Take a Lori, shower, and shave. Chicago’s sewer smell.

It smells like shit. It smells like shit in many Chicago intersections. I just called the Department of Water Management to report the sewer smell that is so strong it is sickening. The Department of Water Management, under Andrea “Chunky” Cheng, fails to address a sanitary problem so widespread, it is out of control. While lead in the potable water supply is a major problem in Chicago, this one is nothing to sneeze at.

I am confident the DOWM is aware that leaving a sewer open to the air is a health hazard. Many toxic items are in a sewer besides human feces and urine. These are mixes of many toxic substances, and the result of combining them could cause a pandemic. Nowadays, everyone is aware that Covid-19 is passed by droplets. Certain types of basins in Chicago cause droplets of wastewater to become airborne also. Backed-up and slow-running sewers also emit a smell that could knock you out.

In the past, many storm basins in Chicago had their trap removed to jet rod or service the basin. Under a sink in your kitchen, gases are stopped by water in a trap.

If you look at the picture above, you will see a grate in the middle of the intersection. This should have a solid lid that stops sewer gases from escaping/ The sewer gasses should vent through the roof in the surrounding buildings. Talk about stupid.

The Department of Water Management has made political employment decisions and promoted non-licensed personnel. That is the results you get: shitty results.

So please do not look at that girl you are trying to date and think she smells; she is a victim of stupidity. She did not let something nasty slip; Lori did.

Archie High looks at Andersonville Water Main Job

Archie High is a City of Chicago Department of Water Management retiree. Archie is looking forward to addressing the 48th Ward resident’s concern with the water main replacement job in Andersonville.

Archie was dumbfounded when he saw the fire hydrant buried into the street. Archie never saw anything like it before. Archie also was amazed at a depth of the water main.

Chicago is in a catch 22 because Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Alderman Burke took major campaign contributions, worked with unions to privatize more Chicago City Work. Sorry, but I know pay-to-play when I see it.

Archie was also amazed as the workers spent more time taking pictures and videos than installing pipes in the ground. The job site was loaded with private consultants, some which live in the suburbs. After two or three years, you think this contractor would be fired. The Department of Water Management bosses have their personal interests in this project, so taxpayers get the ointment again.

Andrea “Chunky” Cheng needs to put a little weight behind this project to get it moving forward. We are also waiting for the free “Lead-free” test kits so residents can start drinking this water again.

Archie also commented on all the choking dust in the street.

Do you have a permit for that Fire Hydrant?

September 10, 2021, The City of Chicago pushed for a clout-heavy private contractor. Alderman Edward Burke has a fantastic ability to funnel millions of dollars of City business into his campaign contributors’ pockets. Burke is simple to understand; give him money, and he will access taxpayer’s funds. In return, he gets another regular source of income. Burke will also make money from all sorts of kickbacks. Burke also provides jobs for 14th ward Hispanics and 11th ward regulars. Burke arranges the subcontractors, suppliers and lands the tuna. Burke controlled the lawyers in workers’ compensation and got his pice of that also. Many city workers are chomping on the bit when Burke goes to court soon.

And so, back to the story. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has rules and regulations providing permission to use fire hydrants. The only people that should use fire hydrants are the fire department and other authorized personnel. Many companies use the hydrants to load up water for watering plants and street cleaning. When inspectors are attempting to see if a company is stealing water, the DOWM has so many folks at home now; you can’t get an answer. The Department of Water Management has been even more of a failure since Andrea “ Chunky” Cheng took over.

If you see someone stealing water, take a picture, and then make a FOIA. The DOWM is an absolute hot mess. You can also report to 311 and get an incident number. This contractor failed to have water trucks for dust suppression, so they hooked up a hose and might have stolen water. Remember when high-ranking city pimps were filling up their swimming pool and got caught? We will follow up on this. This contractor also has close personal ties to Lori Lightfoot. All the more reason, eh?

We need to call out the Chicago Sun-Times latest editorial on Chicago Water Management.

Andrea Cheng is a real powerhouse when she is at the table

Sometimes when you get an editorial from the Chicago Sun-times, you know the pro-labor and pro progressive opinions will prevail.

Please read. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/9/6/22656375/chicago-water-rates-utility-billing-relief-program-city-council-daniel-la-spata-editorial

After reading this article, you might think the Sun-Times knows what they are writing about. They have no idea. Chicago can afford to give all of us free water. Fact.

Many years ago, the Sun-Times rocked Chicago, exposing corruption. Since then, they have been under the control of the outfit and the Chicago Labor Unions. Many stories are not published because they are anti-union and anti- Lightfoot allegedly.

The Chicago Alderman needs to look into all the contract fraud at the DOWM immediately. Fraud is out of control in Chicago.

The Department of Water Management refuses to reveal their contractors because a shit judge allowed the DOWM to keep the contracted billions hidden. Part of the alleged “Homeland security” b.s. The truth is sad; contractors expect to kick back millions in return for billions in business. That is how the Chicago Democratic machine is funded.

