Chicago Copper Caper 2FM and the Chicago Inspector General

Chicago Fleet Management Queen and her missing Copper Hauler Nina Cozzo Glorioso

Many Chicago Taxpayers would be very pissed off if they knew about the many Departments controlled by the Chicago Mob. The delivery of services and the purchase of supplies is very carefully controlled. It keeps an army of democrats in an office that keep looking the other way. The Chicago Way, “what’s mine”, is why things fail to change. They keep posting hate in Chicago media and the fools follow with strict marching orders on how to vote and dutifully pay their taxes.

Today we look at Chicago Fleet and facilities Management. We at Chicago Clout follow crews and take pictures to monitor the integrity of not only the ongoing crime spree, but the way goons like Joe Ferguson and his clown at the Inspector General follow up and dispense justice. As I have said in the past, Joe Ferguson follows Fran Spielman around for a little attention and only investigates things that garner him some pictures in the Sun-Times. Sad.

In early March 2018, an electrical fire started at the Archer Heights Library on 5055 South Archer Avenue in Alderman’s “I know nothing” ward. The City dispatched 2FM employees for a joyful emergency overtime electrical repair. Most repairs are not an emergency unless someone like Nina-Aruba-Pierce-Cozzo-Glorioso deems it to be the end-all. Nina dispatched an electrical crew and work began in earnest. An electrical service in Chicago uses very high-grade electrical work and thick as a few fingers. Can you imagine the pounds and pounds of copper needed to replace the electrical line? Nowadays, the number one bare bright copper goes for over $2.15 a pound. Some scrap yards are also over that.

The problem is Chicago 2FM employees were getting paid time and one half and double time (and a day) to remove the plastic and maximize the amount of money they would receive. City workers also went to the scrapyard on city time and got paid to steal the copper. Pretty nice eh? At first, the criminals forgot to give the guy photographing them his cut. Not smart. The envelopes were shared with a few select employees such as foreman John “Copper Bar” Keating. John makes nice overtime thanks to his close relationship with Nina “Aruba” Pierce-Glorioso. Nina is an insult to the outfit guys on grand avenue. When you pick on the wrong people at work, you bring attention to yourself. Is Nina the kind of goof like those cray cray ladies on Jersey Shore?

The Chicago Inspector General was given pictures because some employees fail to look in their rearview mirror. I get it, the lust for cash is strong. According to many insiders at the Inspector General’s office, the I.G. is dragging the investigation on forever due to the political pressure put on Joe Ferguson. We are talking about thousands of dollars in taxpayer money looted. Currently, 2FM is repairing Joe Fergusson’s Sedgewick location and giving Joe the treatment. Joe, I suggest next time you do a sweep in the office on a more regular basis. Also, Joe should have more common sense than to hire a City agency to build offices make repairs. The Chicago Inspector General should hire a private contractor for security reasons and get his own kickbacks like everyone else.

Several phone calls were made a couple of days ago to get the opinion of characters in the middle of the scheme. Nina was rude and John talked like, “how the hell did this guy know”? Funny. Rebecca Striscko, David Reynolds refused to return phone calls. One person was smart enough to answer questions and will be left out of the mess that that person did not create.

Nina is now a hero on Second City Cop because she failed to repair a Chicago Police station. I guess she could not find copper to scrap and was too busy running a con game at 2FM. When the Chicago Police can not go to the bathroom, they call Chicago Clout and demand action. Maybe Streets and Sanitation can make an outhouse drop like they did at the Eugene Sawyer Plant.

The Chicago Inspector General sent three of their FBI wannabees to 2FM because the heat in on. It is all an act. If you have pictures of City Employees scraping copper and still cannot prosecute, you are doing the same shit as the goons unloading plumbing material for tens of thousands of dollars. Just allowing major crime spree to continue.

More on this later

Chicago Department of Water Management embarrasses Chicago Taxpayers at Water Plant

Commissioner Conner leadership embarrasses entire City of Chicago

Just when you think Chicago had enough of a Police Superintendent drinking on the job, Chicago Commissioner of the Department of Water Management keeps in the act. According to a source at Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office, Conner was excused from a hit and run because he is black. The source said, “the black community having a drink or two and leaving the scene of a minor crime is what we do”? (insert a record scratch) I was dumbstruck by this answer. Just recently, Commissioner Conner was at a budget meeting and his actions were called out by Chicago’s most powerful black alderman, David Moore. I am glad to see that a Chicago Alderman keeps high standards for all employees despite color.

