Mayor Lori Lightfoot financial failure exploding

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is completely unaware of the size of the impending financial doom hitting Chicago. The Chicago fat cat Unions are making suggestions and Lori will just go along while Chicago burns again.

There is no way Chicago Taxpayers can afford another round of Lightfoot’s spending for votes programs. Lori personally made promises to many contractors doing business in Chicago in return for supporting Joe Biden for President. Lightfoot also promised to pay for many taxpayer’s rent in return for delivering the vote. Lori used programs to keep renters in apartments for free while destroying the Chicago rental market. Soon, many will have a massive county tax bill increase with no renters paying rent to offset the cost.

Many real people that can not get their rent paid on their own are relying on Lori Lightfoot rent subsidies that are all smoke and mirrors. If you are a city of Chicago renter with no job, Lori will not bail you out.

The only way landlords can evict non-paying tenants is to obtain high priced lawyers.

Governor Pritzker refuses to allow evictions, but he refuses to allow squatters in his many homes he does not even use. It is nice political gain to allow people to live in another people’s homes, make landlords pay heat, water, and other utilities, while the Gov refuses to pay his fair share of taxes. What until the tax bill is mailed and landlords have a building full of freeloaders?

I sent 600 pages of awesome financial data and unneeded charges Chicago pays. Chicago says they are considering the millions spent on law firms to defend lawsuits and workers’ compensation cases. Until Alderman burke ends up in jail, nothing will change in Chicago. As I said, Lori Lightfoot has her head in her ass. Look at the picture.

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