Is Mayor Lori Lighhtfoot grooming young women?

Two ugliest humans in Chicago

It is sad to see Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her manly partner attempt to groom young persons about lesbian life. Could you imagine if Mayor Richard Daley strutted around in a macho costume? Could you imagine the former Mayor Richard Daley talking about the city’s problems and blaming the media for giving him a hard time about “Hired Trucks” because he liked the ladies? Could you imagine if Rahm Emanuel blamed the Chicago media bias against his handling of the Laquan McDonald cover-up because he prefers manly-looking women?

Lori flouts her sexuality because she is ashamed about it. Lori uses it as a tool to keep the left-leaning Chicago media from exposing the corruption that is far worse than ever.

The Chicago media will wake up and aggressively report the news on the fake contracts and insider dealing destroying Chicago. Your sexuality does not belong on any political stage. I will never vote for someone based on their private adult consenting actions. I know for a fact many encounters with CPS teachers and students are hidden regularly.

We can not allow the grooming of Chicago’s young to pedophiles and weirdos. We are exploring the legal problems of filming Chicago youth that wishes to tell their stories. God save Chicago. Lets Dump Lightfoot, once is enough.

Mayor Harold Washington Remembered with Love

Mayor Harold Washington was a great Mayor. He was not a great Mayor because he was black. Harold was a great Mayor because he knew how to rule and how to keep his class under pressure. Thanks to Mayor Washington, Gerald Sullivan Local 130 Business Manager, and others, Michael J. McDonough became a Plumbing Inspector with the City of Chicago. I named a son after him. I remember my father on the phone explaining he has a massive knee issue. Back then Local 130 helped its members. My father worked in the trenches for years, wiping lead joints. He worked in the freezing cold and violent heat. He was able to raise eight children and continue to work, thanks to the dignity of Harold Washington.

My father was the first white City of Chicago employee to work for Harold Washington’s campaign. My father wore a Harold Washington button to work at the City of Chicago Water Department at 4900 West Sunnyside. My father had his entire family work for Harold’s campaign.

Harold was a great person inside. Harold had the spirit inside.

So, when you see an evil racist like Mayor Lori Lightfoot try to attach herself to his dignity, to win reelection, don’t be fooled. We at are going to flex our muscles in this election. Mayor Lori is sending out racist emails attaching herself because she thinks pretends Mayor because Harold paved the way for her. I think Lori is a slob. Lori got on board because she promised to open the government. Wait until you see what is in store for this election. Backed by facts. Lori may have a large Dick, but no brains.

What Doctor Fauci did to Chicago City Workers

Most City of Chicago employees was forced to take the Covid-19 vaccine. The reason was simple, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot. It takes a real POS to forced people to do things beyond their free will. I hope every Chicago City Worker gets behind another candidate for Mayor. Chicago Clout is going all out as we have in the past. All our fans have made funny pictures (meme) to get the point across. Legal maneuvers are slow in getting a day in court. Some Chicago City Workers were forced to stay at home, take the Covid-19 shots and then return to work with time lost. Sadly, the employee not only lost the time but will be forced to retire at a later time. They called this a non-disciplinary, no pay time off. The Unions in Chicago caved in due to massive dealing in contracts set to explode very soon. It is called a Butt-fuc@ where I am from.

Currently, we are working with several candidates thinking about running for Mayor. Time for the freak show to end. I am so sorry Chicago endured this vermin.

Racist Water Department under Andrea Cheng Exposed again

March 14, 2022.

Steve Broumas was sent home with a 29-day suspension after allegedly discarding a Black Lives Matter Sign in front of a black man’s house while working as a Construction Labor. The Local 1092 Laborer was seen on video taking the sign down. When asked, Steve said the sign was “hatred” and scared him. Steve also said the sign made him very nervous. The sign was also racist. Steve was part of an investigation by the Chicago Office of the Inspector General. The Inspector-General tipped me off as to the testimony of Steve Broumas. I am glad Mayor Lightfoot forced out Inspector General Joe Ferguson to spend more time with his wife.

On August 17, 2021, CBS 2 News reported a City Worker took down the BLM sign. This was during the height of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Steve works in the all-white managed North District Water Department.

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management, under the direction of embattled Commissioner Andrea R.H. Cheng made an official statement by:

“This incident goes against our values as a City. The Chicago Department of Water Management does not tolerate any misconduct on the part of our employees. We are working on confirmation that this is a DWM employee and have referred the matter to the Office of the Inspector General”.

