Labor Day at Navy Pier

Navy Pier 2.jpg
Please enjoy this photo from Lake Michigan of Navy Pier. Chicago Unions are sponsoring a Labor Day Celebration at Navy Pier Monday, September 4, 2006. The Unions also have coupon books so you can receive discounts on rides and other activities. You can also enjoy family entertainment. Enjoy a free lunch. The parties in the past have been a good time. Laborers Union 1092 Members call 1-312-663-1092 and Plumber’s Local 130 call 1-312-421-1010 to get the coupons. I hope some of the speakers have the guts to talk up about the lousy mayor we have in Chicago. Also send a message to Chicago City Hall Chicago Labor supports Big Box and a reasonable wage for Chicago Poor and Needy Workers. Photo By Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley Hiring Scandal Update Teamsters Union 726

Chicago Central District.jpg
Today, many Chicago Department of Water Management Union Teamsters Members received a letter stating they are fired or back in a temporary position all over again. After clearing a hurdle to become full time legit union workers at the Department of Water Management, some workers might be fired or returned to a lessor status. Many workers were asking for Frank Avila’s number to sue the Union, the City of Chicago, and the Shakman compliance officer. I guess this last list of hiring was not on the level. Until Chicago fires all involved, millions will be paid in lawsuits. Big Slick screwed the Shakman compliance officers again, they have no idea just how corrupt the City of Chicago under Daley is. Where is the Chicago Water Department Lawyers that sign off on illegal deals? I gave the phone numbers to Chicago Newspapers Reporters to the men and ladies that need to explain to their families Mayor Daley’s Corruption means no food on the table soon. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

City of Chicago Homeland Security

Do not take pictures of the Chicago Jardine Water Plant as part of our “HOMELAND SECURITY PLAN”. It is o.k. if you are part of the…. Do not take cameras or take pictures so the “terrorists do not know Jardine Water Plant is located next to Navy Pier, a large tourist destination. Navy Pier brings in lots of taxpayer money, said Daley. Secret photo on Internet by Water Department sub-contractor, shhhhhhh. Don’t ask don’t tell. Hey McDonough, hide the camera.

Chicago Police visit Department of Water Management

Chicago Police visit Department of Water Management.jpg
Today the Chicago Police visited a North District Water Department job site to calm things down. Some alleged rough talking was exchanged between two Chicago Employees. Just a day after a big meeting to explain what needs to be done to report work place verbal fights. After meeting with different departments, I came to a conclusion, you can say anything you wish, until you say it to someone with clout. I asked various officials what can be said, I gave samples, even rude insulting ones, and the response was, “Establish a pattern”. So if you have clout keep acting the same because no pattern will be established, or if you do not have clout, “Shut up and take the abuse”. Nothing ever changes in the North District. When is the Shakman Decree going to be enforced? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Shakman Decree Implication Seminar for Management

Today the Chicago Department of Water Management followed other departments such as CDOT to get some much needed training on what should be done to get in compliance with the Shakman Decree. The meeting was at 35th and Michigan. City of Chicago Police Headquarters. In attendance was Mara Georges whom took questions, Ron Huberman, John Spatz and Brian Murphy. Tom Talley was in attendance but not allowed to talk, per those in watching closely. Most in attendance were those who received favourable treatment under the old rules under investigation by the Federal Government. John D’Amico asked about Union recommended hiring, and Mara said Unions are a Political Organization. Acting Commissioner Spatz said ” He does not care who the Union recommends”. The bottom line is you cannot violate hiring, firing, discipline, or not disciplining, based on politics. Murphy said, “you have a good job, a good pension, so do not lose your job or pension”. Is that a threat? The City of Chicago wants to keep “Shakman Compliance”. On a positive note, Acting Commissioner Spatz seems to want a “Open Door Policy”. That is a good start, but does he really mean it? Only time will tell. Please note, nobody was writing down notes to make this a legal meeting of record. A very sad state of affairs. The meeting was 1:00 p.m. to 1:35 p.m. a very short time by my standards. Channel 2 News was on the site. Patrick McDonough.

Michael Tierney Chicago Water Superintendent Retires

Michael Tierney Caulker.jpg
Today Michael Tierney was working on the 4600 block of Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. The Contractor is Reliable a favored contractor for Mayor Daley and the City of Chicago. I can see that Tierney is working for a Clout based company but as a Caulker/Plumber? Tierney was a High ranking Chicago Water Department Employee under Donald Tomczak. City workers thought he would get a Plumber’s Local 130 Business Agent job from his father-in-law, Thomas J. McManus. At least other high ranking retired workers got some sweet spots. Like Rottman and William Chambers. If Mike did you a favor or two, show some class and say “Hello”. Do not forget your friends.

