Do you have a permit for that Fire Hydrant?

September 10, 2021, The City of Chicago pushed for a clout-heavy private contractor. Alderman Edward Burke has a fantastic ability to funnel millions of dollars of City business into his campaign contributors’ pockets. Burke is simple to understand; give him money, and he will access taxpayer’s funds. In return, he gets another regular source of income. Burke will also make money from all sorts of kickbacks. Burke also provides jobs for 14th ward Hispanics and 11th ward regulars. Burke arranges the subcontractors, suppliers and lands the tuna. Burke controlled the lawyers in workers’ compensation and got his pice of that also. Many city workers are chomping on the bit when Burke goes to court soon.

And so, back to the story. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has rules and regulations providing permission to use fire hydrants. The only people that should use fire hydrants are the fire department and other authorized personnel. Many companies use the hydrants to load up water for watering plants and street cleaning. When inspectors are attempting to see if a company is stealing water, the DOWM has so many folks at home now; you can’t get an answer. The Department of Water Management has been even more of a failure since Andrea “ Chunky” Cheng took over.

If you see someone stealing water, take a picture, and then make a FOIA. The DOWM is an absolute hot mess. You can also report to 311 and get an incident number. This contractor failed to have water trucks for dust suppression, so they hooked up a hose and might have stolen water. Remember when high-ranking city pimps were filling up their swimming pool and got caught? We will follow up on this. This contractor also has close personal ties to Lori Lightfoot. All the more reason, eh?

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