According to sources, Andrea Cheng dragged the investigation on for over seven months so she could avoid the termination of Steve. Laborers Local 1092 told Steve not to appeal the decision, and a deal was made. Another puppet union in Chicago licking Lori’s bootstraps. The personnel department of the department of water management has no policy in place to manage these decisions. This is done to keep clouted employees and fire others. The Department of Water Management personnel department has just fired many white employees to appease the racist Mayor Lightfoot. The Transportation department only gave a 10-day suspension to an employee that called another employee a “nigger”.

Many City of Chicago employees should reach out to Steve and ensure he can get through this challenging period. Steve complained against Paul Hansen, the former North District Superintendent, for racial comments many years ago. The Department of Water Management and the Illinois Department of Human Rights did a nice cover-up. Special thanks to Chicago’s Alexi Giannoulias for saving workers jobs in Chicago. Andrea should be fired for her involvement in this cover-up.

Chicago St. Patrick Parade no friend of Lori Lightfoot 2022

Governor Pritzker, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and her manly sidekick made this 2022 St. Patricks Day a disaster. Governor Pritzker was pelted with hard candy and then asked to be placed into protective custody. mayor Lightfoot was booed and forced off a Local 134 Electrical Union Float. When Lori wore a kilt, the newspapers and video cameras keep it above her nasty legs. The entire event was a major loss for Illinois politicians. Lori has gained tons of weight and will not return as Mayor of Chicago. Sadly, the Chicago media is right on cue acting as if they are questioning Lightfoot now. Soon the money will flow and Chicago Media will again, write glowing stories about this freak. Lori is the ugliest person that was ever Mayor of Chicago. How sad, between Rahm and Daley, how could you get a worse creature. I am concerned about the safety of any child near Lori. Here actions warrant an investigation from children’s protective services.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot massive Legal Kickback scams

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Official Portrait
Pay to Play and Time for Chicago To reform

Massive taxes never end in Chicago. Much of the revenue is from the Chicago O’Hare Airport and the Department of Water Management. Mayor Lori Lightfoot defends these moneymakers with a billion-dollar assortment of top lawyers and law firms. Many lawsuits’ initial settlement offers were far less than the legal fees and costs to defend. You think the Law Department could figure out the difference between a legitimate lawsuit from a scam. The Law Department should attempt to remedy the injured and make whole.

Not with Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has failed to use City of Chicago Legal counsel. Many talented City Lawyers have been fired and harassed. In the Chicago Human Resources Board, private law firms have replaced City Lawyers. The cost is staggering. Mayor Lightfoot is getting campaign contributions from these firms. Many law firms have recently received phone calls to “help Mayor Lightfoot.” Campaign contributions are called “Pay to Play.”

Mayor Lightfoot and her gang of thugs should stop shaking down city vendors. As one lawyer said quite elegantly, “you are not the only person that checks campaign contribution sites and puts two and two together. You can obtain millions in business for a relatively small contribution. Many articles lately have exposed this practice. Chicago taxpayers are so broke they do not have the time to look at these critical issues.


Michelle Obama and Nine Former Members of the Obama White House Tampered with the 2020 Election

Jay  Stone ©2022

Michelle Obama and 9 Former Members of the Obama White House Tampered with the 2020 Presidential Election

Michelle Obama’s Political Machine Consists of 7 Nonprofits

Recently several articles detailed how the non-profit organization called the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) used $350 million of Mark Zuckerberg’s money to help Joe Biden win the 2020 election. CTCL is run by Tiana Epps Johnson, an Obama protege and 2020 Obama Foundation fellow. CTCL is just one of seven nonprofits that form Obama’s political machine.

When We All Vote (WWAV) is the nonprofit Michelle Obama founded and leads. As with CTCL, WWAV engaged in partisan politics on behalf of Joe Biden and other Democrats. In addition, 9 former members of the Obama White House created and control five other nonprofits that did Biden and the Democrats’ political bidding in the 2020 presidential election.

According to Capital Research CTCL granted $0.60 per voter to Pennsylvania election jurisdictions that Trump won and $2.85 to jurisdictions that Biden won. In Georgia, CTCL granted $0.98 per voter to counties where Trump received more votes and $5.06 per voter to counties that Biden received more votes. In Arizona, CTCL donated $2.16 per voter to counties Trump won and $3.47 per voter to counties that Biden won.

