Chicago Election 2007 Results are In!!! Bingo for Insiders!!!

Way to go Northwest Side of Chicago!!!!. I enjoyed watching the polling places up and down Elston Avenue today and found things to be completely and totally unchanged by some of Chicago’s political royalty. Big mouth blowhards screaming like idiots, tough guy tactics, and bulling. Election laws broken and for the most part, business as usual. I witnessed a full blown election headquarters inside the polling place! Phone calls made and the Precinct captain bellowing orders and voicing his disgust of the results. Meet and greets inside the polling place, results tampered with, moved around at the whim of precinct captains. I got into a disagreement with a poll watcher that did not want me there, and an insult match ensued. I of course can debate anyone and the insult match was won by me as expected. I want people to know before the results, Belz and Boyke have no chance at all, the fix is in! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Carina Sanchez's Staff burning the midnight oil

Carina Update.jpg
I dropped into the 12th Ward with out any warning tonight. I am also working late. A staff of volunteers were working hard giving it their all. I must admit these people are working very hard and are committed to Carina Sanchez, a great choice for Chicago’s 12th Ward. In the picture is Lenn Sanchez and Ana Nonez, both very loyal and a credit to the American ideals of Freedom. I asked if any political tricks were cooking in the 12th Ward, they said none. A good honest campaign in the 12th Ward? I hope the rest of Chicago will be that lucky. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley's Chicago West Side.

Chicago's West Side.jpg
I know, everyone thinks of Chicago as the home of the Bean, the corruption, the Clout, the home of Patrick McDonough. The Cubs, the Soxs ( I am not talking about the 11th Ward Massage parlors. I am talking about a report card. Report cards can be bent to have a favorable outcome, it is human nature. For a report card worth reading please make sure to read Gary Washburn’s, click here:,1,4743807.story Look, I did not write this and I think the Chicago press has been more than fair to Daley, for far to long. Fact, Chicago median household income is lower in 2005, than in 1989. Poverty is about the same. Population with degrees way up. (good) Very slight increase in housing units. Median housing unit value, more than double. (unit= condo, house, ect) Population down, and minorities, up. So what does that mean? From a Mayor that opposed a fair wage, the results are on the money. Rich whites and well educated are taking a bigger chunk of the income. Poor and minority are losing. Housing is great in the east, the ghettos are crumbling in the west. The great Democratic ideals turned into republican conservative results. To maintain a home that costs twice as much and a massive and crushing tax system, many people need to take second mortgages. Many people have massive credit card debt. Daley has been great for yuppies and big business. If you really buy into the theory Daley is “Green”, I got some pictures of Smokestacks that will make you green. I work on the west side of Chicago and if we want to help the Chicago West Side, we need to share the wealth. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago's St. Patrick's Day Queen Contest

Sarah St. Pats Contest3.jpg
Today at Journeyman Plumber’s Local 130 the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Queen was chosen. On of the finalists was my daughter Sarah McDonough. One of the other contestants was with the U.S. Attorney’s office. After announcing she was with the U.S. States Attorney, you could hear a pin drop. Bob Ryan joked “maybe we should keep the mike further away”. Ever get the feeling he was not joking. Many of the contestants were much older, and I am proud of my daughter that was # 6. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Alderman Banks Ward 36 Streets and Sanitation in Action

Streets and Sanitation.jpg
Please enjoy this picture of Chicago Streets and Sanitation at the corner of Belmont and Newland on February 14, 2007. This High Lift #S17280 (Double check) a Volvo, is working hard clearing the lot of a funeral home. It was at about 2:15 p.m. Also on hand was a Hired Truck that was taking the snow away. Look, I know your bosses tell you to do this stupid stuff, but you need to say NO!!! Call the I.G. and let them know so in case they try to fire you for some petty B.S. you can get your job back. More pictures are on record. Mayor Daley what are you going to do about this? Bosses stop telling city workers to break the law and than dummy up when the workers job is on the line. Patrick McDonough. Photo by the McDonough I.G.