Toxic Dust in Andersonville Streets. HELP!!!

Several Andersonville Streets are a mess. Water Main Construction by private companies left choking dust everywhere. FA-6 and Limestone is a killer for lungs. This project has gone on for three years and will never end. LEAD-FREE test kits are requested from the Department of Water Management as these companies slice into lead services. Lori Lightfoot is now involved to address the dust and mess. See below:

Andrea R.H. Cheng, P.E., Ph.D. Commissioner of Water Management

I am requesting at least 400 Lead Test kits for my neighbors. This is for the new water mains being installed by private contractors NPL and Millennium. These are private contractors. Some of the neighbors think this work is done by regular City of Chicago employees. Several injured city workers and retired Department of Water Management employees are on standby to go door to door. We are also asking the press to make everyone aware of our program.  Also, the dust is choking from the FA-6 limestone coating the streets. Could you send water tanks to wet the streets ASAP. 
Balmoral from Clark to Glenwood
Summerdale from Clark to Glenwood
Farragut from Clark to Glenwood
Berwyn from Clark to Glenwood

Patrick McDonough P.I.

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