Chicago Frozen Water Pipes Expert Analysis

Why are the water pipes frozen in Chicago? Patrick McDonough a Legally Licenced Plumber with an engineering background, Frank Avila, a lawyer, and Frank Coconate are currently in production talks to explain the massive problems and failures. Chicago Department of Water Management is at issue. Frozen Water pipes? Experts explain the problems and millions of dollars in Insurance settlements that will need addressing. Patrick McDonough.

5 Replies to “Chicago Frozen Water Pipes Expert Analysis”

  1. As long as they are not my pipes in my rich Condo.

    As long as my private contractor friends from the suburbs.

    Fuc% you city homeowners and aparment renters.

    Fuc% the poor
    I am only the Mayor for the rich

    I hope you bust your pipes, freeze and die that would help me as Mayor

  2. News Flash, water freezes in winter. It is called ice. Channel 9’s Tom Skilling has stated on Chicago Tonight (WTTW) that is is the 2nd longest recorded artic blast.

  3. No Eddit. The weather isn’t the city’s fault – it’s Daley’s fault. It’s the direct result of his corruption and scandals and his illegal war in Iraq.

    How dare Mayor Daley out a covert cia operative for political reason!

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