Archie High looks at Andersonville Water Main Job

Archie High is a City of Chicago Department of Water Management retiree. Archie is looking forward to addressing the 48th Ward resident’s concern with the water main replacement job in Andersonville.

Archie was dumbfounded when he saw the fire hydrant buried into the street. Archie never saw anything like it before. Archie also was amazed at a depth of the water main.

Chicago is in a catch 22 because Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Alderman Burke took major campaign contributions, worked with unions to privatize more Chicago City Work. Sorry, but I know pay-to-play when I see it.

Archie was also amazed as the workers spent more time taking pictures and videos than installing pipes in the ground. The job site was loaded with private consultants, some which live in the suburbs. After two or three years, you think this contractor would be fired. The Department of Water Management bosses have their personal interests in this project, so taxpayers get the ointment again.

Andrea “Chunky” Cheng needs to put a little weight behind this project to get it moving forward. We are also waiting for the free “Lead-free” test kits so residents can start drinking this water again.

Archie also commented on all the choking dust in the street.

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