Shakman Decree Implication Seminar for Management

Today the Chicago Department of Water Management followed other departments such as CDOT to get some much needed training on what should be done to get in compliance with the Shakman Decree. The meeting was at 35th and Michigan. City of Chicago Police Headquarters. In attendance was Mara Georges whom took questions, Ron Huberman, John Spatz and Brian Murphy. Tom Talley was in attendance but not allowed to talk, per those in watching closely. Most in attendance were those who received favourable treatment under the old rules under investigation by the Federal Government. John D’Amico asked about Union recommended hiring, and Mara said Unions are a Political Organization. Acting Commissioner Spatz said ” He does not care who the Union recommends”. The bottom line is you cannot violate hiring, firing, discipline, or not disciplining, based on politics. Murphy said, “you have a good job, a good pension, so do not lose your job or pension”. Is that a threat? The City of Chicago wants to keep “Shakman Compliance”. On a positive note, Acting Commissioner Spatz seems to want a “Open Door Policy”. That is a good start, but does he really mean it? Only time will tell. Please note, nobody was writing down notes to make this a legal meeting of record. A very sad state of affairs. The meeting was 1:00 p.m. to 1:35 p.m. a very short time by my standards. Channel 2 News was on the site. Patrick McDonough.