Hunter Biden Email Scandal tied to Chicago Democrats

Many Chicago Democrats are scratching their heads on why Hunter “crack pipe” Biden has a Chicago law firm to deliver the goods. Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP is located in Chicago and you think Hunter Biden, who is destroying his father’s chance for President of the United States, would fail to jump off a bridge and spare his father more embarrassment.

One of the Superpowers of the You Tube World is the Salty Cracker. Salty Cracker is an educated former teacher and is an incredible multi-tasker. His followers are fiercely loyal and known as the legion. I watched several of his videos and was amazed as he and his crew spend large amounts of time laughing and joking, but surgically dissecting media biases. His insight is amazing. He works with his wife and they make a great team. His fuck you attitude towards YouTube is stunning and they went to different platforms, making YouTube to back down and reinstate his videos.

Just recently, the Salty Cracker slammed Hunter Biden and made mention of Lawyer George Mesires. Chicago Law firms regularly pay massive amounts of money to judges and famous politicians in Illinois to fix and move along legal cases. Almost every case is fixed in Chicago especially the Workers’ Compensation Cases.

So why would Hunter Biden want a politically connected law firm? Sounds like that fool is in big trouble. Mayor Lori Lightfoot makes these law firms pay up every day.  So, who did this law firm donate money to? Alderman Edward Burke currently indicted by the Feds for payoff and muscling companies wanting to do business in Chicago. They also donated to Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, Judges, and yes, the Democratic Party of Chicago. Alderman Burke’s wife Chief Justice Ann Burke case fixing on a recent Lead poisoning case is legendary and in the Federal Eyes and ears. They also have Illinois Attorney Kwame Raoul on the payroll. So that is why his department has stopped making the City of Chicago cough up Freedom of information requests.

This law firm is in a downtown $25.00 dollar a square foot building. You need guys like Hunter Biden and Mayor Lori Lightfoot to pay that kind of rent.

Inspector General reports theft No Whistleblower money. Chicago 2FM corruption continues.

An OIG investigation which established that a Department of Fleet and Facility Management crew stole scrap copper wire and profited $4,445 from the sale of the wire. OIG recommended discharge and placement on DHR’s ineligible for rehire list for the foreman, electrician, and MTD who sold the stolen wire. For the additional employees who accepted the proceeds and failed to report the incident, OIG recommended discipline up to and including discharge, commensurate with the gravity of their violations. OIG further recommended training on departmental policies. In response, the Department initiated the discharge process for the employees who sold the wire. The foreman and electrician subsequently resigned; the MTD was discharged and has an appeal pending. The remaining employees received various suspensions ranging from five to ten days. The Department did not respond to OIG’s recommendation that staff is adequately trained on the strict prohibition on employees using City materials and resources for personal use. 

If you read Chicago Clout, you would know, this story is a result of Chicago City Workers’ sick and tired of the theft and corruption going on in Chicago. John “Copper Bar” Keating was removed from his nice job and his boss Nina “Bozo” Cozzo still enjoys her stay at home job. Since when does the boss not know what is going on? Nina just had an expensive birthday party at her house. When does she get the ax?

See our article here on Chicago Clout. I will let all parties involved know if the Chicago Inspector General will contact us for our whistleblower money. Nina needs to control all the unneeded overtime. Nina should be fired but she has some heavy clout or sweet juice. Also, make sure you investigate all the missing secret military items hidden at the Police lockup on 39th street. Some city employees stole items from the Chicago Police lockup that were obtained from the Federal Government for riot and emergencies. Must have been someone with the ability to shut down the electric and surveillance cameras. Getting loads of ammo, guns, and weapons. You will not hear about that at a Mayor Lori Lightfoot press conference.

Mayor Lightfoot demands furlough days and layoffs

Many Chicago Unions representing Chicago City workers got it in the ass the last couple of days as Gay Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot told the boys the bad news. At this point the talks are demanding unpaid furlough days of at least 25 days per year for two years.

Sources in the Mayor’s office said weak union bosses are only concerned with their cut of benefits made of lazy city workers. Chicago’s first open gay Mayor said, this can be averted if all union workers get off their asses and broomsticks and, “work like hell for Joe Biden”.

Some consider these threats as a demand to pony up for Biden and Lori Lightfoot’s gay agenda. Many are looking for savings at the many jobs Lightfoot gave to gay and unqualified members of the LGBTQ communities. Right now, many Alderman are fighting with Lori Lightfoot due to her many refusals to work on city issues and only concentrate on national and gay agendas.

