William "Doc" Walls Dorothy Brown Next Chicago Mayors?

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William Walls is in the run for Mayor of the City of Chicago. I can say without a second of hesitation Bill Walls is a very cool, calm, and collective person. Mr. Walls has always been very kind to me and my family. I have some great pictures I will have publish very soon. Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times gave some press to advance his cause. Also some behind the scenes rumbling has been going on with Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown. She is very nice and loyal to her staff that was also running for office not long ago. Some friends of Frank Avila had a fund raiser at Wallace’s Catfish Corner and I met Dorothy Brown, she is very nice and classy. I think two black candidates for Chicago Mayor would not be good. Chicago needs unity to clean up Mayor Daley’s unbridled corruption and clout hiring.

2 Replies to “William "Doc" Walls Dorothy Brown Next Chicago Mayors?”

  1. McDonough you out-scoop even the big boys in town. I think you are better off on your own. Forget the carpetbaggers.

  2. More candidates increase the liklihood Daley will be forced into a runoff election. Then the other candidates can get behind whoever is in the runoff against Daley.

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