Mayor Lightfoot picks Karl Malden look-alike to head O.I.G.

Joe Ferguson left the Chicago Office of the Inspector General with no self-respect. What an asshat. For 12 years Joe chased political headlines to make his nasty nose in the newspapers. There is no doubt that piece of shit, used his position to gain revenge against his enemies. The Chicago Inspector General was so shitty, even a failure like Lightfoot had to tank that failure. Funny how Joe Ferguson went crying to Fran Spielman after he was let go to save face. Joe went to Axelrod which shows he is a beggar, a showoff, or a plain fool. Joe failed to conclude significant changes for the long-term health of Chicago. His hands were tied, and he claimed a check, Chicago style.

Now Joe Ferguson wants to find another check after claiming at least two government pensions. Joe’s interview told was a failure he was if you understand inside politics. Did Joe stop Alderman Burke? No. Did Joe stop the unfair discipline that every city worker is subject? No. Joe failed to investigate hundreds of complaints lodged by city workers trying to make Chicago better. Joe refused to interview the complainant and thought so highly of his skills, that he cherry-picked cases he could easily win. Joe also picked investigations to keep college kids and others on the payroll. Nice waste of money.

No past or current Chicago Inspector General will ever be in the same class as David Hoffman. David is the best of the best.

The new clown in charge of the O.I. G. is Deborah Witzburg. Nothing will change under her unless a retired Federal Judge oversees the intake complaints. Just because she looks like Karl Malden does not mean she will get results. One of the O.I.G.’s most important tasks is to stop political hiring. My understanding of powerful Jewish interest went to bat for Deborah. So, Deborah is a political hire? So, Deborah will stop disciple issues in the Police Department, and hiring problems city-wide when she used clout to get her job? Deborah needs to investigate her former boss before she looks anywhere else. But she will not. Nothing in Chicago changes.

Lori has another puppet, again.

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