Dorothy Brown wants to sleep at your house!!!

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Chicago Citizens please contact me for a chance of having Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown sleep over at your home. I am hoping for a Chicago Department of Water Management employee, so we can let Dorothy Brown know how we live and our concerns. Most Chicago city employees do not live in a multi-million dollar condos at the Millenium Park. Dorothy Brown understands that. Please put you best foot forward, clean your house up and contact me. If you wish, I will make a show about this event. Please remember, Dorothy Brown will have a security officer also. I will also call the Chicago media. We can make our city better and you can have a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dorothy Brown was welcomed with open arms by all the North Side citizens at the Blue Angel. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley's 11th Ward Orchestra Final Cut Video

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Please enjoy this video, click here: Please enjoy this video, sure to crack you up. For many years politics ruled the Chicago Department of Water Management. The perks such as promotions, overtime, and acting up is a city wide epidemic. That is the way the Daley Boyz want the City of Chicago run. Corruption and Clout, without a sense of dignity or fairness. If private institutions hire based on the blueprint of the Daley Administration, they would all be bankrupt. Thank God Patrick McDonough is on hand to help this department.

Chicago's Frozen Water Pipe Problems Continue

Drinking Water.jpg
Many people have no water in Chicago. The Chicago Department of Water Management has three zones, North, Central, and South. The Central District is very well run under Jame Stroden and James LoVerde. I was surprised to find our top boss making wellness checks on workers Sunday, February 11, 2007. The Central District makes sure residents have free bottled water until their water pipes are thawed out. If your pipes are still frozen call 311. I must admit the Central District is much more professional than the North District ever was. Central District Workers are better trained. Lets hope for warm weather soon. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Alderman Manual Flores Honored

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Usually I write quite a bit about an Alderman, feed you with some gossip or some unknown political treachery, ect. Alderman Flores is a very good leader of the first ward and does a great job. On Sunday, February 11, 2007, the Illinois Committee for Honest Government gave an Award to Alderman “Manny” Flores. Alderman Manuel Flores was presented by Frank Avila, Legal Affairs Director. This event was very well attended despite Barack Obama that was only a few blocks away at the Chicago Journeyman Plumber’s Hall. I wish I could have stayed at the event, but I could not. The event was at Plush Chicago on 1104 West Madison St. in Chicago. Also at the event was Frank Coconate, Chairman of the NWSDO. Nice classy affair Tony Joyce and Randall Sherman. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Brendan Reilly with Michael "Libby" Libert

Brendan Reilly.jpg
I have admired Michael “Libby ” Libert for a long time. He was always honest and a class act. I must let you know, I wanted Michael to provide the hands on leadership the 42nd ward needs. Michael removed his name from the ballot and wishes Brendan Reilly to become the next Alderman in the 42nd Ward. Brendan Reilly and Frank Avila will have an interview on Election 2007 February 13, 2007.
This picture shows Bert N. has no clue, none at all. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

More Chicago Department of Water Management troubles continue

Please read this article :,CST-NWS-bribe10.article I am very concerned because another Chicago Department of Water Management employee is accused of a relatively minor crime. After reading this article, one might think this man should be strung up from the highest tree and made an example. Well let us think about this situation if you were in his shoes. Chicago knows if you wish to make a construction project you need to grease the system. A nice “political donation” to the local alderman will make Daley’s inspectors few and far between. The alderman will buy Daley tickets, and the system, criminal as it seems is “legal”. Why would a person think a little money would make the outcome more favorable? Did this person get in a bind? Is Daley’s system of Government so corrupt every person, including his employees, think you must pay off, to get off? Will Mayor Daley let this small fry off the hook, like he let his friends? Two sets of rules? Thousands of dollars of “Bribes for Overtime” slipped past the I.G. Hired Trucks slipped past the I.G. I must ask myself, should an Inspector General give his home phone number and personal phone number to get in a ladies britches? The I.G. is frying small fish again.

Chicago Frozen Water Pipes Expert Analysis

Why are the water pipes frozen in Chicago? Patrick McDonough a Legally Licenced Plumber with an engineering background, Frank Avila, a lawyer, and Frank Coconate are currently in production talks to explain the massive problems and failures. Chicago Department of Water Management is at issue. Frozen Water pipes? Experts explain the problems and millions of dollars in Insurance settlements that will need addressing. Patrick McDonough.

Illinois Committee For Honest Government Awards

Make sure you attend Illinois Committee For Honest Government annual Award Event. Meet some of Illinois’s top political leaders. Take the wife on Sunday, February 11, 2007, to Plush at 1104 West Madison Avenue from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Who is showing up and receiving awards? OBama, DeLeo, Flores, and other major political players. There is a door charge, but not much for a very nice event. P.S. all you Chicago City Workers that keep asking me to get you in touch with Frank Avila will be happy. Frank Avila will be on hand, pin him down for some free legal advice, if you can. Ask Avila about the 12 million dollar Shakman settlement and what you are entitled to. Never know. Patrick McDonough.

Update: Chicago Department of Water Management

2007 freeze.jpg
Chicago Union workers work under extreme weather conditions to make sure homeowners get water into their homes. If you have no water, you will have no heat, many Chicago homes have boilers that require water. This van is stuck in ice because the leak was left for an extended amount of time. Today, it was brought to my attention, private contractors will be issued Chicago Safety Vests and will pretend to be Chicago Employees making repairs to the Chicago Water System. Not residents, not drug tested, and no background checks. Photo by Patrick McDonough.