Contractors approach Alderman Burke to do business in Chicago. Alderman Burke takes thousands, the most significant cut. Unions and State Representatives get in next and shakedown for more contributions. The Democratic party cuts up jobs and money for the campaigns. Companies are sent to buildings to rent or lease. The insiders like Burke control contracts at the Department of Water Management. The Office of the Inspector general is ordered to fire companies not kicking back enough money. The Inspector General is unwitting in their involvement.

How is all this done? Lori Lightfoot and the Unions control all Minority no-bid companies. The contracts are fixed. The fraud is right in your face.

P.S. Lori Lightfoot gets her cut also.

P.S. You can not privatize the Water Department thanks to the Joilet deal.

Toxic Dust in Andersonville Streets. HELP!!!

Several Andersonville Streets are a mess. Water Main Construction by private companies left choking dust everywhere. FA-6 and Limestone is a killer for lungs. This project has gone on for three years and will never end. LEAD-FREE test kits are requested from the Department of Water Management as these companies slice into lead services. Lori Lightfoot is now involved to address the dust and mess. See below:

Andrea R.H. Cheng, P.E., Ph.D. Commissioner of Water Management

I am requesting at least 400 Lead Test kits for my neighbors. This is for the new water mains being installed by private contractors NPL and Millennium. These are private contractors. Some of the neighbors think this work is done by regular City of Chicago employees. Several injured city workers and retired Department of Water Management employees are on standby to go door to door. We are also asking the press to make everyone aware of our program.  Also, the dust is choking from the FA-6 limestone coating the streets. Could you send water tanks to wet the streets ASAP. 
Balmoral from Clark to Glenwood
Summerdale from Clark to Glenwood
Farragut from Clark to Glenwood
Berwyn from Clark to Glenwood

Patrick McDonough P.I.

Major Gas line hit Farragut Steet Andersonville

Prive water main contractors hit gas line

Special thanks to Peoples Gas for the emergency gas line repair at the 1400 block of Farragut in Andersonville in Chicago. The gas repair crew worked very hard at all times and completed a difficult task.

Private contractors hired by the Chicago Department of Water Management clipped the line when making water main repairs. The Chicago residents should not be home with sloppy work that causes life and death situations.

I have contacted several interested parties on the “Project Clark” water main replacement that involves four streets in Andersonville. Excessive noise, limestone dust, and questionable behavior by the crews are disturbing. Video is offensive and released on social media.

Would you mind making sure every resident on these streets does not drink city water until you obtain a free test from the Chicago Water Department? You can reach them at 312.744.7001. I am going door to door to make sure everyone receives this free lead test kit. I would drink only bottled water until the water is declared safe.

Today, I was looking for the CTR Engineer that hired to overlook the laborers and Plumber. If you see him, let me know.

Remember, wear your hearing protection all day until this crew leaves the site. Also, wear a mask, so you stop toxic limestone dust.

Lightfoot demands Covid-19 Shot for City Workers

The City of Chicago is again forcing the Covid-19 shots down Chicago City Workers.

So is this another ploy by Lori Lightfoot to look as if she has power? Is Lori trying to show what a domineering macho man she can be?

Not long ago, psychiatrists were attempting to reverse the behavior of Lesbians. Most people found gay behavior offensive. Gay Conversion started at the end of the 1800s.

Many medical doctors tried reversing the behavior. I am confident because the majority are attracted to the opposite sex. It made sense at the most basic level. Humans were to procreate and have more children for work and war.

Some doctors thought lobotomies could help. The medical fields had no answers, and experiments of the worst kind continued.

After long clinical trials and experiments, the medical community concluded some behavior might be impossible to change. Remember, it took a long time for the medical professions to accept they can not change people’s desires.

So what is the point of this article? The modern all-knowing medical community is again attempting to make people take a medical decision that they do not have enough information on. They are using knot-headed politicians like Lori Lightfoot to force untested medical choices on the unwashed. Chicago City Workers are amazed that the Chicago Police and the Chicago Fire Department unions will battle for them.

The Chicago Newspapers have gone so far to the left, no one can believe them anymore. Most articles are about one or two people that failed to take the shot died from Covid. Chicago newspapers fail to write about both sides of a story. Most Chicago residents are uninformed about anything of importance.

As a City of Chicago Employee, I will not tell Lori Lightfoot she should stop her desire for a long-tall white gal instead of a handsome macho, domineering, well-endowed black man. So I expect Lori not to tell me what medicine to take or what to do with my glorious body. I do expect Lori to run Chicago like a well-oiled machine, but it is too late.

I am not a doctor, but I am ordering Lori to lose weight, fix her crooked eyes, have a tummy tuck, get hair implants, remove the black around her eyes, get mental health checkups, do situps, straighten out her spine from sitting at a desk for so long. While we are at it, wear a dress, (Oh hell no) I take that back, stop acting macho, apologize for her racist behavior. I could go on and on. So much to fix on that old horse.