CTCL’s providing lesser amounts of money to red counties and more money to blue counties is consistent throughout the country, especially in swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The disparity between CTCL’s red and blue grants undermined the outcome of the 2020 presidential election because a good portion of CTCL’s grants increased absentee and early voting in reliable Democratic cities and counties. CTCL’s grants paid for satellite polling places, ballot drop boxes, and mobile voting booths in heavily Democratic cities and counties in purple states. CTCL’s grants also paid for public relations firms, and radio and TV ads to acquire more Democratic votes.

U.S. Representative Claudia Tenny (NY-22) and co-chair of the House of Representative’s Election Integrity Caucus analyzed CTCL’s funding. According to Tenny’s research, CTCL provided $144.2 million in election administration grants in the states of Texas, Ohio, Nevada, Minnesota, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Tenny discovered that left-leaning counties won by Joe Biden received 90 percent or $130 million in CTCL’s grants, and right-leaning counties that voted for Donald Trump received only 10 percent or $14 million in CTCL’s grants. 

Economist and former professor William Doyle, Ph.D. focused his CTCL research on grants in Wisconsin. Doyle concluded, “… that CTCL spending in Wisconsin caused 65,222 additional Joe Biden votes. Since Joe Biden’s margin of victory in 2020 was 20,682 votes, we conclude with a reasonable degree of scientific certainty that in the absence of CTCL in Wisconsin: Donald Trump wins Wisconsin by 44,540 votes.” For those of you who question Doyle’s analyses and conclusions, I suggest you review his research and read his entire article.

CTCL’s co-founder and executive director is Tiana Epps Johnson. In early May, 2020 and a mere few weeks after Johnson completed her two year Obama fellowship, Johnson began secret negotiations for CTCL’s election administration grants with the mayors of the five largest Wisconsin cities (also known as the WI 5). The WI 5 mayors meetings were most likely in violation of Wisconsin’s Open Meeting laws, and the WI 5 mayors probably violated state statutes with their meetings with Johnson since Wisconsin mayors have no authority to plan and carryout elections. Shortly after the WI 5 mayors went public with CTCL’s election grants for $6.32 million, CTCL began distributing grants to Democratic cities and counties in other states.

Michelle and Barack Obama recruited, trained, and funded CTCL Executive Director Johnson. CTCL’s office is located in Barack Obama’s original presidential campaign headquarters. President Obama invited Johnson to attend the first ever White House Technology Conference. Michelle and Barack handpicked Johnson for their first group of Obama Foundation fellows. As a college student, Johnson interned at the Young Democrats of America.

The Obama Foundation required Johnson to submit an “Action Plan” before completing her fellowship. Johnson’s Obama Foundation Action Plan exclusively focused on increasing voter turnout, especially turning out voters who are younger, poorer, less educated or voters of color. The voters Johnson targeted with her Obama Foundation action plan vote 90% for Democrats.

Weeks after Johnson completed her Obama Foundation fellowship, the WI 5 cities became an opportunity for Johnson to fulfill her Action Plan goal of increasing voter turnout. $2,572,839 or 41% of CTCL’s $6.32 million initial Wisconsin grant went to “encourage and increase absentee and early in-person voting.” $1,065,000 or 17% of CTCL’s $6.32 million grant went to expand outreach efforts, particularly for voters of color. In all, $3,657,839 or 58% of CTCL’s initial Wisconsin $6.32 million election grant went to increase voter turnout in Wisconsin’s five most reliable Democratic cities just as Johnson had planned it during her Obama Foundation fellowship.

CTCL’s strategy was to have a large voter turnout in the heavily Democratic metropolitan areas of Wisconsin so that Joe Biden had enough votes to carry the entire state. For example, Biden received 146,000 more votes than Trump in the City of Milwaukee, but Biden only won the State of Wisconsin by 22,000 votes.

CTCL’s goal of increasing voter turnout in heavily Democratic cities and counties to carry the remainder of the state was repeated in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas. For instance, CTCL granted the City of Philadelphia $15 million for the 2020 presidential election. Biden received 471,305 more votes than Trump in the City of Philadelphia, but only won the State of Pennsylvania by 80,555.

