Update Chicago Security Breach 2FM Training facility

Chicago High ranking management is not safe from upset Englewood residents that want a piece of the Lightfoot’s financial promised land. It is very important Mayor Lightfoot keeps all employees safe from upset taxpayers that want a nice job with benefits. On October 21, 2020, a large group of black Englewood residents stormed the 2FM facility and gained entrance putting lives in jeopardy. According to an unnamed source, things were kept under control, a professional reaction kept these negros in chains until the Chicago Police arrived.

I am going to give a Gold Star for treating the taxpayers to a walk around that included the new training center. Lori Lightfoot needs to review the sloppy actions that allowed a possibly dangerous situation. Dude, keep the dam doors locked. I also want to thank the Chicago Police for not shooting anyone that trespassed. I am hoping more Chicago activists demand good-paying jobs after delivering the vote for LIghtfoot’s ambitions. I am happy the activists were told they have a great shot at a job, the truth would have caused a riot. Not to all those in financial straights in Chicago, keep fighting. Trump is not the enemy. Biden is not the enemy, Lori is.

Homeowners face onslaught from greedy Chicago Inspectors

Mayor Leroy Lightfoot made demands to Chicago Union Inspectors to, “Get tribute”.

Chicago is terminally in debt and Mayor Lightfoot made things worse with her full-time job of obtaining votes for Joe Biden. When Leroy is not in her personal taxpayer funded Kameltech studio costing taxpayers at least a million dollars, she is ordering her foot soldiers to raise money.

Chicago has drastic debt due to the lack of money from hospitality, airport, building, and real estate sales. You can only demand a limited amount of money from water revenue, sanitation revenue, red light, and speeding tickets.

I am still stunned the negros and hillbillies that live in Chicago, squandered the opportunity to saw down all the red-light cameras and speed cameras. Why the hell break windows and grab some stupid crap made in China? Steal gym shoes? Why?

Ever drive down Peterson Avenue from Devon to the lake? Lightfoot wants to again add more speeding violations. Communist. Please review this poor guy’s video.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot financial failure exploding

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is completely unaware of the size of the impending financial doom hitting Chicago. The Chicago fat cat Unions are making suggestions and Lori will just go along while Chicago burns again.

There is no way Chicago Taxpayers can afford another round of Lightfoot’s spending for votes programs. Lori personally made promises to many contractors doing business in Chicago in return for supporting Joe Biden for President. Lightfoot also promised to pay for many taxpayer’s rent in return for delivering the vote. Lori used programs to keep renters in apartments for free while destroying the Chicago rental market. Soon, many will have a massive county tax bill increase with no renters paying rent to offset the cost.

Many real people that can not get their rent paid on their own are relying on Lori Lightfoot rent subsidies that are all smoke and mirrors. If you are a city of Chicago renter with no job, Lori will not bail you out.

The only way landlords can evict non-paying tenants is to obtain high priced lawyers.

Governor Pritzker refuses to allow evictions, but he refuses to allow squatters in his many homes he does not even use. It is nice political gain to allow people to live in another people’s homes, make landlords pay heat, water, and other utilities, while the Gov refuses to pay his fair share of taxes. What until the tax bill is mailed and landlords have a building full of freeloaders?

I sent 600 pages of awesome financial data and unneeded charges Chicago pays. Chicago says they are considering the millions spent on law firms to defend lawsuits and workers’ compensation cases. Until Alderman burke ends up in jail, nothing will change in Chicago. As I said, Lori Lightfoot has her head in her ass. Look at the picture.

Chicago Assets and Information Services corruption continues

Last week was not a good week for the City of Chicago employees at Asset and Information Services. Two days of grilling from the Office of the Inspector General is not good for hemorrhoids. You can always know shit is hitting the fan at Chicago Departments when they change their name. Was 2Fm.

According to my sources at the Office of the Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s first special needs Mayor, demands the head of high-ranking City employees that were allegedly selling Donald Trump 2020 campaign hats and reelection wear. Lori Lightfoot should not be using Joe Ferguson to go after anyone trying to make a hustle outside of a juicy city payroll. I just hope all involved filled out their second job form and paid taxes from the theft of City supplies to scrap yards.

Also, just recently, a large group of unemployed blacks entered City property to demand jobs from one of the department’s highest-ranking officials. Mayor Lori Lightfoot just used all of Chicago’s blacks for votes for Biden and will not provide any jobs. Those blacks that trespassed on City Property should have been reported and thrown in jail.

The biggest problem in Chicago now is the lack of any reporting from the media.

Many Chicago city workers are trained to provide video and audio to eliminate bad actors at the city.

Do you think the Mayor of Chicago should harass people like Nina Cozzo? Do Chicago city workers have the right to have several side-hustles, or should all their off-work activities glorify the Democratic Party? Should every Chicago City Workers continue to fix voter’s ballots for the glory of Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her hideous man-wife? When you think about it, Lightfoot has spent the last few months on a get the vote out for she-man Joe Biden. I wish Lori would just do her job as the first black, bi-sexual, freak mayor.

Heads will roll soon, don’t cross the ugly mayor of Chicago.