Chicago Election 2007 Results are In!!! Bingo for Insiders!!!

Way to go Northwest Side of Chicago!!!!. I enjoyed watching the polling places up and down Elston Avenue today and found things to be completely and totally unchanged by some of Chicago’s political royalty. Big mouth blowhards screaming like idiots, tough guy tactics, and bulling. Election laws broken and for the most part, business as usual. I witnessed a full blown election headquarters inside the polling place! Phone calls made and the Precinct captain bellowing orders and voicing his disgust of the results. Meet and greets inside the polling place, results tampered with, moved around at the whim of precinct captains. I got into a disagreement with a poll watcher that did not want me there, and an insult match ensued. I of course can debate anyone and the insult match was won by me as expected. I want people to know before the results, Belz and Boyke have no chance at all, the fix is in! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Amateurs like Belzie should stay out of politics just to save himself the embarrasment. Face it, you got schooled!

  2. Again you have hitched your wagon to a bunch of loooooosers Pat. Well when your a looses you just can’t help it!

  3. Many people post on my site and I attempt to allow them to write what ever they wish as long as it makes some sense. The last posting is why I am repeating the need for education for Chicago Children.

  4. Sounds to me like you got your feelings hurt in a polling place. All you probably ever won was an insult match, but you never won an election. Too bad.

  5. To Pat thanks for letting us all invoke free speech during this election cycle. Perhaps maybe one of us made some sense as well.


    This may not be the proper forum for this, but I will state my ‘idea’/’proposal’ anyway, and see if anyone is intrigued by my reasoning.

    I hold the opinion that it has been a very, very long time since we, the citizens of these United States, have truly and honestly been represented by our so-called ‘public servants’.

    While it can be said that a certain small percentage of any given area’s population is well and generously served by their elected officials,(at the financial and social expense of the area’s ‘common’, politically unconnected citizens),for the most part, our elected officials are motivated by three basic principles: get power, keep power and use that power to gain wealth, for themselves and for those of like mind.

    I assert that the vast majority of voters are poorly served by the ‘powers that be’, in all areas of their daily lives. It is obvious that many ‘public servants’ define themselves as being those individuals who are served BY the public.

    This sad state of affairs is the result of simple mathematics. If one determines, in any given area,(ie. city, county, state and federal),the total number of citizens who are qualified to cast a vote, one finds that perhaps 50%, more or less, of that number are actually registered to vote; further,in any given election, one finds that typically between 50% – 60% of those registered don’t even bother to make the effort to actually cast their vote(s).

    Thus, all that is required to win a 2 person race is 51% of the votes actually cast, effectively meaning that a mere 26% of the total number of citizens qualified to vote are determining who is elected.

    In a race of more than 2 contestants, the percentage needed to win becomes even lower than 26%.

    It is a puzzling mystery why the 2 major political parties, the Dumbocrats and the Retardicans, continue to strongly resist
    the establishment of additional political parties, though one sees occasional use of ‘shill’ candidates by both major parties.

    So, I propose a little experiment, to be conducted in both the smallest, local level elections, (ie. town, city, county, township, village,etc.), as well as in the larger level elections, (ie. state and federal), an experiment which is designed to accomplish several goals and answer several questions,(besides the obvious one, of seeing if enough people/voters will get off their butts and choose to participate in this experiment!).

    Basically, my question is this: what would happen if enough voters choose, in every election, both primary and general, to cast their votes by adhering to the following rules, completely disregarding all factors commonly used by voters to make their decisions on who to vote for, and simply casting their vote(s) by applying these rules/formula:

    * 1) Determine which candidates are the INCUMBENTS and DO NOT vote for any of them.

    * 2) If there are only two candidates running for any given office, all that the voter MUST
    know is which one is the INCUMBENT, then vote for the CHALLENGER candidate.

    * 3) If there are MORE than two candidates vying for a given office, determine if the incumbent is listed FIRST, and
    IF THIS IS SO, then vote for the challenger candidate who is listed LAST.

    * 4) If the incumbent is NOT listed FIRST, then vote for the challenger candidate who IS listed FIRST.

    * 5) If no incumbent is running for office, always vote for the LAST candidate listed.

    Remember to COMPLETELY DISREGARD all impulses to concern yourself with the specific persons who you are voting for and/or the specific persons you are not voting for and/or the specific incumbents who will, should enough voters in any given election
    participate in this experiment, be losing their jobs. Remember,also,that the issues don’t matter, policies don’t matter, individual candidates’ personal charm/attractiveness does not matter………………… nothing matters other than adhering to the 5 rules stated above.

    If enough voters in any given election participate in this experiment, the result should be that a whole lot of incumbents will be voted out of office. What reaction(s), on the part of politicians and their cronies, will this stimulate?

    If enough voters CONTINUE to participate in this experiment during the next several election cycles, thus keeping any specific person from holding office for more than a single term, will those non-politically connected individuals who would like to
    sincerely serve their fellow citizens by holding public office, but have determined that their chances of being elected are slim-to-none, now find that they have a reasonably decent chance of succeeding in holding public office?

    Will the ‘professional politicians’ eventually find other lines of work and abandon trying to gain and hold power over their fellow citizens, (since it’s difficult to establish power,influence and control in just a single term in office)?

    Will the majority of those citizens who do gain public office now be honest, ethical, hard-working and intelligent individuals, who seek office to actually serve the electorate, (since the traditional motivations of power, influence and wealth will effectively no longer be available)?

    Will these new, honest candidates, now encouraged to run for office, alter the usual dynamics of ‘campaigning’? And in what ways?

    As the reader may surmise, this experiment is designed to disrupt the decades-old flow of bullshit, which has passed for so long as democracy; bullshit both by the politicians and bullshit by the voting public’s failure to effectively participate in their own governing.

    The above experiment should be conducted in all political contests; Administrative, Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

    The rule to remember is: WHEN IN DOUBT, VOTE THEM OUT.

    The 5 rules above are designed to mathematically ensure that the maximum number of votes are cast in such a way as to be effective in denying all elected officials more than one term in office; to prove, by the only means those smugly in power
    ever understand, that the voters actually determine who holds public office, and that those presently holding said office(s) have, for way too long, held the vast majority of their constituents in contempt, evidenced not by their words, but by
    their deeds.

    Keep in mind that this experiment I am proposing is not meant to be a solution to our present social, economic and political disparities, but more as a catalyst for positive change in the attitudes of those who claim to represent ALL citizens’ best interests, instead of the present predominance of their representing only the interests of the chosen few.

    To paraphrase one of our past presidents, who once said:

    * You may fool SOME of the people ALL of the time

    * You may fool ALL of the people SOME of the time

    * But you cannot fool ALL of the people, ALL of the time

    The sad reality is that you need only to fool just the right number of people, at
    just the right time, to attain power and control over the many.

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