From 2018 to 2020 Barack and Michelle’s Obama Foundation prepared Johnson to use her nonprofit CTCL organization for Democratic partisan campaigning in the 2020 election. Michelle Obama taught CTCL Director Johnson how to stealth campaign for Democrats similar to what Obama was doing with her own WWAV nonprofit organization.

Besides CTCL and WWAV, Obama coordinated electioneering with five other nonprofit organizations to push for votes for Democratic candidates like Joe Biden. Michelle Obama recruited 9 former members from President Obama’s White House to run her nonprofit cabal. Because of celebrities, social media and the seven Obama nonprofit organizations’ person to person campaigning, Michelle Obama is the leader of the most powerful political machine in the country, even more powerful than the Republican and Democrat National Committees. For the 2020 election, Obama’s WWAV claimed that her organization helped register more than 500,000 voters and had over 100 million voter contacts. Already the Obama political cabal is gearing up for the 2022 midterm elections.

The next section will have the the 9 former Obama White House members’ political resumes, and what their role was in boosting the Democratic vote. The third section will discuss Michelle Obama’s direct ties to the nonprofits, and how each nonprofit tampered with the 2020 presidential election. Federal Election Commission and Wisconsin Election Commission complaints have been filed against Obama’s WWAV and the other six nonprofits associated with her. Each nonprofit will have a link to the complaints against the nonprofits. I am very familiar with the complaints because I wrote them all myself.

Michelle Obama’s Political Cabal Includes 9 Former Obama White House Employees Who Control 5 Nonprofit Organizations

Michelle Obama

In a promotional video, Michelle. Obama said, “I started the nonpartisan organization WWAV” (click here). WWAV frequently used the phrase, “Michelle Obama’s WWAV” in its articles and press releases.  However, Mrs. Obama name does not appear as an officer, director, trustee, or key employee as required on WWAV’s IRS Form 990s that WWAV submitted to the IRS. Inquiring minds want to know, “How come Michelle Obama’s name is not listed on WWAV’s tax documents for the nonprofit organization she started and leads?”

Michelle Obama recruited Selena Gomez, Tom Hanks, Shonda Rhimes, and nine other celebrities to serve with her as WWAV co-chairs. The WWAV co-chairs were hardcore Democrats and Trump haters. Anytime WWAV had a big announcement or event, Michelle Obama was featured. When Obama wasn’t campaigning for presidential candidate Biden using WWAV, she was raising campaign funds for Biden, giving Biden’s keynote speech at the opening night of 2020 Democratic convention or providing the closing argument of why voters should vote for Biden.

Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett is the President of WWAV, a longtime personal friend, and former boss of Michelle Obama. Ms. Jarrett served eight years as a Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, and was an Obama-Biden Transition Project co-chair. Ms. Jarrett will continue as the Obama Foundation acting president until the Foundation selects a permanent president. In 1991 Ms. Jarrett was Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Richard M. Daley’s deputy chief of staff when she hired Michelle Robinson who was engaged to Barack Obama at the time. Ms. Jarrett is also Chair of Civic Nation’s Board of Directors.

Kyle Lierman

Kyle Lierman is both the CEO of Civic Nation and WWAV. Mr. Lierman worked in the Obama White House Office of Public Engagement as a Senior Associate Director and Senior Policy Advisor for over six years. Mr. Lierman was a field organizer during Barack Obama’s successful 2008 presidential campaign. Mr. Lierman met his wife Amanda when she was working as Assistant to the Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs. After leaving her job at the Obama White House, Mrs. Lierman was the Political and Organizing Director for the Democratic National Committee.

Peter Rouse

Peter Rouse is the Director of WWAV and also a Civic Nation board member. Mr. Rouse served as an advisor to the 2020 Biden presidential campaign. Mr. Rouse was a Senior Advisor to the President, Counselor to the President, and interim White House Chief of Staff for President Obama. Mr. Rouse was Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff when Obama was a U.S. senator. For several years Mr. Rouse was Chief of Staff for Democratic senate majority leader Tom Daschle.

