Dominic Longo Frank Avila Patrick McDonough

Doninic Longo Frank Avila Patrick McDonough.jpg
Dominic Longo made the All-Star list of Chicago Clout. Mayor Daley and Tim Degnan made a major mistake to remove this guy from power. Dominic Longo with his full head of hair and his Italian good looks is one of the most powerful political movers and shakers in Chicago Politics. Who are the Feds visiting as we speak? Who did the Feds visit last week? More work for Chicago top lawyers like Frank Avila. Longo is laughing now, don’t you think? More to look at while the shredding is looked into. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Troubled Water Department Promotions

Chicago Water Management Bell.jpg
Brian Murphy got a promotion to a higher position in Mayor Daley’s scandal ridden Administration. The new Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Water Management is John F. Spatz. Spatz is 19th ward native. I think Mayor Daley is circling the wagons and ducking into the closet. Please enjoy a picture of the bell at the entrance of the Jardine water plant adminstrative offices. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Commissioner Frank and Sherry Avila

Commissioner Frank and Sherry Avila.jpg
Please enjoy this picture of Commissioner Frank Avila and his lovely wife Sherry. Sherry is a well known singer at the Irish American Heritage Center. Photo at Fifth Province. The Avila’s are the proud parents of Frank Avila Jr. Frank Jr. is one of the best lawyers in Chicago. Keep on singing Sherry!!! Photo by Tony Joyce.

Who are these Chicago City Guys?

Chicago City Workers.jpg
Contest, the first to tell me the name of these Chicago City Workers will win a lunch from me to a nice restaurant. Two are MTD Union Teamsters from the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. These are classy city employees that give 110% to the Taxpayers of Chicago. Hurry and collect your lunch and invite the wife. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mark Brown Dominic Longo Frank Coconate's Children

Frank Coconate's Children.jpg
June 20, 2006. Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times did an article today that sure sparked my interest. Dominic Longo has proved to everyone his political worth until Daley’s Administration started to put the squeeze on the alderman. Frank Coconate is having a fund raiser so please plan to attend. In the forefront is Frank’s two daughters and his son.

Happy Father's Day 2006

Happy Father's Day 2.jpg
Dear Friends, I hope all of you spent time with your parents and your children. Today as in many Father’s Day is a day we must never forget could be the last year with your parents. Many people I work with at the City of Chicago, has a parent that is sick, or very ill. I hope you spend as much time as you can, visiting, laughing, and loving. This year we are planning the Sixth Annual “Boat and Brat”. This year will be different as we also plan a fund raiser for some fallen comrades that have lost their jobs with the Chicago Department of Water Management. Today is also a day to remember what is important, and it is not you. God Bless. Photo of “Deep Water” by Patrick McDonough

Burge Report Rally June 16, 2006

Burge Report Rally.jpg
The Cook County Criminal Courts Administration had one heck of a Rally on June 16, 2006. Most of Chicago’s media outlets were on hand. Also Wallace “Gator” Bradley, Frank Avila, an Attorney for Aaron Patterson. Mayor Daley’s name got dragged into this nightmare as he might have covered up this up as a States Attorney. Police torture, public corruption, and malfeasance. Chicago’s other “Green side”. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Highway Marking Contractors

Chicago Lane Marking Contractors.jpg
When the City of Chicago has the lines for the lanes painted in the main streets and side streets they hire a company located in South Elgin. ( Marking Specialists) Call 1-847-608-6614 for a company that takes work from Chicago City Workers. The Workers from this company do not need to live in Chicago, do not need drug testing, do not have GPS on their trucks, and do not have to pay Mayor Daley’s huge taxes. These workers are so lucky as they do no need to put up with the scandals and corruption the Daley’s made this city famous for. Location of photo: in front of the City of Chicago Central District Yard, Ashland and 39th street. Looks like privatization to me!! And you vote this administration in office? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Clout Mission Statement.

Some people employed by the City of Chicago have over time had difficulties while performing their duties. Needless to say, many people have been passed over for promotions and opportunities, for employment, for advancement, and for job satisfaction. A large amount of employees of the City of Chicago have given up going through the process of trying to make change, due to revenge and retaliation. Frankly, many City of Chicago employees feel shame and are very scared to come forward. In evidence is numerous cases of excessive drinking, drug use, and violence. I remember when my Father and Grandfather were employed by Chicago, and the respect and glamour the job used to own has lost it shine and prestige. Some Chicago Employees wish to turn back time and have as our war cry, “Take out the politics out, and put back the pride back in”. Please continue to call me and I will make sure your concerns are directed to the correct parties and I will never discuss anything you want to talk about.