Lightfoot is draining the Aviation fund, Corporate Fund, and the Water fund. Chicago is unable to obtain loans due to the massive mismanagement making Chicago a “stay away destination”. We are in serious trouble says Chicago financial experts. We have a disgruntled workforce and Lightfoot has failed to implement needed reforms such as workers’ compensation.

Not long ago, the former Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel learned the hard way, furloughs cause nothing but troubles and resentment with Chicago City workers. In fact, the banker that covered up CPD shooting for his own benefit, is still a mutant, like Lori Lightfoot.

Many Chicago workers want layoffs and not punish workers with seniority. What is the point of a contract if union bosses are only interested in their best interests? Mayor Lightfoot received a 600-page report from Patrick McDonough a city plumber and Jay Stone to locate major savings. Contractors are still making millions, but these contractors are making massive donations to Lori Lightfoot’s gay causes. Come on man, run the funking city, Lori. Leave your gay agenda in the bedroom. Lightfoot is destroying the Catholic faith and the church does nothing.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and First Lady ugly as hell

The Mayor of Chicago midget bald-headed Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot and her monstrous sidekick First lady of Chicago Amy “man hands” Eschleman are hosting another vote getting event for Joe Biden. The Latinx women with scummy phony minority business are expected to kick in serious money for Lori and Joe Biden. If you want to attend this freak show you can contact Lori on her political site on facebook.

Lori failed to deliver reform in Chicago. She has run Chicago in the hole we can never get out of. City workers prepare to lose your pension and job soon. I thought Rahm Emanuel was a piece of shit, but these two losers take the cake. Fuck are they ugly? Stop stealing injured workers’ benefits tyrant.

Look at those hands, who needs a man!!

Alderman Edward M. Burke dead, almost

Soon, Alderman Edward M. Burke will be dead

It is not looking good for Chicago Alderman Edward Burke. Soon his carcass will be in the ground and the worms will eat him. Well, they might get a taste of that scumbag and go on to the next body. Alderman Edward Burke is still interfering with legal matters involving the City of Chicago. Amazing how Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the “reformer”, has allowed Burke to continue to control much of the legislation in Chicago. Burke and his cronies still control many levers in government. Many City employees are still taking orders from Burke and not Lightfoot. Amazing.

Alderman Leroy Lightfoot promised reforms, but all the same political hacks are still calling shots. Burke still controls the Chicago Workers’ Compensation program with an iron fist. The same law firms, consultants, and Burke appointees are still on the payroll at Department of Finance.

I hope Burke is ready for his greeting at the Dirksen Federal Building. Many Chicago City workers were scammed by Burke and lawyers practicing at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Burke a catholic, will enjoy his stay in hell very soon. But with people like the Burke family, the Catholic Church is just a place to get votes.

Burke refuses to step away, but the cold ground awaits.

Do you see something wrong with Mayor Lori Lightfoot?

Do you see something wrong with this picture? The flipping Mayor of the City of Chicago puts on a Halloween Costume and preens a month early to tell all the Chicago parents how to protect their kids for a stupid holiday. She is a mentally sick degenerate craving and media attention she can get. The media was laughing at her.

According to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s staff, Lori plays dress up to relieve stress. Lori also has had costumes sent to her house via Amazon for role playing with her spouse and partner. What a sick bunch of weirdos. Female Chicago Police on Lori’s detail were sent to obtain [email protected] toys for the Mayor so she would not be exposed to ridicule in public.  

Let us review Lori’s rules, no big groups of negros in black neighborhoods. No big groups of amigos in Hispanic neighborhoods. No comingling of races during Halloween in Chicago. Lori also forbids any Trick of Treating at her house unless you are a homosexual with a police identification. No white well behaved children in black neighborhoods. Exception, wild black kids can go to Jefferson Park, Edison Park, and downtown to shoot honkeys if they wear proper masks. No whites from outlying republicans’ states may trick or treat in Chicago. Absolutely no minorities in the downtown area. Bridges will be up, and all expensive white owned stores will be boarded up.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot will ban all guns with a caliber of over 9mm. Mayor Lori Lightfoot will allow young troubled black men a one day off to pretend to slice up Chicago Cops.

(Lori please tell the Chicago Police so they do not shoot the little jokers).

Please remember Chicago, Halloween is amateur day, do not go out and catch a STD or Covid-19.

Do yourself a favor, keep your kids at home. Chicago is a crap house. Party at your house and make sure everyone sleeps over. If you can afford it, take your kids to your summerhouse or out of state. I heard Chicago will be rocking this Halloween 2020.