Tina Tchen

Tina Tchen is WWAV’s treasurer and a Civic Nation board member. In 2008 Ms. Tchen was one of Barack Obama’s top fundraisers. Ms. Tchen held four, influential positions during her eight years in the Obama White House. Ms. Tchen worked as the White House Director of Public Engagement, Assistant to the President, Chief of Staff for First Lady Michelle Obama, and Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls. Recently Tchen resigned as Times Up CEO because of her involvement in the coverup of sexual harassment allegations against former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Erin Hannigan

Erin Hannigan was Managing Director for WWAV from January 2019 to January 2021. Ms. Hannigan oversaw WWAV’s fundraising, $15 million budget, 60 staff members and outside consultants. According to Ms. Hannigan, she “developed and implemented strategy to engage, register, and turn out voters in the 2019 and 2020 elections, which included digital advertising and online engagement, grassroots organizing, and partnerships with organizations, companies, and schools.” Ms. Hannigan had several jobs in the Obama White House, Obama campaigns and inaugurals, as well as interning in Barack Obama’s U.S senator’s office.

Laura Miller

Laura Miller was WWAV’s digital director until March 2021 when she was promoted to WWAV’s managing director of campaigns and advocacy. Miller spent two years working in the Obama White House as Director of Online Engagement and as an intern. Ms. Miller was the U.S. Department of Labor’s Director of Digital Strategy for two years during the Obama-Biden Administration. Ms. Miller was Michelle Obama’s traveling digital director when Mrs. Obama promoted her “Becoming” book. Prior to joining the Obama-Biden administration, Ms. Miller was Barack Obama’s 2012 digital campaign manager.

Stephanie L. Young

Stephanie L. Young became the executive director at WWAV in February, 2020. Previously Ms. Young was WWAV’s Chief Officer of Culture, Communications & Media Partnerships. She is also a senior advisor to the Civic Nation. During Ms. Young’s two years, seven months in the Obama White House, her job titles were senior public engagement advisor and associate communications director. During Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, Ms. Young was a director of regional press. Ms. Young previously worked as a national press secretary for Democratic Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, and as deputy press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Andrew Amore

Andrew Amore position at WWAV is Senior Director of My School Votes. During the Obama-Biden Administration, Mr. Amore worked in the U.S. Department of Education. His job titles were Special Assistant to the Secretary, Special Assistant for Civil Rights, and Confidential Assistant for Civil Rights. Mr. Amore was a field organizer for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

The Obama Cabal’s Nonprofit Network

Nonprofit 1: When We All Vote

Michelle Obama and all 9 former Obama White House members listed above are part of WWAV’w management team.

WWAV identified 4 million high school students who became eligible to vote before the November 3, 2020 election. WWAV offered up to $5,000 to pay for the high schools’ proms whose students won WWAV’s Prom-athon contest. It is unlawful to offer people something of value for the propose of voter registration. Because WWAV paid for high school students’ proms if they registered to vote, I filed a Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) complaints against Michelle Obama, WWAV and its officers. The FEC and WEC have yet to decide on the complaints.

WWAV is currently using its My School Votes program to expand its high school voter registration and voting drives, especially in Democratic cities. WWAV is already seeking high school Democratic votes for the 2022 midterm elections.

WWAV sponsored food and voter registration drives in the cities of Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Durham, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Pittsburgh. These cities have one thing in common—they all voted Democratic for Joe Biden. Because WWAV offered food, music, and swag as inducements to register to vote, I filed a FEC and WEC complaint against Michelle Obama, WWAV and its officers.

WWAV offered food, music, and entertainment at “Early Voting Celebrations,” which were held within walking distance to early voting polling places. After WWAV Early Voting Celebration participants enjoyed their free food, beverages, music and entertainment, WWAV volunteers walked groups of voters from the WWAV’s Early Voting Celebration sites to nearby early polling places to vote. Because WWAV offered food, beverages, music, and entertainment as inducements to vote, I filed a FEC and WEC complaint against Michelle Obama, WWAV and its officers.

To read my FEC complaint against Michelle Obama, WWAV and its officers, click here. For the WEC complaint, click here.

Nonprofit 2: Civic Nation

Nonprofit 3: All in Campus Democracy Challenge

Nonprofit 4: #Vote Together

Nonprofit 5: All In to Vote

All in Campus Democracy Challenge, #Vote Together, and All In to Vote are nonprofit initiatives of Civic Nation. All four nonprofits above were involved in registering college students and getting them to vote in national elections. The leadership of nonprofits 2 through 5 include Kyle Lierman, CEO; Valerie Jarrett, Board Chairwoman;  Tina Tchen, Treasurer; Peter Rouse, Board Member; and Stephanie Young, Senior Advisor.  Lierman, Jarrett, Tchen, Rouse, and Young joined the management team of the four nonprofits listed above after they stopped working in the Obama White House.

