More Chicago Department of Water Management troubles continue

Please read this article :,CST-NWS-bribe10.article I am very concerned because another Chicago Department of Water Management employee is accused of a relatively minor crime. After reading this article, one might think this man should be strung up from the highest tree and made an example. Well let us think about this situation if you were in his shoes. Chicago knows if you wish to make a construction project you need to grease the system. A nice “political donation” to the local alderman will make Daley’s inspectors few and far between. The alderman will buy Daley tickets, and the system, criminal as it seems is “legal”. Why would a person think a little money would make the outcome more favorable? Did this person get in a bind? Is Daley’s system of Government so corrupt every person, including his employees, think you must pay off, to get off? Will Mayor Daley let this small fry off the hook, like he let his friends? Two sets of rules? Thousands of dollars of “Bribes for Overtime” slipped past the I.G. Hired Trucks slipped past the I.G. I must ask myself, should an Inspector General give his home phone number and personal phone number to get in a ladies britches? The I.G. is frying small fish again.

4 Replies to “More Chicago Department of Water Management troubles continue”

  1. The private contractors are taking City Workers Trucks and pretending to be City Workers. More Daley Scams.

  2. This water department employee and those like him put the rest of the honest employees at risk. As for the comment about hired Truck, those three will go to jail and serve a full term.

  3. I find this web site by Patrick McDonough, the talk show by Frank Avila and just generally annoying Frank Coco-whatever really humerous. If McDonough and Coco had gotten in with the Daley guys early on, given a few jobs for pals and promotions for themselves they would be happy as anyone. Had Avila won any of the numerous positions he had run for he would be singing a different song. These guys are so out there. These guys, especially Avila, can say all they want about waste and stealing and all the other stuff; all they really are is guys that are upset that they weren’t let into the club. I any of these goofs got any respect or were taken seriously by any of the real players they would not be out crying and complaining about all of this garbage. Lets face it, nothing is going to change here in Chicago because of whiners and goofs like these guys and they will never win an election or any respect from anyone but a loud and out spoken minority that no one listens to anyway.

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