National Pipe Line NPL leaves Andersonville a hot mess

The honeymoon with NPL Watermain and Sewer Construction has been over for a long time. Andersonville in Chicago is a beautiful progressive hood. For the last few days, Chicago’s most potent Plumber decided to assist many of the folks getting screwed with a horrible mess. The following streets were disgusting:

Balmoral from Clark to Glenwood

Summerdale from Clark to Glenwood

Farragut from Clark to Glenwood

Berwyn from Clark to Glenwood

Years of fighting with the contractor have left things in disarray. The streets have toxic dust from FA-6. The trees are destroyed, and Commissioner Conner was also fired for this blunder. Attempting to put plastic in sewer lines is an idiot shortcut.

This weekend resulted in a leak on a tap from a new water line installed. A City of Chicago water department crew showed up Monday and made the repair. Layers of consultants, DOWM bosses were needed to figure out who to blame. More on this later.

Today was a frenzy of cleaning up the mess on all the streets. The subcontractors are in a panic. I have never seen such a mess in my life. Too late. Remember, when Chicago Clout is seen, you are already too late.

I will continue to work with the neighbors so they can have a legal remedy. If you would like to help me hand out flyers, let me know. I smell a class action.

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