This is what we expected from Lori Lightfoot and her wife Amy ‘Bigfoot” Eshleman. Chicago voted for change and Chicago employees represent the same bunch of Rahm’s leftovers.

Currently, at the Eugene Sawyer Water Purification Plant, a story we published regarding a mess in the entrance area has got worse. We told you, with need all underground inspections, licensed and certified personnel to handle the major leaks. I as a Licensed Certified Plumbing Inspector and Investigator and P.E. offered to pinpoint the problem. Now, the Department of Water Management has the South District Plumbers on the scene. Also, major heavy equipment such as breakers and backhoes are going to have to try to find the leak. Stupid.

We told you this work needed to be completed immediately long ago because the water main pictured is up in the air. According to Commissioner Conner, winter came much too soon this year. The entire leadership at the Department is a laugh at all major municipal water management institutions. One guy from New York told me, “Chicago needs to remove the political insiders and hire pros”. Chicago is the new Detroit and the lack of structural maintenance is a national joke.

Right now, the Chicago Department of Water Management personnel at the Eugene Sawyer are evacuating their bowels into outhouses and drinking bottled water shipped in from taxpayer’s reserves. Some black customers wanted this water for those drinking bottled water due to the lead epidemic in Chicago.

Could you imagine another billion-dollar enterprise having employees going to the bathroom in outhouses in the middle of winter and drinking bottled water? Please note, Commissioner Conner is still refusing to release FOIA I have requested to expose this freakshow. Scam central.

We already warned everyone, when the political hacks at the DOWM forced Katherine Ealy, the best Chief engineer in the history of the DOWM out, hell would return. It is here.

Luis ” Pretty Boy” Arroyo busted, his son next.

Luis Arroyo Department of Water Management Hero

Luis Arroyo made his chops at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. He also made his name as an Illinois State Representative. While at the Department of Water Management making a large salary, Luis was best known as Donald “the convict” Tomczak’s doorkeeper. How the heck Luis got away with the Hired Truck program and the contracts at the Department of Water Management can only be answered by Mike Madigan, Alderman Ed “slimeball” Burke, and the Chicago Inspector General. It was a really nice run doing little except making deals while at the Chicago Water Department while taking a large easy job as State Rep. I had the heat on his ass for a while, but I had a nice relationship with him and let some things slide. We had some pictures with him when he called for service at his office. I agreed to lay low. His luck ran out on him.

With all the dough he had, I surprised he was looking for some peanuts. Luis is on the Illinois transportation committee with DOWM alumni John “Hired Truck” D’Amico and DOWM new star Jawaharial Williams. Wait for all Department of Water Management employees and State Representatives? Yes.

Funny as it seems, Luis really hosed his son, Luis “say nothing” Arroyo Jr., the current Cook County Commissioner. Ole Junior left his job as an office statue at the North District truck drivers at the Water Department. What a great job, pulling your pud all day while everyone else works their ass off. Now that pops is fucked, Commissioner Conner better make some room back at the North District. The Puerto Rician political powerhouse is doomed. Lori Lightfoot keeps many Illinois State Representatives on the City payroll full time. These goons make piles of money. John D’Amico just retired from the Department of Water Management after banging the taxpayers for 30 plus years. Amazing. Hidden at the Jardine Plant. Come into work, take a city SUV, sedan, and then vanish. D’Amico, you think you can slip away from the kid? You got court soon.

Luis, Luis, Luis, you got away with murder for a long time. You also screwed my homeboy and childhood friend Mr. Munoz. You forgot where you came from and forgot your homeboys at the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.

Please look forward to John D’Amico and the Sandoval scams. John C. D’Amico should return all the ComEd dough. Bada Bing, Bada Boom. Payback is a bitch. The transportation scandal is hitting home, Mr. Conner. Duck, Duck, Goose.

Chicago Water under investigation again

Chicago Clout has reported the water in Chicago is under serious question. In fact, hard work we have completed exposed the way the Department of Water Management refuses to ensure the water in Chicago is always safe. I am proud a dismissed lawsuit has been reinstated and the lead in the water is going to be brought forth for facts. It is time for accountability.

At Chicago Clout, we just told you the filtration Plants are still in the dark ages. Many of the equipment is broken, shorted out, or plain not working. We told you about the Roseland Pumping Station and the poor response from the Water Department. Once again, on Saturday, October 12, 2019, the same station broke down and low pressure was called into Chicago Clout and Chicago Water Department.

