Labor Day at Navy Pier

Navy Pier 2.jpg
Please enjoy this photo from Lake Michigan of Navy Pier. Chicago Unions are sponsoring a Labor Day Celebration at Navy Pier Monday, September 4, 2006. The Unions also have coupon books so you can receive discounts on rides and other activities. You can also enjoy family entertainment. Enjoy a free lunch. The parties in the past have been a good time. Laborers Union 1092 Members call 1-312-663-1092 and Plumber’s Local 130 call 1-312-421-1010 to get the coupons. I hope some of the speakers have the guts to talk up about the lousy mayor we have in Chicago. Also send a message to Chicago City Hall Chicago Labor supports Big Box and a reasonable wage for Chicago Poor and Needy Workers. Photo By Patrick McDonough.

2 Replies to “Labor Day at Navy Pier”

  1. No coupons for us regular Union Guys. Union 130 Walsh only bought tickets for insiders.

  2. I cannot believe the small showing at the rally at Navy Pier. It really shows that the Chicago Unions are out of touch. No Union bought enough tickets and it pissed of members. Gannon would not give up tickets, it had to go through local union, B.S. Chicago Tribune wrote an article about the light showing.

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