Homeowners face onslaught from greedy Chicago Inspectors

Mayor Leroy Lightfoot made demands to Chicago Union Inspectors to, “Get tribute”.

Chicago is terminally in debt and Mayor Lightfoot made things worse with her full-time job of obtaining votes for Joe Biden. When Leroy is not in her personal taxpayer funded Kameltech studio costing taxpayers at least a million dollars, she is ordering her foot soldiers to raise money.

Chicago has drastic debt due to the lack of money from hospitality, airport, building, and real estate sales. You can only demand a limited amount of money from water revenue, sanitation revenue, red light, and speeding tickets.

I am still stunned the negros and hillbillies that live in Chicago, squandered the opportunity to saw down all the red-light cameras and speed cameras. Why the hell break windows and grab some stupid crap made in China? Steal gym shoes? Why?

Ever drive down Peterson Avenue from Devon to the lake? Lightfoot wants to again add more speeding violations. Communist. Please review this poor guy’s video.

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