading and unloading the shoring. Much of the shoring is in disrepair. I hope buying new shoring is not a half hearted attempt to pretend to be in compliance. We also need the people in charge of safety to quit wasting time picking up money for charity and do the job they are paid to do. Demand Shoring! Photo by Patrick McDonough

4 Replies to “Chicago Department of Water Management gets more Trench Shoring”

  1. who do you think ordered the shoring equipment and trained over 600 employees on the rules and regulations regarding working safely in an excavation? SAFETY DID. Ask your Competent Person to inspect the job everyday- as was taught in the training class

  2. Can you tell me why some foremen’s, district foremen, do not use SHORING?I seen first hand Kolomay crew, As I was working on a construction site we asked the city for a cut and seal.
    The crew that came out was a truck wsd920 I asked the foreman that he should use shoring as we do on a private site, he said “That takes to much time to do” so I said your jeopardizing your men, why would you do that? he said screw the guys
    So I called 311 and told the operator who said she will get someone from Water Management to find out what is going on here. But you know how thw city works. Nothing.

  3. if forced to work in an unsafe excavation call the Ill. Dept. of Labor.

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