Where is this lazy Union Puppet from the 10th State District? Jawaharial “Omar” Williams?

Where in the heck did Jawaharial “Omar” Williams come from? Jay has spent a horrible history with the city of Chicago involved with various disciplines involving bad decisions. Jay was always getting hurt and accused of doing politics on city time when on disability. Chicago taxpayers would want to know he was handing out flyers and working political business that made his family millions on the city payroll. Most folks know to hide when on workers’ compensation but not Jay.

Not long ago, Jay was on disability pay instead of workers compensation because he was removed from Workers’ Compensation. Most people are fired when accused of Workers’ Compensation Fraud in Illinois, but not Jay.

Another one of those scammers, Commissioner Alphonzo “Coo Coo” Conner and Plumbers “local 130 James F. Coyne Business Manager took this lazy dude and decided to again break the law. Jay after thousands of emails (still hidden) arranged to have a promotion to Local 130 as a caulker. The caulker position was removed after I exposed the fraud. Jay returned to work with a new union and a position that pays more money but still pays the Laborers pension. James “Tiny” Coyne still refused to force the new caulkers to join the same pension as the Plumbers working for the city so these scammers can keep the high pension and seniority. This insider deal included Suzy Parks, Mayor Lori Lightfoot,and The Department of Water Management high ranking personnel employees.

Most the negroes I know are told to take a shit settlement and hit the road. So why is this fool so special?

After watching Jay in his Can-Tv interview, I am certain you would laugh your ass off Chicago Unions are pouring money into his campaign to buy the seat. It proof that Chicago Unions like Local 130 are not representing non-clouted members and are only interested in the millions the skim off the top in political races and Judicial races. Worse than that is, Plumbers’ Local 130 is funneling money from members and placing the money into trusted office holders transferring money to other candidates. It is a fraud. Jay is getting piles of money from Chicago Union members that would be shocked at how stupid this dude is. Most of the coordination of this fraud is managed by Johnny “Double Dipper” D’Amico. John D’Amico was tied into the Hired Truck Program scandal, hiring scandal, and had a do-nothing job at the Chicago Department of Water Management under Alphonso Conner. Conner always looked the other way when John D’Amico was around making $120,000.00 plus for little or no work. John D’Amico is not only a part-time representative of Illinois in the 15th District by a full-time Political Director for Plumbers Local 130. He takes his marching orders for Jimmy “shorty” Coyne the Business Manager. Just recently, the City of Chicago released a FOIA request that showed John D’Amico had no proof he legally served an apprenticeship of legally obtain a Plumber’s License. D’Amico also served in the State advisory committee on Plumbing but rarely shows up to meetings. What a fraud. At least you could give the outfit boy credit for always finding a second well-paying job.

Back to Jay. Jay is related to current alderman that managed to obtain filtered money for his stepson. Jay’s work record was just released to me and a second one was released showing a hideous embarrassing work record. True to form, Jay finally went to work in the North District of Chicago.  Jay was removed from another district so he would be closer to home. Jay also should be working like every other rookie on the pipe crews. Jay is exempted by Local 130 because he knows nothing about Plumbing and is a lazy bum. The City of Chicago is now hiring another Plumber position because Jay is constantly in “secession” Jay is a No-show at work. Jay was assigned to Truck 1404 and I have been following the crew looking for Jay. Jay is nowhere to be found. Maybe the work is hard on him. Jay is supposed to also have a current Plumbers’ Apprenticeship card and attend school one day a week.

Look many black men would like to have one of Jay’s jobs. According to sources at the Mayor’s Office, Jay is going to be promoted quickly so they can hide him at the Jardine Plant. Jay needs to remove himself from the 10 District race and go back to working as a laborer. Jay has done nothing for all the blacks at the Department of Water Management that were refused reasonable accommodations. Jay was given a massive settlement and a permanent disability rating. Maybe Lori Lightfoot should stop being a puppet for the Unions as Chicago is in real financial distress. The Law Department is not watching out for Chicago taxpayers.

