Chicago Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris Cook County Corruption

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My “old buddy and pal”, Alexander Vroustouris made it in the Chicago Sun-Times today becoming an Assistant States Attorney for Cook County. We thought he was at Dick Divine’s Office and made calls to locate him there with no success. I do not think you could sneak a thing past Frank Avila, as Frank knew of this a while ago. When we called Dick Devine’s office they did not know Al worked there. I call Al the “Edgebrook Kid”, and I also gave him the name, Al ” I do not recall” Vroustouris. After wasting millions of Chicago Taxpayer’s money year after year investigating low level Chicago employees as the Chicago Inspector General, he can probably pull the same stunts at at Cook County. So remember when told the Inspector Generals office in not political, you better think twice. Does Alexander Vroustouris need to thank John Daley? Photo by ABC Chicago. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Vroustouris and Alexander Grzyb (former acting city purchasing head) are two Daley hacks who failed due to a combination of their incompetence and lack of mayoral backing. Daley didn’t want them to do their jobs correctly.

    Now they both have made soft landings, with Grzyb getting a cushy position with Daley crony Elzie Higginbottom, and Vroustouris with old Daley pal Dick Devine. Anything to keep them quiet about all the illegalities they saw in Daley’s administration.

  2. Al Vroustouris should not be compared with Al Grzyb, or slandered by your site. Al is an excellent attorney who has done an admirable job in all of his public service roles. Al will continue to be an excellent lawyer, and the SAO is fortunate to have him working as an ASA.
    (Response) Well the SPC and GLA and the TLC might have another opinion!

  3. A decade before the Hired Truck scandal, I filed a complaint against the City with Mr. Vroustouris, at that time City Inspector General. I related how snow truck crews were obviously just driving around the block repeatedly to rack up hours during heavy snowfalls. Nothing was done. (Response) contact us and we will do something.

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