Burge Report Rally June 16, 2006

Burge Report Rally.jpg
The Cook County Criminal Courts Administration had one heck of a Rally on June 16, 2006. Most of Chicago’s media outlets were on hand. Also Wallace “Gator” Bradley, Frank Avila, an Attorney for Aaron Patterson. Mayor Daley’s name got dragged into this nightmare as he might have covered up this up as a States Attorney. Police torture, public corruption, and malfeasance. Chicago’s other “Green side”. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. I am not that sympathetic to Patterson or most of the other criminals. Most of them were very bad criminals including cop killers.

    However, Burge puts a black eye on all good police officers. Also, we the taxpayers should not be picking up the tab on this.

    Being a tough good cop is one thing but being a torturer with techniques used in war are not.

  2. Dick Devine is even more responsible.
    1. He was the first deputy under Rich Daley, and Daley is an idiot as a lawyer and was not hands on.
    2. Devine was the attorney for Jon Burge.
    3. As State’s Attorney he opposed the clemency, parole, re looks etc of the death row inmates who were wrongfully imprisoned.
    4. Daley, O’Malley and Devine ALL knew about the torture of Burge and other officers and the State’s Attorneys were in cahoots to get the prosecutions.

  3. Torture should not happen in Chicago. This gives the good cops, like most of them a bad name.

  4. I haven’t been up to anything recently, but so it goes. Such is life. What can I say? Pretty much not much exciting going on to speak of. I haven’t gotten much done lately, but I don’t care.

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