Union needs to get out of bed with the pols and use members money to protect injured workers. Chicago Unions only care about the massive nice lifestyle the Union Fat-Cats have. Wake up workers. Wake up. More juicy stuff soon.

More Toxic Spills at Chicago Water Purification Plant

Chicago Clout has exposed the Eugene Water Purification Plant as a toxic mess. If you like dirty water, Chicago’s’ Lori Lightfoot continues with the same political looney cast of characters running the department. The Department of Water Management had another of many toxic chemical spills needing professional outside containment. Despite the many years I have demanded proper training of existing personnel, Commissioner Coo Coo Conner subs the work out to private companies. The Chicago Democratic machine uses these companies to filter cash out of Chicago taxpayers’ hands.

The Department of Water Management continues to hire high paying management positions to reward political failures and the misfits that continue to lose office.

Around February 21, 2020, The Chicago Department of Water Management has a serious containment issue with mercury again. Also, roof leaks were drained into the Chicago Drinking Water Supply. When the Filter Rooms are contaminated, the filters are to be chlorinated. The Jardine Water Plant also has chemical spills, and most are covered up.

The low paid workers from SET Environmental are making about. $13.00 per hour allegedly. The City of Chicago must pay prevailing rates and the companies they hire must pay full rate. When the City of Chicago had the Hired Truck Program, the drivers were ex-cons and losers making near minimum wage. The difference went to politicians and in the pockets of high-ranking Chicago management workers.

The Department of Water Management continues to fight the FOIA requests because of all the money these companies pay to politicians. It is a sweet racket. The Unions in Chicago also look the other way because they are in bed with politicians. What a mess.

Lightfoot dragging feet on City Hall Parking

Mayor Lori Lightfoot needs to step up now on City Hall Parking for media

Former Mayor and failure Rahm Emanuel was a complete failure to expose corruption in Chicago. One of the ways he stifled media was to stop issuing Media Park Credentials to qualified media celebrities such as me, the owner of Chicago Clout. Many media stations such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, WTTW, and other need access to City hall to unload heavy T.V. cameras, lighting, and other items needed to make the public informed. Also, when there are emergencies of public interest and concern, the Chicago media must be able to report on public officials without spending hours looking for parking.

History, the Chicago Police Department issued the green passes to all registered journalists that requested one. Each year or two, they were updated in case someone tried to keep it too long. The pass was used in a professional manner and no violations of its use were ever reported. You could also lose your Chicago Police issued media I.D. if you misused the parking pass.

Dumb Dumb Rahm Emanuel stopped issuing passes and Lori Lightfoot has done nothing to reinstate the program. Many Chicago Media companies were allegedly using fake media passes with the CDOT approval. Rahm Emanuel also stifled the press by ordering all FOIA requests delayed to the max to kill stories. Amazing how Rahm is hired by national T.V. when his behavior in Chicago was so anti-media.

I have engaged the Mayor’s office multiple times on this issue. I spoke again to Mondine A. Harding, Lightfoot’s $107,112.00 Administrative Assistant today. She decided to bring along a Chicago Police Supervisor. I also spoke with a Chicago Police Officer assigned to the Mayor’s Office. I want to thank the Chicago Police for their professionalism. Mayor Lori Lightfoot failed to have her staff return my emails and get this issue resolved.

The Chicago Media have resorted to fake pink parking cards and Mondine said they are illegal. This issue will not go away. The media parking should not be for city bigshots that have no respect for parking laws. More on this later.

Project 6 Update Chicago Department of Water Management

The City of Chicago’s

Department of Water Management has been racked again with an ongoing series of employee misbehavior. Not long ago, in 2017, the City installed a new commissioner at the department. Randy “Coo Coo” Conner promised reform. Rahm Emanuel allegedly gave full control over to him because of the misbehavior for decades by white commissioners and managers.