The All In Democracy Challenge (All In) provided awards to colleges, universities, faculty, staff and students for voter registration and voting. All In awards include such categories as highest student voting rate, most improved student voting rate, most engaged campus, student standout, faculty standout and administrator standout. All in only distributes awards for federal midterm and presidential elections. All In awards for only midterm and federal elections proves Obama and her cabal were laser focused on winning Congress and the White House. Because All In was providing something of value to individuals and colleges to increase colleges voting rates and incentivize students to vote, I filed both a FEC and WEC complaint.

Many of the college presidents participating in All In’s contest signed a 100% commitment to have 100% of their students registered to vote and vote. College presidents do not have the authority to commit their students to register and vote without their students’ consent. College presidents also promised All In that their administrators, faculty, and staff would help their colleges register students and get them to vote.

Many colleges have consensual relationship policies that forbid relationships between students and college employees that have or potentially will have supervisory, advisory, evaluative, or other authority or influence over the student. As with consensual relationships, if college employees have or will have authority over students, it is inappropriate for college employees to ask students to register and vote because of what could happen if college students don’t acquiesce to the college employees who have power and control them.

Here are examples of what some colleges did to increase student registration and voting. Alverno College used class visits to discuss the importance of voting, group walking trips to vote, and a “Donut Forget to Vote” voter information fair with donuts that helped students make election day voting plans. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee encouraged students to register to vote during orientation, and move-in, and to vote in large groups. The University of Wisconsin-Madison partnered with the City Clerk’s Office to provide multiple opportunities for all 23 UW athletics teams to register to vote. UW-Madison also provided faculty with a series of slides reminding students to vote that was shown prior to classes. The university encouraged faculty to weave voting and democratic engagement into the curriculum regardless of the discipline.

All In also strongly encouraged students to form voting squads, submit voting plans, and pledges to vote. Voting squads, voting plans, and pledges to vote all rely on cognitive dissonance, which produces unease and tension in students if they don’t follow through on their voting plans, pledges, or vote with their squads. Students are more likely to vote because they want to alleviate the unease and tension that stemmed from joining voting squads, submitting voting plans, or pledges to vote. Voting squads, voting plans, and pledges to vote are a form coercion since they rely on cognitive dissonance to motivate students to vote. Election law disallows coercion as a means to induce voters to cast their ballots.

To read the FEC complaint click here. To read my WEC complaint click here.

Nonprofit 6. USC Schwarzenegger Institute

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the USC Governor Downey Professor of State and Global Policy and Chairman of the USC Schwarzenegger Institute. Schwarzenegger has an ongoing, long, and nasty public feud with President Donald J. Trump. Weeks after working a voter participation event with Michelle Obama, Schwarzenegger donated $2.5 million of his personal money to the USC Institute that bears his name. Schwarzenegger took his USC Schwarzenegger $2.5 million gift to his Institute and turned his money into partisan election grants to settle his personal and political scores with Donald Trump.

There are 159 counties throughout the State of Georgia. Of the 159 Georgia counties in the 2020 presidential election, 30 counties voted for Joe Biden and 129 voted for Donald Trump. All 10 of Schwarzenegger’s Georgia election grants went to Democratic counties that Joe Biden won. Was Schwarzenegger’s grants to only Democratic voting counties an accident, or was it by Schwarzenegger’s design? Given Schwarzenegger’s deep hatred for Trump, Schwarzenegger’s grants to only Georgia’s blue counties was no accident. The odds to win the lottery are better than the odds of Schwarzenegger randomly distributing election grants to only Georgia Democratic counties.

Schwarzenegger’s Georgia election grants were carefully disguised campaign contributions to Joe Biden and the two Georgia Democratic senate candidates. The Schwarzenegger Institute bragged that its Georgia election grants increased voter participation by 6.3%, which provided presidential candidate Joe Biden with a 13,830 Georgia net vote gain. Since Schwarzenegger’s claimed his election grants increased Biden’s vote count by 13,830, and Biden won Georgia by 12,670 votes, it is very conceivable that Schwarzenegger’s election grants provided Biden with his Georgia victory margin. The Georgia Democratic senate candidates also won by slim margins, so it is possible that Schwarzenegger’s election grants may have changed the outcomes of the Georgia senate races.

