Chicago Clout Mission Statement.

Some people employed by the City of Chicago have over time had difficulties while performing their duties. Needless to say, many people have been passed over for promotions and opportunities, for employment, for advancement, and for job satisfaction. A large amount of employees of the City of Chicago have given up going through the process of trying to make change, due to revenge and retaliation. Frankly, many City of Chicago employees feel shame and are very scared to come forward. In evidence is numerous cases of excessive drinking, drug use, and violence. I remember when my Father and Grandfather were employed by Chicago, and the respect and glamour the job used to own has lost it shine and prestige. Some Chicago Employees wish to turn back time and have as our war cry, “Take out the politics out, and put back the pride back in”. Please continue to call me and I will make sure your concerns are directed to the correct parties and I will never discuss anything you want to talk about.