Carina Sanchez's Staff burning the midnight oil

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I dropped into the 12th Ward with out any warning tonight. I am also working late. A staff of volunteers were working hard giving it their all. I must admit these people are working very hard and are committed to Carina Sanchez, a great choice for Chicago’s 12th Ward. In the picture is Lenn Sanchez and Ana Nonez, both very loyal and a credit to the American ideals of Freedom. I asked if any political tricks were cooking in the 12th Ward, they said none. A good honest campaign in the 12th Ward? I hope the rest of Chicago will be that lucky. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Carina Sanchez and her supporters need to be alert, because Alderman Cardenas is desperate. Keep the pressure and efforts up and Sanchez will win!

  2. The Illinois Committee for Honest Government has asked for an investigation at a well attended press conference on the business practices and not following the law of George Cardenas the imposed alderman of the 12th ward.

  3. The Illinois Committee for Honest Gvernment is proud to have endorsed Carina Sanchez for Alderman of the 12th Ward. She has shown herself to be an intellegent and capable individual, in marked contrast to the undistinguished incumbent. Sanchez will be an Alderman that the 12th Ward will be proud to call their own, instead of having one that is an embarrassment to the community.

    In regards to Alderman Cadenas, the ICHG held a press conference on Friday, February 23 at City Hall to point out the failure of Cardenas to disclose detailed business interest information, as is required by state law. This leaves us and the public with the unaswered question… just what is Cardenas trying to hide?

    We have called on the US Attorney, the Illinois Attorney General and the State’s Attorney of Cook County to look into this absent information on Cardenas’ ethics reports. Willful misleading or false filing of that document constitutes a CRIMINAL OFFENSE by Cardenas. It that is the case, he should be prosecuted in accordance with the law. In addition, an investigation as to why the information was missing could lead to possible other charges coming against Cardenas (possibly involving money laundering).
    The people of the 12th Ward, of the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois deserve to know the answers without delay.

  4. Last time 2003 Victor Reyes went to Jerry Joyce and got that rat journalist to right BS articles on Ray Frias to get money launderer George Cardenas to win.

    This time Carina is clean and Steve Neal is dead after committing suicide.

    Jerry Joyce should of not got involved. The Frias people have long memories.
    Irish alzheimers.

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