Chicago Trump Towers Residential Clout

Trump Towers in Chicago.jpg
In Chicago, Trump is putting up a high rise for the Chicago Gentry. I thought in the old days the wealth would prefer to have a Lake Forest Mansion to keep things quiet. Today’s Chicago elite prefer to have “bling” and show their clout in an expensive high rise. Many of these residences cost millions of dollars and if you can afford it, God Bless You. But would you really want to share a building with a bunch of sour pusses that worry who has the most money? “Pass the crumpets James, I have a Union Rally for the help”. This palace is not home to the 11th Ward Boyz, not by a long shot. Photo by Patrick McDonough from the Chicago River in my Mega Yacht.

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  1. CHICAGO — Donald Trump says the proposed $700 billion financial bailout plan is probably necessary because it looks like the economy is “rushing into one big depression.”
    The real estate developer spoke Wednesday at the Trump International Hotel and Tower.
    Trump’s Chicago tower is nearly finished. Family members, including daughter Ivanka and sons Donald Junior and Eric, plan to make personalized hand impressions on fresh cement to commemorate the topping off.
    When completed, the 92-story Trump

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