CBS2 NEWS CHICAGO BLM sign trashed

by Laborers Local 1092 member Steve Broumas

CBS2 News Chicago had a disturbing story on a City of Chicago Department of Water Management employee trashing a Black Lives Matter sign on private property. I was stunned when I saw a white Water Department employee taking down the sign on the video. Worse yet, I knew of this employee.

I spoke to many members of Laborers Local 1092, and they support Steve; we want to remove “signs of hate.”

According to one Water Department employee, “the niggers are getting all the high ranking positions, and they sit at home injured while we do the work.” Many Department of Water Management white workers continue to slave on the job sites while the blacks sit at home with workers compensation injuries.”

The photo in the story was sent to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General long ago, and nothing was done to investigate. The OIG is so overloaded with corruption complaints; they do not have time to save us from possible BLM haters.

On Friday the 13th, allegedly, white $130,000.00 per year General Superintendent Richard P. Szorc, interviewed Steve to get the “right side” of the story. Rich felt since Steve was a model employee, why put him on paid leave. Steve was also a victim of Paul Hansen. Paul got mad because Steve parked behind Paul’s leased car and caused him to wait at quitting time. Steve made an Illinois Department of Human Rights complaint, and then nothing happened.

In respect to the black mayor of Chicago, Steve should go home on paid leave and then be promoted “City Style”.

The City of Chicago has many lawsuits due to the behavior of whites that fail to be nice to minorities. For decades, whites got away with silly tricks and conduct unbecoming a city employee.

Please see the story by Tim McNicholas CBS@ News Chicago here:

We are still waiting for Meg Vidis to answer to get off Axelrod’s lap and return calls.

Lori Lightfoot snickers after Officer Ella French Press conference. No more dead Chicago Police please.

Officer Ella French family’s suffering is only starting. Lori Lightfoot was seen laughing after the press conference to memorialize Ella French. What kind of idiot could possibly find humor in a CPD cop’s death. Lori Lightfoot will attempt to deny benefits to this family as she has stopped workers’ compensation benefits to other dead and injured city workers. Lori really went out of her way to attack whites and others to make a political gain. Everything with Lori is anti-white. Lori is going to activate the Klan in Chicago again.

I am sad for this family as they will soon see the cameras disappear and the benefits stopped. If you are a Chicago Police Officer, I suggest you leave. Thanks to Lori Lightfoot, the bad guys are emboldened. This is why it is Shitcago now. We will follow. up on the next round of suffering this family must go through.

Chicago Department of Water Management Cover-up Specialists. Bull-shit safety specialists

The City of Chicago has the worst Safety Specialists on record. Just recently, one specialist was fired for stealing diamond saw blades. So what does a safety specialist really do for almost $100,000.00 per year? Nuttin.

The Department of Water Management has a cover-up program that fails to enforce “imminent threats.” Only one faker can declare an “imminent threat” in safety situations in Illinois. That is hard to do when you are not on a job site and sitting in an office.

This picture was taken on the 5300 block of Bowmanville across from the community garden center. The repair started on July 29, 2021, and dug up a massive and deep excavation to access a sewer repair. Chicago now spends more money and time on signs to warn the public of street closures. Chicago is now spending millions on signs to close streets. Chicago is now spending millions on sloping, shoring, and benching. Trench boxes sit on the sides of job sites and rust. Plates are not pinned to the street and leave massive holes.

Chicago Clout is very proud to document and picture sites before workers enter the excavation. Chicago Clout is pleased to expose the fraud and cover-ups that continue. Many workers fail to realize they might not return home. Many Chicago workers fail to wake up and smell the coffee. Do not work in an excavation without shoring.

Would you please tell Mike to bring a measuring tape to the inspections and take the camera out of his behind? Take pictures and measure. Save lives.

Mike, you are a day late and a dollar short. The Hoisting Engineer backfilled most of the ditch just before your arrival. The Commissioner might take on the “Chin” yet.

Special thanks to the crew for acting professionally. You were shorthanded and still accomplished your tasks. I found a whole shitload of loafers on a pipe job doing nothing a hop and skip away. Staffing is a failure here.

You have been warned; now, workers will be photographed in the excavation.  This is your choice. Pray to the Bricklayer and family that just died. Konrad Tucharski died in vain if you expose yourself. More on this later.

John “Poop” Pope better visit Steven Domian on Janssen Street in Chicago. No Shoring, No Problem.

