Chicago Water Employees receive Trench Safety Certifications

Chicago Water Department Safety Trench Improvements.jpg
City of Chicago Department of Water Management Supervisory staff including Foremen, Plumbers, Caulkers, and Brick Layers received much needed training in Trench Safety. After a day of intense study and review all Chicago Employees passed a difficult test. The classes were held at Chicagoland Construction Safety Council 4100 Madison Street Hillside, Illinois 60162. The Staff Instructor was Steve Billings, and his presentation was of the highest professional standard. Many Chicago employees that has a sceptical start were very well rewarded and glad they spent the day in Classes. Just late last week I asked Robert O’Connor for my Competent Class Certification, I was asked to see Mr. Loverde regarding classes and walla!!! I am now certified. I am very thankful to Department of Water Management for a positive response and quick results. That is the positive way to correct, and improve employees relations. Some Water Department employees must change conventional thinking and might start to think, “Yes I can engage in Shoring Safety”. Also thank you to Mark Holder, Safety Boss of Water Management. I would also like to thank Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times to get the ball rolling on Chicago Employee Safety. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Commissioner Tony and Nilo Peraica and Family

Tony Peraica Family.jpg
Tony Peraica has a wonderful and very nice family that attended a GOP picnic last weekend. Tony’s wife was nice to everyone. My sons called her a “Hottie”. Well Tony does have a nice looking family, so call it what it is. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

William "Doc" Walls Dorothy Brown Next Chicago Mayors?

William Walls.jpg
William Walls is in the run for Mayor of the City of Chicago. I can say without a second of hesitation Bill Walls is a very cool, calm, and collective person. Mr. Walls has always been very kind to me and my family. I have some great pictures I will have publish very soon. Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times gave some press to advance his cause. Also some behind the scenes rumbling has been going on with Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown. She is very nice and loyal to her staff that was also running for office not long ago. Some friends of Frank Avila had a fund raiser at Wallace’s Catfish Corner and I met Dorothy Brown, she is very nice and classy. I think two black candidates for Chicago Mayor would not be good. Chicago needs unity to clean up Mayor Daley’s unbridled corruption and clout hiring.

James Oberweis Dairy serves Lemon Sorbet to the McDonough Boys

James Oberweis GOP and McDonough Boys.jpg
At the GOP Picnic last Sunday James Oberwies personally served Patrick, David, Michael McDonough the absolute best Lemon Sorbet I have ever had. He was very nice to all that attended and the line to have his ice cream was very, very long. James was very much a gentleman and I caught him in a long private conversation with Tony Peraica. Maybe the voters messed up with the two candidates for Illinois Governor. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Union Teamsters 726 File against Chicago

Chicago Union Teamster.jpg
Union Chicago teamsters filed a class action Employee Problems Form. It is Grievance No. 08-06-088-0065… Filed on August 27, 2006. This is regarding Chicago Job Opportunity Bid Announcement dated February 8, 2006. Bid 08?060001. The bid process will end up in court because it was handled so poorly by all parties involved. John Zander’s handling of the matter also comes into question by the parties involved. I suggest some drivers come forward and sign their name on the forms to protect yourself. This was a great group of new drivers that followed the letter of the law. Maybe the Shakman Monitor might need to double check the lies they might have been fed. Is Clout still king in Chicago? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Daley 11th Ward and White Sox Fans Support Peraica

Daley 11th Ward and Sox Fans Support Peraica.jpg
I must admit Mayor Daley and John Daley sending their political enforcers out to the Republican Lyons Township Picnic today was a little unusual. Tony Peraica is sending a message out the 11th Democratic Ward Boyz really do not like. The support from the Cook County Workers was very professional and courteous. The GOP picnic was attended with a massive crowd. I have more pictures on the way soon. Tony Peraica played the guitar and sang perfectly. I knew Tony could play a great guitar, but I never could imagine the wonderful quality of his voice. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris Cook County Corruption

Alexander Vroustouris.jpg
My “old buddy and pal”, Alexander Vroustouris made it in the Chicago Sun-Times today becoming an Assistant States Attorney for Cook County. We thought he was at Dick Divine’s Office and made calls to locate him there with no success. I do not think you could sneak a thing past Frank Avila, as Frank knew of this a while ago. When we called Dick Devine’s office they did not know Al worked there. I call Al the “Edgebrook Kid”, and I also gave him the name, Al ” I do not recall” Vroustouris. After wasting millions of Chicago Taxpayer’s money year after year investigating low level Chicago employees as the Chicago Inspector General, he can probably pull the same stunts at at Cook County. So remember when told the Inspector Generals office in not political, you better think twice. Does Alexander Vroustouris need to thank John Daley? Photo by ABC Chicago. Patrick McDonough.

Tony Peraica Cook County Board President?

Tony Peraica.jpg
In case you are wondering what my political beliefs are, I am a Democrat. I believe in the Union Worker Cause, it is essential to the balance of political power in this county. I asked Tony Peraica on the Radio about his beliefs regarding the possible layoffs policies he would have regarding Cook County Workers. He agreed he would look at consultants and all Hiring across the board. That is fair as the Cook County Board has bloated Management. We discussed this on the Tom Roesner show on WLS Radio, months ago. Cook County Government is a train wreck and needs to be rebuilt. I like Tony Peraica and he is a very nice person. He just beamed when he played his guitar.
Remember to meet Tony at the GOP of Lyons Township Picnic. Aug 27, 2006 at Cermak Woods 10:00-5:00. Tons of free goodies, games for the kids and it is free. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Trump Towers Residential Clout

Trump Towers in Chicago.jpg
In Chicago, Trump is putting up a high rise for the Chicago Gentry. I thought in the old days the wealth would prefer to have a Lake Forest Mansion to keep things quiet. Today’s Chicago elite prefer to have “bling” and show their clout in an expensive high rise. Many of these residences cost millions of dollars and if you can afford it, God Bless You. But would you really want to share a building with a bunch of sour pusses that worry who has the most money? “Pass the crumpets James, I have a Union Rally for the help”. This palace is not home to the 11th Ward Boyz, not by a long shot. Photo by Patrick McDonough from the Chicago River in my Mega Yacht.