Lightfoot demands Covid-19 Shot for City Workers

The City of Chicago is again forcing the Covid-19 shots down Chicago City Workers.

So is this another ploy by Lori Lightfoot to look as if she has power? Is Lori trying to show what a domineering macho man she can be?

Not long ago, psychiatrists were attempting to reverse the behavior of Lesbians. Most people found gay behavior offensive. Gay Conversion started at the end of the 1800s.

Many medical doctors tried reversing the behavior. I am confident because the majority are attracted to the opposite sex. It made sense at the most basic level. Humans were to procreate and have more children for work and war.

Some doctors thought lobotomies could help. The medical fields had no answers, and experiments of the worst kind continued.

After long clinical trials and experiments, the medical community concluded some behavior might be impossible to change. Remember, it took a long time for the medical professions to accept they can not change people’s desires.

So what is the point of this article? The modern all-knowing medical community is again attempting to make people take a medical decision that they do not have enough information on. They are using knot-headed politicians like Lori Lightfoot to force untested medical choices on the unwashed. Chicago City Workers are amazed that the Chicago Police and the Chicago Fire Department unions will battle for them.

The Chicago Newspapers have gone so far to the left, no one can believe them anymore. Most articles are about one or two people that failed to take the shot died from Covid. Chicago newspapers fail to write about both sides of a story. Most Chicago residents are uninformed about anything of importance.

As a City of Chicago Employee, I will not tell Lori Lightfoot she should stop her desire for a long-tall white gal instead of a handsome macho, domineering, well-endowed black man. So I expect Lori not to tell me what medicine to take or what to do with my glorious body. I do expect Lori to run Chicago like a well-oiled machine, but it is too late.

I am not a doctor, but I am ordering Lori to lose weight, fix her crooked eyes, have a tummy tuck, get hair implants, remove the black around her eyes, get mental health checkups, do situps, straighten out her spine from sitting at a desk for so long. While we are at it, wear a dress, (Oh hell no) I take that back, stop acting macho, apologize for her racist behavior. I could go on and on. So much to fix on that old horse.

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