The Southside of Chicago lacked adequate water to fight fires, and folks could not flush their toilets. Twice. This released deadly poisons in the water mains and lead. As a Licensed Plumber and Plumbing Inspector, I was again stunned no Plumbing Inspectors were rushed to protect the Chicago Potable Water Supply. More on this story soon.

Now they are making a movie about the Chicago water system poisoned in a three-hour movie. I have been consulting on many projects to make sure accuracy and realism comes through. Once a T.V. star, always a T.V. star. I would like to know when the newspapers and T.V. stations are going to report this mess.

Chicago with no water, public not told

City of Chicago Water Pumping Station

Shame on the Department of Water Management again. On October 2, 2019, Chicago Clout received frantic calls for water in the Roseland neighborhood. The pumping station shut down and many people had little or no water. Many people are not aware Commissioner Conner has been misplacing needed repairs to the stations that provide potable drinking water for millions of people. Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her staff has been informed and were gobsmacked. The neighborhood is a very, very, poor neighborhood with many black citizens. I called an old friend at the Jardine Plant and was told, maybe if those people pay their water bills”. Department of Water Management employees told me that Mayor Lori Lightfoot keeps the water on, and folks are not paying their bills. The Department of Water Management makes millions and millions for the city coffers and the hit is taking its toll. The investment into infrastructure starts in the white neighborhoods and then trickles down into the ghettos.

When the neighborhoods have the water shut off, the water in the buildings flows back into the water mains. Many residents complained of having “blue water” in their drinking water. This happens when bowl cleaners are in the toilet tanks and the backflow occurs. The fire stations were furious. I asked if quality control and the Plumbing Inspectors were dispatched to this emergency, NO. The water shutdown forced another round of lead into the drinking water when the water mains were turned on.

Many of these poor blacks and senior citizens were unaware to flush the water system and no-boil order was made. No newspapers or T.V stations were told to make the public aware. I also received many calls about black water and very, very, dark brown water. Someone needed to tell Commissioner “Coo Coo” Conner how to run the water department. You can not rely on Alderman “Blackjack” Austin to tell you what to do all the time.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot removing more power from the Chicago Department of Finance. Now What?

The Corruption logo for the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission

The City of Chicago under Mayor Lori Lightfoot took control over the Committee on Finance and Alderman Burke’s favorite money-making machine. A sad end for Burke, I guess he attracted attention to the wrong two guys. Burke will go to the pokey and have love time with his fellow inmates. I personally would not get aroused by a wrinkled old buzzard, but who knows what caviar in solitary confinement is.

The Department of Finance just gave injured Chicago City Workers on differential pay a two-month check. When you are injured at the City of Chicago, they offer the injured workers a chance to become a watchman and then pay the difference between their old pay and the pay of the position they currently have. Of course, Chicago gave every person a different deal depending on your clout or other factors. Some City Workers took a lump sum settlement, some are still fighting in court.

More on that later.

The City Department of Finance sent a voucher for two months pay as Mayor Lightfoot is transferring all the functions the Committee on Finance-Department of Finance-Gallagher-Bassett to settle claims, handle the pay differential pay. The City pays these workers directly at a much lower rate and then the private company will issue vouchers (checks) to the injured workers. What is funny and I am not laughing is employees are asked to call 312.744.2931 and talk to a claim’s examiner. Back in the old days, Burke made sure every injured worker would need to hire a lawyer. Burke had the system so fucked up; he could make millions. Slick.

According to Gallagher Basset, the city of Chicago has given them full control of all aspects of workers compensation effective October 1, 2019. I am wondering of Mayor Lori Lightfoot also gave them control over Hennessey and Roach and other law firms that handled the workers compensation legal matters. Burke political donations from the companies he gave this n- bid work to under sure dried up. Prove a QUID QUO PRO situation for sure.

Now the million-dollar question, is Mayor Lori Lightfoot going to fire all those employees Edward and Ann Burke hired to work at the Committee on Finance and then free transfer to Department of Finance?

Chicago is broke and needs to start laying off dead weight. Are Burke’s political hacks going to sit around on the payroll? Is Gallagher Basset the new way Chicago will hide information? Try a FOIA lately? Shine the light? Not really.