Chicago Department of Water Management Scams Continue

Chicago Department of Water Management Scams.jpg
Peek-a-boo I see you….Just when you thought it was safe and Chicago Department of Water Management had “Homeland Security under control”, I found a Chicago Water Truck hidden behind two dumpsters and a parked car. Left Center Left documented Chicago residency laws are a joke. Also, if we care about our drinking water not poisoned by the enemies of the state, lets make sure these trucks are not hidden behind dumpsters in the suburbs by non-union companies that might hire non-documented workers. Call O’Connor and he can show a badge and act like a tough guy. Call the F.B.I. call the C.I.A. Call the Commissioner, what are our trucks doing in the suburbs? Stop putting Chicago lives on the line. Why are they hiding the truck (WSD 788) License Plate (M 89 195) and from whom? What Union Teamster dropped the truck off into the suburbs? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Edison Park Fest 2006 August 19, 2006

Edison Park Fest Chicago 2006.jpg
After a nice Chicago Air and Water Show, I went to the Edison Park Fest. I really enjoyed the bands and considering this is Chicago’s North West Side, the people are really nice. I met with several Chicago City Workers just relaxing and having a nice time. Edison Park is no Andersonville, but the neighborhood is very friendly. I lived above the Emerald Isle in Edison Park years, years, and years ago. Pictured is Sarah, Brigid, Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough. Also a very nice Irish Bear. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Water Management Picnic Air and Water Show

Chicago Water Management Picnic Cropped.jpg
Chicago Department of Water Management had a Picnic today at the Chicago Jardine Water Plant. Since it was overcast the Air Show got off to a slow start. I think the new Commissioner seems more relaxed than the last batch. When I arrived, I had to pull to the side because my I.D. was not ready. Thanks for making my kids I.D. Luci. I registered for this event prior to May 25, 2006. I also donated my services as a photographer since I am published. When I arrived at the plant we were having a nice time and than decided to get pictures with two helicopters in the front of the plant. When we arrived some lady was talking pictures and I asked if I could also. No sooner than I reached for my camera than two people in orange shirts were screaming for me not to take pictures. My son, an eight year old showed the lady other people taking pictures. I put the camera away in a polite manner. Of course I never received any notice from security not to take pictures. I went back with my family to the North side of the plant and upon returning to my picnic area a moron came out of a blue truck screaming at me. He ordered my son to leave and I told my son to stay. This clown did not wish to hear my side of the story, showed me his I.D. and said he let me in the plant. He also said he knew I donated my services to take pictures. I asked why did he not let me know if I was taking pictures or not. I think the lack of professionalism this person showed was a disgrace. The non-union security force on hand was S.P.I. Do they have the background checks I went through? The paranoia the Chicago Water Management showed towards me was in poor taste. This happened at 1:20 p.m. today. I think this dude was Rob O’Connor a brother of a Chicago Alderman. Keep your clout at home, a family picnic should be fun with family pictures to cherish. If anyone thinks the bad guys do not know the layout of the jardine plant, your sadly mistaken. Chicago Union Employees would never disclose information to terrorists, so do not sell that garbage. If you are worried about the “Enemy”, investigate the contractors and contracts, does security not apply with Clout Companies? The 39th and Iron Water Plant is visited by contractors with no I.D. or clearance. Fake non-union cops at Jardine? Photo outside plant by Patrick McDonough. P.S. all public can take pictures there.

Chicago Fire Hydrant Update Open Hydrants

Laborer Training 2.jpg
The City of Chicago has gang bangers opening up Fire Hydrants. In fact, there are so many left open, millions of gallons of water are wasted. The first response crew is the Hydrant Trucks. Department of Water Management lack of material put Chicago Citizens lives in peril. On the “Day Hydrant Truck” is Caulker-in-Charge Ralph Cortes. In the picture Ralph is showing new Chicago Water Department Laborers the proper procedure repairing a Fire Hydrant. Also in the picture instructing is Patrick McDonough the former Plumber-in-Charge of the Night Hydrant Truck. The Hydrant trucks are short of material making the job almost impossible. Yesterday Ralph was met on the jobsite by Chicago Management to shut off a Hydrant at 2854 West 21st Place. Water shot out of the Hydrant and into basements across the street. Also the Chicago Water Hydrant Program is in shambles due to the lack of manpower. I also blame Management for downing two Night Hydrant Trucks, a political move that is investigated by the State of Illinois. Patrick McDonough testified at a State of Illinois hearing as a expert. Lets get the ball rolling now and protect our Chicago Citizens!