To read the FEC complaint against the USC Schwarzenegger Institute, please click here.

Nonprofit 7. Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL)

CTCL granted three to nine times more money to cities and counties that voted reliable Democratic. As discussed in the first Section above, whether CTCL grants are compared on a per voter basis (Capital Research), county by county throughout the United States (Tenny’s research), or within the State of Wisconsin (The Wisconsin Purchase), blue cities and counties received more of CTCL’s money to increase the vote than red cities and counties. My own research shows that to be true. CTCL’s top 25 election grants amounted to $88 million. All $88 million went to Democratic strongholds. When I reviewed CTCL’s grants chronologically, CTCL’s first 25 grants amounted to $55 million. The entire $55 million went only to election jurisdictions that voted overwhelmingly Democratic.

When federal and state governments provide election grants, the money is always divided evenly. For example, when the State of Wisconsin received a Cares Act grant for the 2020 presidential election, each election jurisdiction received $200 plus the number of registered voters times $1.20. Hence, the Wisconsin Election Commission offered and distributed a proportionate and fair share to all 1,922 Wisconsin election jurisdictions.

In August 2020 CTCL said it was developing a formula for its election administration grants. CTCL did not follow through with its election distribution formula because if CTCL used a formula, it would have prevented CTCL from granting a disproportion amount of money to cities and counties who vote heavily Democratic.

If the Republicans take over the house in the 2022 midterm election, a congressional investigation of CTCL will certainly follow. Already more than 50 congressmen want to investigate CTCL, but of course, Speaker Pelosi is currently stopping them.

To view the FEC complaint against CTCL, click here. To view the WEC complaint against CTCL click here and here.

Conclusion: Stop the Michelle Obama Cabal from Institutionalizing Voting in High Schools and Colleges

The most frightening thing about Michelle Obama and her cabal is their manipulation of high school and college voters. Think about this. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is taught in grade schools, high schools and colleges. When you combine the lessons of CRT with Obama and her cronies in charge of institutionalizing high school and college students voting, the results are millions of new voters will cast 80% to 90% ballots for Democrats because of what they were taught in school.

806 colleges participated in the All In Democracy Challenge. The number of colleges involved in  the All In college voting contest ruse will continue to rise unless something is done about it. As with WWAV’s goal of institutionalizing voting in high schools, All In is institutionalizing voting in colleges. A record percentage of college students voted in the 2020 election, and there is no doubt that the Obama cabal contributed to the 2020 student voting record. There is absolutely nothing wrong with more college students voting per se, the problem is that by Michelle Obama and her fellow Democrats controlling the message, they also determine voting outcomes.

Politics and the media coverage has drastically changed since I first campaigned door to door as a seven-year old with my father in 1964. Over the years I have observed that the more money that goes into politics, the more divisive, nasty, and worse politics becomes. Nonprofits like CTCL, USC Schwarzenegger Institute, and Civic Nation were deliberately formed to allow more money to flow into politics because there is no campaign contribution limits when nonprofits are recipients of veiled political contributions like Schwarzenegger’s $2.5 million and Zuckerberg’s $350 million. Also, the IRS allows individuals to take tax deductions for donations made to politically active nonprofits. The IRS tax deduction policy incentivizes donations to politically motivated nonprofits like CTCL, Civic Nation, WWAV, etc.

I assume Schwarzenegger’s $2.5 million donation to his nonprofit provided him with a sizable tax deduction. Mark Zuckerberg who donated $350 million to CTCL will most likely take a gigantic tax write-off. My solution for these covert, nonprofit campaign donations is for Congress and the IRS to stop allowing tax deductions for nonprofits who are directly involved with election administration, voter registration and voter participation. Organizations may still get involved with election administration, voter registration and voter participation, but they must form Political Action Committees (PACs) which have contribution limits set by federal law. IRS does not audit or investigate nonprofits unless there are complaints is another reason to ban nonprofits direct involvement in elections.

President Trump should sue Michelle Obama, Tiana Epps Johnson, the 9 aforementioned former Obama White House members and their nonprofits. Obama’s cabal willfully and maliciously violated President Trump’s civil rights by using nonprofits illegitimately to campaign against him. Trump has said numerous times that his election was stolen or rigged. By suing the Obama cabal in federal court, he can once and for all prove the Democrats tampered with his 2020 election.