Any regular Chicago Clout fan knows nothing ever changes at the Chicago Water Department. It is a cesspool of corruption. The DOWM installed a black commissioner simply for optics. Rahm wanted to say, “A black is running the place, go ask him”. Rahm used Randy Conner to hide all of Rahm’s political friends and keep them on the payroll. Today, I asked Megan Vitas, a DOWM spokesperson to comment and she returned one ring hang up. I am certain she knows she can not lie to me and every question I have, I already know the answer.

Just recently, Anthony Nguyen a chemist from the Department of Water Management was involved in another physical assault with a black employee. This is years and years of alleged anti-black and Hispanic behavior. The DOWM knows of his accusations such a pissing in people’s coffee cups and racial tendencies. The Department of Water Management must have hired Edwin Quintanilla, Water Chemist, to play referee. The poor guy got mixed up in this.

So why would Commissioner Conner, a black man, allow this person to be in a place or position to get into a scuffle with a black person? Is it clout? Is it stupidity? Do they have to hide this guy when there is a wave of lawsuits? Why did the Chicago Police show up and what was done?

Stop fighting at work. Fight in the ring.

Another crazy Chicago Water Department nightmare

Last Sunday, January 19, 2020, two Chicago Department of Water Management employees got into a scuffle that resulted in police action and a hospital visit.

Powerful Local 130 Plumber extraordinaire, Joseph “the faucet” Brennen allegedly encouraged a tinderbox that exploded into injuries. Joey makes over 100,000.00 per year and can not keep things under control. Rachel “Keep it for real” Beard reputedly reared up and tossed a full water bottle into a black laborer women’s face. According to my sources at Mercy Works, “there are internal injuries and they are serious”. Thankfully, John “the clown” Pope sent Smitty to investigate the injuries. According to sources, no drug tests were ordered thanks to the inventory and prescription specialist. According to many Chicago City employees, all employees must be drug and alcohol tested and the Mayor’s Office under Lori Lightfoot must be notified.

I called the City of Chicago Jardine Plant and was put on hold. Apparently, my homeboy sneaky Ralph Chmielewski and Smitty were under the desk when they found out Chicago Clout was calling. We all know the frauds at the FOIA office are political desk jockeys just try to kill stories.

The assault happened at the 47oo block of South Hoyne. Maybe Mr. Quinn can keep this under wrap and the story will go away. Stories like this are covered up by Lori Lightfoot’s staff. When Lori finds out two black women were involved and a white supervisor did nothing to stop the craziness, something will need to be done.

The Department of Water Management is nothing but a criminal enterprise. You think having a black commissioner would change things, but it did not.

The investigation crew was responding to a “no water” situation. All the heat Quinn and Pope covered up would be enough to thaw any frozen pipes. Many City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees are now smoking pot and are not drug tested because the Mayor’s office wants the tax money.

Fran Spielman exposes more timesheet fraud at Chicago Water Department

Alderman’s brother accused of being AWOL from city job on New Year’s Eve

Matthew Osterman got a five-day suspension after being accused of filling out a fraudulent ‘edit sheet’ that claimed he was at work for the Water Management Department.By Fran Spielman  Jan 21, 2020, 3:42pm CST

Ald. Harry Osterman (48th).
The brother of Ald. Harry Osterman (48th) has been slapped with a five-day suspension for being AWOL from his city job on New Year’s Eve.

The brother of Ald. Harry Osterman (48th) has been slapped with a five-day suspension after being accused of being AWOL from his $51.10-an-hour job at Chicago’s Department of Water Management on New Year’s Eve, then allegedly filling out a fraudulent “edit sheet” to preserve his paycheck.

Hoisting engineer Matthew Osterman was supposed to report to the North District Yard to serve as an “extra” on a leak crew repairing water main breaks. But he never showed up for work that day, sources said.

When a supervisor called Matthew Osterman’s home to ask where he was, the alderman’s brother claimed he overslept. He did not hustle into work.

City employees are required to swipe in and out at the beginning and end of the work day. But Matthew Osterman subsequently filled out a so-called “edit sheet” claiming he had been at work Dec. 31.

