Mayor Daley's 11th Ward Orchestra Final Cut Video

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Please enjoy this video, click here: Please enjoy this video, sure to crack you up. For many years politics ruled the Chicago Department of Water Management. The perks such as promotions, overtime, and acting up is a city wide epidemic. That is the way the Daley Boyz want the City of Chicago run. Corruption and Clout, without a sense of dignity or fairness. If private institutions hire based on the blueprint of the Daley Administration, they would all be bankrupt. Thank God Patrick McDonough is on hand to help this department.

5 Replies to “Mayor Daley's 11th Ward Orchestra Final Cut Video”

  1. Daley and Byrne were both included as defendants in the BURGE TORTURE.

    This will give Dorothy Brown a big boost.

  2. That is the funniest video I have ever seen. Damn, I am still laughing. This will stick to Daley.

  3. Richie knew I was torturing those confessions out of those niggers. He wanted me to do it so he could look a like a lockemup law and order state’s attorney.
    He is just a phony hypocrite denying me now just like Judas.

  4. Come on Pat,Is this all you could come up with?This is really stupid .What the hell where you thinking when you did this?Also you look just as stupid in the video also.Is this what you do on city time?

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