Steven Domian is a 120,000.00 per year foreman of Water Pipe Construction. On Friday, July 23, 2021, he got a visit from Chicago’s most potent plumber. Patrick McDonough is a City of Chicago Plumber and a State of Illinois Certified Plumbing Inspector. He also has a website that has made lots of assholes very, very famous.

Being famous when you work for the Department of Water Management is not a good idea. Sit in the background and steal the money kids.

Just some friendly advice to this mother fucker. When Mr. McDonough is on your job site, you quickly install shoring, tell all your employees to put on all their safety equipment. You put on your pretty white hat. You shut the fuck up and talk with respect.

If a member of the public asks you a question, you talk real nice. If a P.I. asks for your Plumber’s License, show it with a smile.

Steve, you walked up the chain pretty quick, so I suggest you suck some ass at Plumbers’ Local 130. Tell the BM what a badass you are and how you will need some political protection soon. Make sure you make time with the Plumbers’ Local 130 Political Action Task Force. Work hard for Lori Lightfoot. Make sure you find John “Poop” Pope and explain your actions. See what Pope did for his buddy Anthony lately.

John “Poo Poo” Pope was nowhere to be seen on Friday. He could not be located. None of the Safety Department was answering the phone on Friday. So the Department of Water Management hired lots more Safety Specialists, and none are around. What did you expect when you hire a failed Chicago Alderman anyway?

Your comments are all on video. I plan on watching your job site very, very close.

No one is as stupid as Mayor Lightfoot

Many folks look to the Mayor of Chicago for a little common sense. Mayor Lightfoot is announcing the is a Covid-19 rise in Chicago. Soon, the Covid-19 could get completely out of control. Mayor Lightfoot does not have any control over certain races that refuse to behave. Those parts of the city include public drinking, large crowds, lewd behavior.

You can go there anytime for some shooting.

Explosive revelations of Chicago’s desperate financial situation even surprised me. A Department of Finance ex-employee sent some documents that shocked me. Wow.

Mayor Lightfoot, with her crazy looks and duck feet, will finish the job Daley and Rahm started. I am against The big downtown party. The Lollapalooza music festival is a ticking time bomb for Chicago. I suggest it is canceled and everyone stays away. If you fail to get the Covid-19 Delta version, at least you will catch V.D. Lori is hoping rich suburban white kids will show up. Great place to get shot if you asked me.

Chicago subcontractor will be saved due to Political Contributions for the Chicago Democrat Party.

“An OIG investigation which established that from December 2019 to January 2020, a customer service representative for Clarity Partners––an agency contracted to provide employees for the City of Chicago’s Utility Billing and Customer Service Contact Center––stole over $12,285.74 from the Department of Finance and utility customers. Customers or their banks inadvertently mailed water bill payments to different City departments, and the mail was rerouted to the Utility Billing and Customer Service Contact Center where the contract employee worked and was sometimes responsible for collecting and sorting the mail. The contract employee stole some of the mail containing customers’ checks and fraudulently deposit the checks into their bank account. During the course of the investigation, Clarity Partners placed the contract employee on administrative leave and subsequently terminated the employee. OIG referred the matter to DOL with a recommendation to seek cost recovery against the contract employee and to the Cook County State’s Attorney for criminal prosecution.”

Now the real news, The Department of Water Management and other Departments hire private contractors to complete tasks that were done in-house for decades. These were real jobs to help families and single mothers support their families. The workers had to live in Chicago. If you worked hard, you could get a chance to get promoted and move ahead. Now the hired-out workers get paid cheap and can not make ends meet. The workers develop side hustles. The workers are not subject to stringent background checks. The private companies that hire private workers overcharge for services, pay their workers poorly, pay the management generous, and skim a percentage off the payoff politicians. The politicians get their cut and provide protection. Lori should get some nice checks soon. The Christmas Card makes all of us Merry except the taxpayer. The entire Department of Water Management is a hustle. Chicago Taxpayers are very stupid. Very Stupid. Thank God for the elimination of the Sun-Times and the Tribune. Now it’s a free for all. Did the O.I.G. look at the Clarity Partners, LLC campaign contributions?

Did the O.I.G report the theft of four stolen diamond blades worth $4000.00 also?