Commissioner Conner allows politics again at Chicago Water Department. More Racism thanks to Lightfoot

Most every person working at the City of Chicago Department know the Department is a hotbed for hidden contracts, phony minority companies, sleazy promotions. Not a single worker thinks otherwise. Thanks to former Mayor Rahm ‘Lil dick” Emanuel, the posts have been filled to protect the Democratic Political Machine.

The Chicago taxpayers are getting squeezed as the Department of Water Management has contractors overbilling to provide funds for Joe ‘naptime” Biden. The Chicago taxpayers are paying for Lori Lightfoot to promote herself and her homely wife to national stardom. Finally, after all the exposure I have given this issue, Chicago media is all over Lori Lightfoot and her dreams of self-promotion.

I am again asking the Chicago Office of the Inspector General Joe Ferguson to investigate why Commissioner Conner and the sleazebags at the FOIA office are posting political hate speech on Facebook. Look, just clean the water, take the fucking lead out, get rid of all the phony contracts, remove the wastewater, and give Chicago taxpayers an honest bang for the buck.

The Chicago Department of Water Management has several lawsuits for the mistreatment of blacks. They had to fire many top-ranking racists not long ago. Since I have been at the Department of Water Management, I witnessed many blacks and Hispanics get cheated out of their promotions. I also watched Rahm and Lori Lightfoot screw minorities out of their workers compensation claims. The white controlled lawyers did the dirty work. Alderman Edward Burke will get his day in court and several surprises when he enters the Dirksen Federal Building. He should talk to David Topps.

You can ask the FOIA Department why they run a crackpot Facebook page when Chicago is broke. Just more money wasted. Did you get that Joe Ferguson Inspector General? #Say My Name Lori Lightfoot, Say my name.

September 23, 2020 posted in blacktime.

YouTube Superstar Salty Cracker slams Lori Lightfoot

Superstar with over 500,000 subscribers lets Lori Lightfoot know just how fuckup she is. Chicago goes alone with her communist’s socialist Nazi stupidity. Lori fucks hard-working injured City Workers out of their Worker’s Compensation benefits. Now she will continue to see the rath of Khan. Now Lori Lightfoot’s dream of being on the national stage will backfire. Lori, you look like an asshole. I feel sorry a handsome brilliant man like the Salty Cracker had to see how ugly Lori Lightfoot is. More ammo and pics soon.

Mayor Lightfoot, it’s called a penis. Grant Park Today.

If you want to look at a man’s penis in public, just go to Chicago’s Grant Park. Mayor Lori Lightfoot does not seem like the kind of person that would like to see a real man’s penis. Mayor Lori Lightfoot should protect people and the world from seeing a man take out his penis in public and piss. Today was very embarrassing for Chicago, the phony “world class city” allowing men to show their penis.

Two women and a young girl watched this dude take his penis in public and work his rod after taking a long stream. The Chicago Lakefront just removed a statue of Christopher Columbus because Lori Lightfoot hates real men. At least Columbus put clothes on to cover his penis. Mayor Lori Lightfoot really hates men in part because they have smelly penises. I think Lori Lightfoot hates to see a man’s penis. Most men in Chicago hide their penis from women.

Maybe Lori Lightfoot had a bulb go on in her life and will allow men to show their penis in public. Maybe Lori Lightfoot is not turned on looking at women’s private parts anymore. Maybe this is part of black empowerment and #BLM Chicago adores.

Lori, place some outhouses around grant park so slum dogs can piss in private. Penis, Penis, Penis, and Lori Lightfoot. Has a nice ring to it. Never too late to go to the dark side.

Is Mayor Lori Lightfoot looking sexy now?

Every woman when dating around the singles scene know rule one: surround yourself with ladies that are ugly. It is known when you want to get someone nice and wealthy, make sure you make that lasting first opinion. Guys and butches are often sold by the first look. It makes an indelible impression.

It worked for me. When I was in the dating scene, I made sure I went to the bar with handicap dudes, retarded friends, and people on meth. Man did I stand out as a hero.

I still fail to see how Lori Lightfoot found such a hotty pie when she is so short and mean. It could be Amy was looking for a macho-type bi-trans LGBBQ. It takes all types.

I think Lori needs to hit the gym if he/she wants to keep Amy Elfman. Those thunder thighs would make any man sick when the man-pants are dropped. I am sorry to say, but as a media star, I could never even think about any of these ugly pies. Too much kosher sausage to waste on this pile.