Commissioner John Spatz and Stanley Pehrue are in Hot Water

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Commissioner John Spatz and Stanley Pehrue of the Chicago Department of Water Management were in hot water last week. Please see this video and click on Water Worries,,8,1&pl=New%20Video%202 John Spatz should watch more videos produced by Chicago Clout that explored this issue many months ago. Stop putting drugs down the toilet, mix them in cat litter, and throw in the garbage. Please read this as reported by Channel 7 News Chicago… City employee arrested for making threat Thursday, April 17, 2008 | 4:33 PM A City of Chicago employee, Stanley Pahrue, has been placed on paid leave after he was arrested for making a threat. Pahrue works in the Chicago Water Department. He was arrested Wednesday for allegedly making a violent threat against his employer.
This is his second arrest in the last 10 days. He was previously arrested on April 6 for soliciting a prostitute.
The Chicago Tribune reported: Originally posted: April 17, 2008City water workers warned about suspended co-worker Posted by Dan Mihalopoulos and Todd Lighty at 1:20 p.m. Chicago officials told workers in the city’s Water Management Department Thursday morning to be on the lookout for a co-worker who allegedly threatened to go on a shooting spree at a department facility at Ashland Avenue and 39th Street. The workers were told that the employee, a construction laborer, has been put on paid leave from his job pending an investigation into the alleged incident. Water Management Department spokesman Tom LaPorte declined comment. Patrick McDonough, a city plumber, said the employee made the threat Wednesday to a female security guard at the facility. The employee allegedly told the guard that if he loses his job he will come back and “light this place up,” McDonough said. Barrett Murphy, the department’s managing deputy commissioner, met with employees Thursday morning and told them the city was taking the matter very seriously, McDonough said. You can visit lout Street Blog and comment click here:
I hope when Mr. Murphy got that question about the treatment of other people that have had problems, he knows his answer was reported to the Chicago Inspector General. Stay away from Hot Water Guys. Also, our Commissioner has put on a few pounds since he got the big post, did you notice? Patrick McDonough

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  1. I like to know why weren’t the rest of us not notified about this loose screw? what about us on the South side, or even the North side? Why is it all about the Central district all the time? Hell this guy might come down here to hurt us? or even up North? there has to be something done to inform the rest of us in case something goes wrong–Emergency– I think this guy should be locked up until his court date. Holy crap !!!

    (Response) After a Ho in Chicago should I wash my hands before I swIpe out? Pack Heat this year I warned you before. If you work for the City of Chicago carry Heat like Mayor Daley.

  2. If you are working in the Ghetto and you need some fun, be careful. If the Ho will not follow you down the street and into your car, she is a cop. If she is fair looking and in the hood, she is a Ho. If she has teeth, she is a cop. If she looks like Daley she is a Ho. Be careful out there guys, the Chicago Cops want to bust your nasty as*es.

  3. He also said, “If I lose my job, I will shoot them all up”. Brother from the Hood, what do you expect?

  4. Even city workers like **** ***** of streets & san has visited the wares given by Bridgeport brand hookers. As a mater of fact he did this twice during the day on separate occasions while working for the city of chicago.

    Guess what he was arrested (with) both times and nothing seems to happen to him.

    I wonder if its because it was in the 11th Ward or because he was black

    Even the commissioner is aware of this incident along with the inspector general

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