Alderman Banks Ward 36 Streets and Sanitation in Action

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Please enjoy this picture of Chicago Streets and Sanitation at the corner of Belmont and Newland on February 14, 2007. This High Lift #S17280 (Double check) a Volvo, is working hard clearing the lot of a funeral home. It was at about 2:15 p.m. Also on hand was a Hired Truck that was taking the snow away. Look, I know your bosses tell you to do this stupid stuff, but you need to say NO!!! Call the I.G. and let them know so in case they try to fire you for some petty B.S. you can get your job back. More pictures are on record. Mayor Daley what are you going to do about this? Bosses stop telling city workers to break the law and than dummy up when the workers job is on the line. Patrick McDonough. Photo by the McDonough I.G.

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  1. Nice try. Problem is if you allow this for one city employee, you must allow for all. The exceptions are the problems. But some people just do not get it. Chicago is a wreck because the rules are for some and not all. Your high taxes pay for this b.s.

  2. It was a wake for a police officer who no doubt is a hero. According to the paper he got shot coming home from his security job.

    However, the City of Chicago is not supposed to be plowing snow on private property. Also, the Hired Truck program has so clearly been demonstrated to be bad.

    I don’t mind bending the rules sometimes and a dead cop may be justified but McDonough does not look like a jerk when this type of stuff happens all the time. McDonough is good at revealing corruption.

  3. Do you think the majority of tax paying citizens of the City of Chicago would have a problem with one city agency they pay for clearing the parking lot of the funeral home for the the wake of another city employee? It’s not like the owner of the funeral home called his alderman asking to get the city to clear his lot. As a tax paying citiezen of the city of Chicago, I don’t have a problem with it.

  4. When you call the police, don’t forget to mention you are involved with I’m sure the “city employees” will drive twice as fast against red lights for you.

  5. If I’m not mistaken, McDonough is the son of a 40-yr Captain, former Commander who retired from this job about 10 yrs. ago and last I heard was a detective himself in Area 5. Kind of between a rock and a hard place, private property but “public” funeral service although the funeral home should have had a private snow plower on call for just such occasions.

  6. Listen you arrogant, self serving assholes. The time constraint for P.O. Vasquez’ funeral and wake demanded action. I don’t see how you, even in your infinite ignorance can find fault with allowances made for a Dead Police Officer. This just strengthens my opinion that the Chicago Clout website is designed for, and caters to people with nothing more to do except bitch and cry about things that they want and don’t have. For the amount of time it took to plow out that lot it was the same as a coffe break.
    You are some kind of assholes, Thats for sure

  7. I despise corruption and waste as much as anyone, however, clearing the lot for a fallen hero’s family and friends is an appropiate expenditure of municipal resources.

  8. “If you allow this for one city employee, you must allow it for all….”
    –Pat, you have got to be kidding me. What other city employees, other than fire dept, risk their lives serving the citizens of the city? Other city employees do fabulous work, but do not risk their lives while doing it. The lots were plowed not for the funeral home to use for private use, it was for the use of the family of a city hero. I don’t oftewn accuse people. You come across as having a deep seated hatred of the police. Let it go, it is not worth it to hold in that kind of bitterness.

  9. Pat, I used to think you were on the right page. I am now voting against every candidate you have endorsed.

  10. Pat remember that thought when Streets and San Driver are calling for help when trying to tow a car. Does that mean the police shouldn’t assist another city agency. Better yet they can call for you at the I.G

  11. The Chicago Police have an unwritten rule to attend to fallen officer’s wakes and funerals. The need for snow removal to accomodate hundreds or thousands of people offering their condolences is not “b.s.” The mayor attends these types of funerals.
    I doubt some city worker such as say, the electrician or street cold patch guy gets the same attention when he or she passes.

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