John Cuneo my friend Rest in Peace

John Cuneo my friend

I would like to remember my friend John Cuneo of Norwood Park Chicago. John suffered with a unknown illness for about three years. John was a writer and Journalist. John ended up at WGN studios. John was at a much higher level of professional style in the trade. Not all of us want to spend the time to achieve a level in the business when a solid gut punch will serve the same purpose.

John was one of the best drummers I have ever witnessed. I am a professionally trained classical bass player. John’s level or artistry was witnessed by me at the Bahry home in Park Ridge, the Cuneo home in Norwood Park as a young guy. John would play with Scott Bahry an awesome keyboardist and Chuck Kawal one of the finest guitarists I ever met. Listening to these guys was a lifetime memory. Since I was a sheet music reader, I could never rock with them. Sad.

Not long ago, I visited John and he was short on time because he was taking care of his mom. What a saint. I also remember I would joke play air drums to have John play an unneeded fill during one of his rehearsals; he would make it sound like it belonged in the song. I remember Scott would look up like “why did John add that”. John was one of the most amazing persons I ever met. You do not forget people like John.

I find it spooky I just went into the Sun-Times on a whim and found his obit. WTF is that. Again, that guy could play drums with a level of unmatched artistry.

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