Now the Department of Water Management is attempting to talk watchmen to take classes for the PERK Card. WHY? Fudge if I can figure that out. I suspect Ralph Chiczewski want to get background information to fire injured workers. Lots of immigrants sneaking into Chicago would like these jobs. Why is Ralph asking injured workers to obtain an OSCH 30 certification? My insider told me it is a chance to hire consultants. None of this is needed since this is government property. Maybe Ralph is trying to justify his job.

DOWM Conner Anatomy of a cover-up and Food for thought

I dont no nuttin.

In Illinois, any vehicle with damage exceeding $500.00 must be documented in a vehicle accident crash report. Ask anyone, they know a minor scratch on a door will exceed $500.00. Conner knew if he wrote the accident damage was over $1,000.00 all witnesses must be disclosed. The body shop must repaint the door, blend in the paint, and dispose of the waste in a legal manner. Look at your car insurance payments, that is why you pay so much.

So, was it a dereliction of duty, a complete folly of ignorance and incompetence, or a complete cover-up by the three highest-ranking officials at the Chicago Water Department when they “investigated Alfonzo “Randy” Conner II vehicle at the 31st Street Yacht club parking lot?

Time to exam the facts. As noted in the last article, Coo Coo Conner, Ralph “chicklets” Chiczewski, and Mzz. Hernandez-Tomin missed investigation 101. Witnesses are key to any matter. Just ask Congress in their phony Trump investigation witch-hunt, interview after interview to get to the truth. The DOWM exposed themselves to fraud by failing to release all documents in a legal FOIA request or even worse yet, engage in multiple fraudulent activities. Where are the witness statements? So, Ralph ranked up at the Chicago Police Department by failing to obtain evidence? Or is he kissing the rim?

Coo Coo Conner went to the Wentworth Police Station with Chicklets after the accident and the DOWM Management failed to provide G.P.S. of all the Commissioner’s afternoon and evening locations? Yes. This is City property and Lightfoot is allowing personal travel on the city dime? Yes.

The Police report stated Mr. Elliot was intoxicated and no Chicago Police Officer drove over to arrest him? The City of Chicago is on the hook for massive amounts of money if Conner’s accusations ever reach the light of day. I would like to ask Conner how did he determine Mr. Elliot was drunk? If Mr. Elliott was drunk as Conner alleged, why did he fail to have the police on the site of the accident? Conner failed to order a sobriety test and left Chicago taxpayers on the hook for possible injuries sustained by Mr. Elliott. Does Mr. Elliot deserve reputation sullied? Most importantly, why did Coo Coo Conner fail to a drug test? Was he afraid of the results? Did he want to hide all the various medications he is on? In another accident report filed by Mr. Elliot, the Chicago Police were ordered to amend the report on the orders of the Chicago Law Department. Since when are accident reports amended? To this day, Conner has failed to disclose his female passenger to the DOWM. The City of Chicago will pay for the errors and coverup of Ralph and Coo Coo Conner. Hernandez-Tomlin should have protected Chicago taxpayers by drug testing Conner. Hernandez-Tomlin cannot expect her clout heavy husband to cover-up for her tricks. She failed to report to the Mayor and Mayor’s Office.

According to the FOIA results, Ralph failed to take a written statement over the phone of Mr. Elliott. Hernandez-Tomlin failed to take a statement. The Law Department failed to take a statement. Despite all these illegal actions, Rahm Emanuel ordered the payments of money on the taxpayer dime to Mr. Elliott. Even with Conner’s actions towards Bribes Burke and Scary Austin, we should not allow a pass.

So, when will the Honorable Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of transparency and ethics, take these fools to task? So far, I am not impressed with Lori Lightfoot’s leadership in Chicago. If you do not have the moxie to rule Chicago, if you continue to allow Rahm to control Chicago, please step down. We all got fooled again.

Commissioner Randy “Alfonzo” Conner II COVER-UP

Yo, Commissioner Alfonzo Randy Conner, Are you a fraud?

Everyone that works for the City of Chicago needs to follow certain protocols when involved in a hit and run. Commissioner Alfonzo “Randy” Conner of the Department of Water Management decided to show us on how a classless city employee scams over innocent hard-working taxpayers and how to make some other sucker pay the way.

Randy “chunky” The 325 lbs. plump City of Chicago Department of Water Management Commissioner made it a matter of pride firing city employees at his previous departments, and now at the DOWM. Randy is a part of the Carrie Austin clan that have dirtied Chicago. Carrie Austin a Chicago Alderman likes to drive her caddy to the casino and play the game. Her prior roles in Chicago made her very wealthy. Too bad the perks were spent stupid. Alderman Burke taught her the ropes and she whizzed her money away. She did load the city payroll and made many promotions for her friends. We told you about her bullshit over a decade ago on Chicago Clout. Randy is one of the winners she duped Chicago into taking.