Another theft at Chicago Water Department under Commissioner Andrea Putz Cheng P.E. Pee EEE

Special thanks to Chicago Inspector General for terminating an employee that got caught stealing diamond saw blades. I am certain former Alderman Pope could not reach far enough to save his partner in crime.

We at Chicago Clout have told you about the massive amount of theft from bogus contracts, special contracts and consultants have looted the Department of Water Management for decades. The amount of pipe and fitting that went to contractors from the pipe yard and 39th and Iron is staggering.

The new Commissioner of the Department of Water Management has failed to stop the thefts. In fact, she is part of the crime factory. When Andrea Cheng backstabbed former Commissioner Conner to take his position, it happened during the backdoor contract involving the City of Joliet. Lightfoot saw what a dummkopf Coo Coo Conner was when negotiating a billion-dollar deal.

Back to the ongoing theft ring at the Department of Water Management. Private contractors are allowed on City property. They take water-related parts and extras. Just recently another grand theft was covered up. Amazing how the Feds are not notified, and criminal investigations are not conducted. When an employee is terminated, they can join a private contractor that benefited from the theft. Former employees are allowed to start W/MOB businesses and continue to profit from their connections. This is an organized crime syndicate.

We at Chicago Clout are back at Can-TV and were welcomed with open arms. We are going to blow the whistle and some insider secrets at the Department of Water Management.

Does anyone know where Anthony Smithy is? I want him to be the first guest on Chicago Clout at Can-TV. When I called the DOWM to find him, they said he is still working there. I would hate to lose a $100,000.00 per year job. I guess when they promoted him out of the supply and inventory chain and got him a plum gig as Safety Specialist, he should have changed his ways. When they sent this goon to spy on Archie High and me about ten years ago, I smelled feces. I do not talk to people that are not at my level.

Chicago’s Most Powerful Alderman dress down Mayor Lightfoot, David Moore, and Jeanette Taylor Win

Alderman David Moore and Alderman Jeanette Taylor of Chicago are bringing the game. Many Alderman fail to protect their residents in Chicago. Chicago needs powerful leadership from the Alderman to counteract power crazy Mayor Lori Lightfeet. Many residents email and write to Mayor Lightfoot, but she refuses to respond. Lori is only interested in making national news so she can pat herself on the back.

I am proud of the leadership Alderman David Moore has provided. On a host of issues, he proved he has the smarts and skills to provide great services in his ward. It is not easy to stand out in Chicago. Lightfeet wants all the attention and burned so many bridges, she is doomed. Lori refuses to share the spotlight with deserving leaders. Alderman like David Moore and Jeanette Taylor deserve national recognition. Their abilities are second to none.

Rumors are Alderman David Moore will be nominated Illinois Secretary of State. Alderman Moore would be an ass-kicking Secretary of State but would be a massive loss to his ward. David Moore always handles himself in a professional manner and is loved by his constituents.

Alderman Jeanette Taylor has a difficult ward. She fights everyday to obtain resources from the Mayor’s Office. To stay in power, you need the muscle of the mayor’s office. Mayor Lightfeet has not done enough despite the 24/7 day a week fight. Jeanette is a great leader and is do what ever it takes to help her ward.

We at Chicago Clout exposed Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her sick perverted agenda. The Chicago newspapers are going down with the ship. Captain Lori is the nutcase to destroy Chicago. Make sure you contact your Alderman and thank them when they do well.

Good Luck Chicago.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot demands employees’ personal Covid-19 medical records. Possible settlement.

Many City of Chicago employees were exposed to Covid-19 multiple times while at work. Covid-19 and Mayor Lightfoot’s insanity caused the lives of many employees. Chicago paid workers to sit at home. Many Chicago employees exposed each other as they continued to show up to work.

Chicago can not be trusted to pay injured workers. Lightfoot is hoping to send the Federal Government the bill. Mayor Lightfoot did everything she could not report these on-duty injuries to the Illinois Department of Labor.

Mayor Lesze Lightfoot is demanding City employees to fill out an “Employee Covid-19 Vaccination Survey”. This is a clear invasion of privacy. The form will not go into a permanent Personnel file. Ya right; if you fill this out everyone will know your medical history. According to the City, the survey will go into your confidential medical file. Where are the unions? Next, the City will demand your personal information, like all your venereal diseases. Nothing is private at the City of Chicago, trust me I know.

Contact the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and file a lwsuit to protect your rights. Just get a good lawyer.