More Chicago Department of Water Management email and criminal investigations

Greg Ortiz City of Chicago Department of Water Management

Saturday September 30, 2017

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management is still under attack for the backlash of the email scandal. City of Chicago workers participated in the sending of emails that were extremely ignorant and racist. For many decades, the North District was a hotbed of rude treatment, lack of promotions, and lack of overtime to blacks. The North District was a hotbed of shakedown artists and lousy Inspector Generals looked the other way. It was not until David Hoffman, the Chicago Inspector General had any integrity. Lately the Chicago Sun-Times went along with anything the current Inspector General said and told the Chicago newspapers to print. Joe Ferguson really sucks and is the worst Inspector General in Chicago history.

False inspections, steering investigations is par for the course. Are you surprised that Mayor Rahm Emanuel reappointed him? There is a reason, he is a puppet. A fool.

Last week and the week before, September 11, 2017 and the week of September 18, 2017, consisted of several interviews of North District foreman. Everyone knows except Joe Ferguson, the clown prince Inspector General, the promotion interviews, job interviews, discipline, job assignments, promotional tests were completely rigged under the past Department of Water Management leadership. If you remember, I spoke to the Federal Judge that released the Department of Water Management from Shakman oversight, and warned them about the very DOWM that were just front-page news.
Now a day late and a dollar short, Joe Ferguson, is considering the way the truck driver foreman was handing out overtime, the way the vehicles were used for personal use, used for lunch breaks, and other more sinister use.

Some water department employees sat around the yard all day, except for lunch and personal business. one of the most famous was North District Driver and Cook County Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr. Luis was very quiet and never said a word, but he was a full-blown loafer at the North District yard. Joe Ferguson covered for him like a diaper.

Many of the emails Paul Hansen sent were not reported by many North District Employees. Joe Ferguson is allowing many North District employees to dilly dally until retirement and allow Plumbers’ Local 130 to drag this mess on as long as possible. According to a source, MT of Plumbers Local 130 told workers they will be fired and there is nothing he can do to save their jobs. MT was no racist, all he wanted was bribes, and he loved eating peaches in the morning.

Anyone that received nasty emails from Paul Hansen should be fired on the spot. No exceptions. Rahm Emanuel’s staff Sargent reported to me he is in full money raising mode, so he better clean this mess up quick. Elections are around the corner. More information on the way.

Reginald Williams vs. City of Chicago vs. Alderman Burke Video

On September 27, 2017, Reginald williams, a City of Chicago injured worker, exposes Alderman Burke, Anne M. Burke, Monica Sommerville, fraud, bogus lawyers, doctors, delays, scams. Please file complaints on all these bums to the ARDC. Workers need their workers compensation benefits when they get hurt. George Tamvakis, Neal Strom, bad lawyers.

Luci Pope Cozzi Anderson (Hansen)? Retired from Department of Water Management

After about 23 years of getting serviced, Luci Pope Cozzi Anderson made an exit from the Department of Water Management. Friday September 15, 2017. After a couple of decades of keeping thing well lubed at work, Luci was sent packing. (allowed to retire) Chicago Clout has been after Luci Pope for over a decade. On the outside, Luci made a nice presentation, but on the inside, was a ruthless calculating sneak. Luci should have been indicted for shakman violations. If you were in a relationship with Luci, promotions and a nice high paying job was in order. It was so obvious, many complaints to Joe Ferguson forced the cray cray Inspector General to publish he was doing nothing about the alleged improprieties. You might ask, why did Luci Pope Cozzi Anderson (Hansen) move up the ladder so quick? Did she really do a bang-up job? What did she do all day? Luci was a Donald Tomczak old school operative.
Many Chicago City workers were disciplined, harassed, and retaliated against. Luci looked the other way when Paul Hansen and the other school boys at the Water Department ran wild. Luci made sure her posse was never disciplined. And talk about money and business opportunities?
Gary Litherland, the City of Chicago FOIA officer, knew how to drag on FOIA requests that resulted in the slow removal of vermin at the water department. Several lawsuits and the constant banging by Chicago Clout attracted too much attention, the stink was getting foul.
You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Time for Luci to go. Thank God.

The new management at the department is making strides providing leadership the Department of Water Management needs. My compliments. The Chicago Water Department is cleaning up its act slowly, but surely. The personal in the North district is recharged and getting work done in a proper manner. The poison left by Paul Hansen will not go away soon, but improvement is abound. All discipline and promotions must be reviewed. Cheating people out of promotions after decades of service must be corrected. Remember several lawsuits will make you honest.
We at Chicago Clout will continue to watch and expose. Many more people that watched Paul Hansen destroy moral at the North District will soon be joining him. More going away parties. See you in court!!