If you hire these clowns, you get bad results. Randy Conner was entering a parking complex driving his Ford Expedition SUV. This is the 31st Beach Lakefront party place where the “coke flows and hoes know”. Randy needed a massive car to haul his large carcass around. When you have a job that pays $174,600.00 dollars with massive perks and benefits, you attract the opposite sex. Randy had a woman in his city vehicle and was dropping the lady off in the parking garage. Sure enough, Randy was arguing with the lady and ordered her out of the SUV. Randy was still very upset with the “lady” and then backed his city vehicle into a parked car owned by a well-respected successful gentleman by the name of Thadius Elliott. Mr. Elliott was driving an extremely expensive Lexus SUV. Mr. Elliott was waiting for his friend getting off his yacht. Mr. Conner was very evasive and extremely upset with his lady friend.

Mr. Conner refused to wait for the Chicago Police to arrive at the scene to make a formal accident report. Mr. Conner refused to wait for the DOWM Safety Department to drug test him and make a full investigation and obtain the witness statements. Mr. Conner gave Mr. Elliott a false address and attempt to give Mr. Elliott the slip. Conner also told the man he lives at the Jardine Plant.

Sure enough, the story gets sexy here. Commissioner Conner called Ralph Chiczewski, the safety and workers comp czar at the Department of Water Management at home. (or the saloon). Ralph told him to meet him at the Wentworth Police Station due to Commissioner Conner’s messed up condition. Ralph “Chicklets” Chiczewski is a former high-ranking Chicago Cop that insisted Conner go to a Police Station that will, “keep their mouth shut”. Conner refused to report an injury to again avoid a drug test.

One and one-half hours later the dynamic duo entered the Police station to make a report. How Did Ralph and Coo Coo Conner forget to call the leak desk? In the report, Conner stated he was the victim and Mr. Elliott was intoxicated and left the scene. A telling false statement that proves why the public thinks city workers are asshats. Mr. Conner also purposely falsified the amount of damage to under $500.00 bucks to avoid the State of Illinois transportation laws. Pretty slick. The Wentworth station police were also told not to immediately pursue Mr. Elliot because of the “minor damage”.

Commissioner Alfonzo “Randy Conner” also told the police the entire accident was the fault of Mr. Elliott. Mr. Conner actions were truly “unbecoming a city employee”.

After the holiday weekend, Ralph made a memo after the phone was ringing off the hook from Mr. Elliott. Ralph made his name covering up for dirty police and his treatment of homeless folks on DOWM property. Ralph also made a name for himself falsifying workers comp injuries and stopping hurt workers pay, medical care, and providing jobs for injured politician’s family members. Ralph also worked with the famous Alderman Edward Burke, “Committee on Finance”.

After a FOIA request, the only documents that show up prove that entire cover-up. All the pictures of the accident site were destroyed. All of Mr. Elliott’s phone calls to the 311 and leak desk were destroyed. Ralph did not take a picture of the accident site. Ralph did not take a witness statement of the lady with Conner. Ralph and his family have awesome City jobs and make piles on the payroll, keep your mouth shut.

Ralph made a cover his ass memo a couple of days after the accident to Julie Hernandez-Tomlin, number two at the department. His memo refused to admit the accident was caused by Conner, the Lexus was parked, and he did not take a single picture. Amazing. Ralph also went to the Wentworth police station with the Commissioner since Conner was not smart enough to do it himself?

Most amazing is the fact, the Tuesday morning phone call by Mr. Elliott, made Ralph change his tune and give Mr. Elliott all documents so he could obtain reimbursement for all the damages. All DOWM management employees involved in this scam should be fired before Mayor Lori Lightfoot asks for a single penny in new taxes. Fire Conner, Chiczewski, Robinson-Bellows, and Hernandez-Tomlin. Hernandez failed to report the accident per her duty as DOWM number 2. Hernandez also failed to report to Joe “the phony” Ferguson at the O.I.G.

The taxpayers paid for Conner’s accident. The taxpayers got screwed. Many Chicago employees have been fired under the same circumstances. Every city employee should be rehired that failed a drug test or refused a drug test. And, by the way, fire Joe Ferguson for covering up the accident. Who approved all the thousands of insurance payments returned to Mr. Elliot and State Farm?

