Chicago Assets and Information Services corruption continues

Last week was not a good week for the City of Chicago employees at Asset and Information Services. Two days of grilling from the Office of the Inspector General is not good for hemorrhoids. You can always know shit is hitting the fan at Chicago Departments when they change their name. Was 2Fm.

According to my sources at the Office of the Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s first special needs Mayor, demands the head of high-ranking City employees that were allegedly selling Donald Trump 2020 campaign hats and reelection wear. Lori Lightfoot should not be using Joe Ferguson to go after anyone trying to make a hustle outside of a juicy city payroll. I just hope all involved filled out their second job form and paid taxes from the theft of City supplies to scrap yards.

Also, just recently, a large group of unemployed blacks entered City property to demand jobs from one of the department’s highest-ranking officials. Mayor Lori Lightfoot just used all of Chicago’s blacks for votes for Biden and will not provide any jobs. Those blacks that trespassed on City Property should have been reported and thrown in jail.

The biggest problem in Chicago now is the lack of any reporting from the media.

Many Chicago city workers are trained to provide video and audio to eliminate bad actors at the city.

Do you think the Mayor of Chicago should harass people like Nina Cozzo? Do Chicago city workers have the right to have several side-hustles, or should all their off-work activities glorify the Democratic Party? Should every Chicago City Workers continue to fix voter’s ballots for the glory of Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her hideous man-wife? When you think about it, Lightfoot has spent the last few months on a get the vote out for she-man Joe Biden. I wish Lori would just do her job as the first black, bi-sexual, freak mayor.

Heads will roll soon, don’t cross the ugly mayor of Chicago.

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  1. I think more in the public, especially City of Chicago residents/constituents need to be aware of this. Nina was within her right. What was done to her by Lightfoot’s administration was unconstitutional. As long as she was not promoting or selling on City time or utilizing city resources; she is allowed to promote her products, allowed to vote republican, allowed to support Trump, and allowed to have an opinion and a voice! There are aldermen and other city officials who have committed actual crimes and were never held accountable- but this?! Lori needs to be shown the door. She is ruining the city.

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