Take a Lori, shower, and shave. Chicago’s sewer smell.

It smells like shit. It smells like shit in many Chicago intersections. I just called the Department of Water Management to report the sewer smell that is so strong it is sickening. The Department of Water Management, under Andrea “Chunky” Cheng, fails to address a sanitary problem so widespread, it is out of control. While lead in the potable water supply is a major problem in Chicago, this one is nothing to sneeze at.

I am confident the DOWM is aware that leaving a sewer open to the air is a health hazard. Many toxic items are in a sewer besides human feces and urine. These are mixes of many toxic substances, and the result of combining them could cause a pandemic. Nowadays, everyone is aware that Covid-19 is passed by droplets. Certain types of basins in Chicago cause droplets of wastewater to become airborne also. Backed-up and slow-running sewers also emit a smell that could knock you out.

In the past, many storm basins in Chicago had their trap removed to jet rod or service the basin. Under a sink in your kitchen, gases are stopped by water in a trap.

If you look at the picture above, you will see a grate in the middle of the intersection. This should have a solid lid that stops sewer gases from escaping/ The sewer gasses should vent through the roof in the surrounding buildings. Talk about stupid.

The Department of Water Management has made political employment decisions and promoted non-licensed personnel. That is the results you get: shitty results.

So please do not look at that girl you are trying to date and think she smells; she is a victim of stupidity. She did not let something nasty slip; Lori did.

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