We need to call out the Chicago Sun-Times latest editorial on Chicago Water Management.

Andrea Cheng is a real powerhouse when she is at the table

Sometimes when you get an editorial from the Chicago Sun-times, you know the pro-labor and pro progressive opinions will prevail.

Please read. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/9/6/22656375/chicago-water-rates-utility-billing-relief-program-city-council-daniel-la-spata-editorial

After reading this article, you might think the Sun-Times knows what they are writing about. They have no idea. Chicago can afford to give all of us free water. Fact.

Many years ago, the Sun-Times rocked Chicago, exposing corruption. Since then, they have been under the control of the outfit and the Chicago Labor Unions. Many stories are not published because they are anti-union and anti- Lightfoot allegedly.

The Chicago Alderman needs to look into all the contract fraud at the DOWM immediately. Fraud is out of control in Chicago.

The Department of Water Management refuses to reveal their contractors because a shit judge allowed the DOWM to keep the contracted billions hidden. Part of the alleged “Homeland security” b.s. The truth is sad; contractors expect to kick back millions in return for billions in business. That is how the Chicago Democratic machine is funded.

Contractors approach Alderman Burke to do business in Chicago. Alderman Burke takes thousands, the most significant cut. Unions and State Representatives get in next and shakedown for more contributions. The Democratic party cuts up jobs and money for the campaigns. Companies are sent to buildings to rent or lease. The insiders like Burke control contracts at the Department of Water Management. The Office of the Inspector general is ordered to fire companies not kicking back enough money. The Inspector General is unwitting in their involvement.

How is all this done? Lori Lightfoot and the Unions control all Minority no-bid companies. The contracts are fixed. The fraud is right in your face.

P.S. Lori Lightfoot gets her cut also.

P.S. You can not privatize the Water Department thanks to the Joilet deal.

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