Alderman Burke’ secret “Pink Sheets” at Committee on Finance and IWCC

Old stinky Edfart Burke of Chicago

Not long ago, Chicago Clout made inquiry into the all new unimproved City of Chicago Department of Finance. The Department took over for Alderman Edward Burke and all his political hires. One of the main tools famous and handsome authors, journalists, and movie stars require is information. In Chicago, fact is stranger than fiction. You could not make up all the stupid actions that goes on day after day.
The Honorable Lori Lightfoot walked into Rahm Emanuel’s massive failure. Chicago is an absolute mess. The debts are crushing, and Lori Lightfoot is not removing the old guard that continue business as usual. Now is the time for bold action. Rahm put his friends into positions all over Chicago Department to control the city from afar. Lori needs to wipe the slate clean.
Lori just bragged at her State of the Union address (100 days) she reformed the Chicago Workers Compensation system in Chicago. I hope she is not putting a lid on it by assigning a private company to hide facts and figures. But she is. While the new consulting company claims reform, Rahm and Burkes contractors still pull the strings.
Contractors are still stopping claims from legit injuries and racking up massive bills to put off the cleanup. Contractors are still doing the work of Chicago City Lawyers that are too incompetent to handle legal cases. Politicians are still accepting piles of money from these companies and large overbilling reduces the stress to contractors.
Just a few days ago, the Chicago Department of Finance is again fighting my request for all the Illinois Department of Workers Compensation “Pink Sheets”. Pink sheets spell out all the settlement amounts and the terms. What is the big deal? The finances do not reveal the real costs of the settlements and Chicago does not want this information released. Many of the agreements are far apart in settlement amount for the exact same injury. Some people are forced to take far lower value than what the deserve. Some injured workers are getting lifetime monthly settlements. If you do the basic analysis, Chicago does not want you to know the massive amount of money spent on everything but the injured worker. If you look at the cost of providing the program, the money spent on injured workers as companied to administrating the program is completely out of whack.
Right now, Chicago clout is again working with the Illinois States Attorney to for turn over documents. Chicago is pathetic in releasing information due to the criminal activities involved. Many attempts to personally exam documents are being fought tooth and nail. Who said, “shine the light”? The Federal Lawsuit filed by Jay Stone and Patrick McDonough shined more light than 50 years of dirty pols. Wait until we show you those pink sheets, they will have you seeing red.

Just when you thought the stink of Alderman Edfart Burke could not get any worse.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Exposed

The heat is on a slow boil. Several Governors have allowed Illinois’s injured workers to be shamefully treated by crooked lawyers and insurance agents. Alderman Edward Burke ran a nice scam making big political contributions from lawyers and law firms handling cases at the IWCC. Guess who else is on the slow burn? Michael Madigan’s ass is going to get cooked for fixing cases and getting contributions from firms like Atkin Law. So, you ask, why would a law firm practicing workers comp give massive donations to Madigan?

Madigan makes a call on the workers’ compensation cases so they are settled. Bata Bing Bata Boom. Why did Alderman Burke get at least $43,000.00 in donations from Hennessey and Roach? Well, Hennessey and Roach gets millions in business from Burke to handle no-bid Workers comp cases for Burke. Those donations do not include small personal donations. Burke was funneling money from things he controlled to private vendors for kickbacks. Burke also removed Chicago City Lawyers from handling workers compensation cases because they, “were too stupid”. Also, they did not play ball.

Anyone familiar with the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission knows the Arbitrators are political hacks. The mystery selection process continues. Unlucky stiffs are sent to loan sharks that charge 36% compounded interest on quick loans, then the case takes forever because part of the juice is shared with lawyers.

Many lawyers fail to prepare cases, obtain all medical records, and then settle on the cheap. The real money is made on a cut of the settlement. Arbitrators fail to protect the injured from scam lawyers that cut deals and share envelopes at the 312 Chicago. Video and audio in the right hands now!!

When you look at the inventory of workers at the IWCC you will see whites and the west side outfit.

Two-bit hustlers and thugs.

The IWCC has a new leader and an important meeting is going to be at the Oral Argument Room James Thompson Building 8th Floor. September 13, 2019 at 10:00 A.M. It is called, “The Chairman’s Update on IWCC Modernization Project”. “Looking forward to 2020”. Lots of changes to get ahead of some unexpected changes coming anyway. Bata Bing Bata Boom.