“They pulled all the records and GPS’d his machine and he never swiped in or out . . . He was never seen here that day. Several people corroborated the story that he never showed up. They never saw him anywhere,” said a source familiar with the investigation.

“The initial call, he answered and said ‘I overslept.’ From there, the person working in the office assumed he was gonna come in. But he never came in . . . Someone called and tipped them off that Mr. Osterman never even came to the yard. Never showed up physically. They never saw Mr. Osterman that whole day.”

Edit sheets are supposed to be approved by an employee’s supervisor. They are supposed to be reserved for employees who misplace their badges or forget to sign in or out.

Osterman is accused of filling out a fraudulent edit sheet.

“To get paid for New Year’s Day, he would have to work eight hours before the holiday and eight hours after. By default, you lose the holiday if you don’t work the day before or the day after. And if you don’t have vacation time to cover it, you’re out of luck. You lose two days of pay. It’s an incentive to have people present before and after the holiday,” a co-worker said.

“He was out of vacation time. He didn’t want to lose two days pay. So he submitted a sheet that said he was here when he was not actually present.”

Matthew Osterman could not be reached for comment. Ald. Harry Osterman (48th), Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Housing Committee chairman, did not return phone calls.


City official testified Ald. Harry Osterman was part of Daley’s hiring scandal

The alderman’s brother was initially slapped with a 10-day suspension. The punishment was reduced to five days after he agreed not to appeal, sources said.

A spokesman for water management, Megan Vidis, refused to discuss Osterman’s suspension, calling it a “personnel matter.”

Marty Durkan, business manager for Operating Engineers Local 150, was tight-lipped.

“I can confirm that, following a routine hearing, Mr. Osterman received disciplinary action,” Durkan wrote in a text message to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“I have an obligation to protect his privacy and have no additional information to offer.”

It’s not the first time an alderman’s brother has been at the center of a scandal in the Department of Water Management.

Three years ago, a shake-up triggered by racist, sexist and homophobic emails swept out Water Management Commissioner Barrett Murphy and his top deputies William Bresnahan and Paul Hansen, son of former Ald. Bernard Hansen (44th).

Inspector General Joe Ferguson stumbled upon the hate-filled emails while investigating allegations Hansen was using his city email account to sell guns.

In a follow-up report, Ferguson said a high-ranking deputy — whom sources identified as Hansen — called African Americans “wild animals” and sent an email with the subject line “Chicago Safari Tickets” to multiple high-ranking Water Management colleagues.

Veteran City Hall insider Randy Conner, who is African American, replaced Murphy and was given carte blanche to clean house.

Allegations of payroll fraud are also nothing new to a Department of Water Management at the center of the Hired Truck and city hiring scandals.

In 2005, nine clout-heavy employees — including the brother-in-law of County Commissioner John Daley — resigned after being accused of falsifying attendance records over a two-month period and possibly longer.

Daley’s brother-in-law John Briatta, Water Management’s $94,827-a-year chief equipment dispatcher, and eight others were assigned to what was known as the “leak desk” at the Jardine Water Filtration Plant

The cushy assignment of answering phones and prioritizing repair requests was long dominated by 11th Ward loyalists. It was transferred to the 311 non-emergency system after the payroll scandal broke, costing then-Water Management Commissioner Rick Rice his job.

Special Thanks to State and Chicago Inspector offering free water service to needy.

CHICAGO (CBS) — She’s an 89-year-old Austin woman, and right now she’s getting her water out of a garden hose.

A group of plumbing experts is volunteering to fix the issue, but they say they need some help from the city, CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey reports.

Janie Peters has been living in her Austin home for half a century.

And for years, she says she has had low water pressure—or no pressure at all.

“I just got through washing my hair in bottled water this morning,” Peters said.

“It’s plain old torture. That’s what it is, plain old torture.”

