Chicago Suffers More Trench Disasters. The Chicago Fire Department.

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management f*cked up again, thanks to Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Commissioner Cheng. I shared my concerns with Chris of the 41ST Ward. Many inspectors from the Chicago Fire Department, Unions, and Safety Department want to know what is being done by the Illinois Department of Labor. Multiple complaints have been lodged by The Department of Water Management’s most powerful Plumber. Patrick McDonough has also been a witness in many lawsuits against the City of Chicago. Many of these suits paid of over 10 million dollars.

Will this make the major newspapers and News Stations in Chicago? The willful and intentional conduct of the Department of Water Management has resulted in many fines.

Mayor Lightfoot ordered the emergency job as a favor to the 41St Ward to help with Lightfoot’s reelection effort. I called Commissioner Cheng’s office, and they refused to comment.

The Backhoe needed a steel plate underneath it, and the excavation had no shoring. There was no supervision on the job because foremen were covering multiple jobs. I want Matt Quinn fired. I want Frank Pellegrino, Hoisting engineer foreman for new construction, fired. I want John “Poop” Pope fired. I want Dave Maziere Fired. I want Bill Leyden fired.

According to a source, Mayor Lightfoot’s office demanded the crippled kid to hide at the Jardine Plant at full pay. He broke his back and punctured his lung. Lori Lightfoot will try to screw this dude out of workers’ compensation benefits. MARVEL ACTOR JEREMY RENNER will get top care. This dude might die.

I have 20 years of evidence I will give this guy’s lawyer. Hopefully, the City Law Department will not pay him off. Do not have anything to do with Lori Lightfoot.

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