Update Chicago Security Breach 2FM Training facility

Chicago High ranking management is not safe from upset Englewood residents that want a piece of the Lightfoot’s financial promised land. It is very important Mayor Lightfoot keeps all employees safe from upset taxpayers that want a nice job with benefits. On October 21, 2020, a large group of black Englewood residents stormed the 2FM facility and gained entrance putting lives in jeopardy. According to an unnamed source, things were kept under control, a professional reaction kept these negros in chains until the Chicago Police arrived.

I am going to give a Gold Star for treating the taxpayers to a walk around that included the new training center. Lori Lightfoot needs to review the sloppy actions that allowed a possibly dangerous situation. Dude, keep the dam doors locked. I also want to thank the Chicago Police for not shooting anyone that trespassed. I am hoping more Chicago activists demand good-paying jobs after delivering the vote for LIghtfoot’s ambitions. I am happy the activists were told they have a great shot at a job, the truth would have caused a riot. Not to all those in financial straights in Chicago, keep fighting. Trump is not the enemy. Biden is not the enemy, Lori is.

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