Peters said city workers said they couldn’t put their finger on the problem. Then when her next-door neighbor moved out this fall, she lost her water service altogether.

The issue was pretty clear to this group of plumbers.

“Somebody dropped the ball,’’ said Frank Coconate, a former Department of Water management inspector. “This should not be happening.”

The plumbers say they the house next door doesn’t have a water meter and their line is inexplicably tied to Peters’ meter.

And the current solution: a long water hose running to her home that isn’t either safe or sanitary. The city created the setup as a temporary solution until they can come up with a licensed plumber to create a permanent fix for Peters’ water supply.

“There shouldn’t be a connection this long running across here. It’s running to a water hose,” said union plumber Arvid Peck. “Who drinks out of a water hose?”

So this group of current and former Department of Water Management workers is  stepping in and asking the city for a special permit to complete the installation of a new water service as soon as possible.

“For her not to have water to cook and drink and go to the bathroom these are huge problems,” said Coconate.

However, they have hit some roadblocks this holiday season. Notably, they haven’t heard back from the city’s permit department.

In the meantime, the plumbers are stocking up Peters’ home with bottled water.

Peters is being patient and says she has been touched by all the love.

“Thank God there’s people like you all,” she said.

It’s still unclear exactly how this water line became tied to the house next door.

CBS 2 reached out to the mayor’s office, the water department and the city’s metropolitan planning organization.

The water department says they’re working with alderman’s office to get a permanent solution.

As for the group of volunteers, no word yet from the city’s permit department.

Eddie Johnson gets the ax, Conner gets the ointment

Now that the whole country knows that the Former Superintendent of CPD bypassed all rules related to a drug and alcohol test –following the 911 call for an emergency response to his large body and head slumbering in a running city vehicle after a night out partying with his lady friend –I have a question. Mayor Lightfoot, why was your Commissioner of Water Management Mr. Alphonso Conner II allowed a pass for similar actions? We have detailed in previous reports what Conner did after he struck a private individual’s vehicle at a lakefront nightclub owned by Conner’s lady friend. Remember Conner had a woman in his City-owned vehicle immediately during his accident. She was not disclosed in any police reports –including the amended police report. She’s a big union official who had a lot of clout under the previous administration.

Many employees have been forced to resign after donating urine in the mandatory drug and alcohol test-a requirement for every DWM vehicle accident. The accident was called in like the way Former Deputy Chief of CFD John McNicholas did after his vehicle accident that led to his termination. As you might recall-McNicholas called into a secret bat phone at OEMC to sidestep official channels that would include the recording of his call to the 911 center. Conner called a secret bat phone in order to do the same thing. For Conner’s sake, the call went to Ralph “Chameleon”  Chiczewski who did not give him up-but dutifully responded to the field and sanitized the vehicle accident and adjusted the claim facilitating a nice payoff to the injured party –almost 3 times the amount of money than was disclosed in the police report Conner completed. It’s all documented and the victim that was hit by Conner has told Chicago Clout exactly what happened. 

Why was this individual never interviewed by city officials including but not limited to the 1st Deputy Commissioner Julie “She splits “Hernandez-Tomlin, The Chief of Safety Chiczewski and the Commissioner?

There is a long list of individuals that have been terminated either forced or otherwise for similar actions. Chicago Clout will initiate a FOIA to all Departments Conner was at to cross-reference his participation in Senior Executive roles and his termination of employees for violation of department protocols for vehicle and accident reporting. This list of individuals will be published in subsequent articles –but in the meantime, mass media will readily provide you with two individuals who were fired by two different mayors of Chicago. Deputy Fire Chief John McNicholas and Superintendent Eddie Johnson. Mayor Lori Lightfoot acted shocked that Johnson lied to her face. Welcome to Chicago the city of cover-ups and boldface lying. Who wouldn’t lie to keep a Commissioner job with all the perks and benefits –especially when you don’t even have a college degree or engineers license? Attending a college or university for 4 years and walking out without a degree means nothing except the person was partying, is stupid or a combination of the two.