Please Read the Teamster's 726 Lawsuit Chicago Union under Attack

You might need adobe to read the extended file below. It is free so get it. Thank you to Angelo Fata for waking up Chicago Unions. Patrick McDonough
Chicago Clout Fans. Many of you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free if you click here: Many more of these legal filings will appear on this website. Get informed.]]>Teamsters 726 Lawsuit.pdf

One Reply to “Please Read the Teamster's 726 Lawsuit Chicago Union under Attack”

  1. Hey Pat,
    I had a meeting with this Executive Board on April 9th 2008,
    My complaints ( other members questions also)
    was addressed to the Board, and the same thing goes on there, like the same thing that goes on when we have a Union Meeting— I had 6 questions to ask !!! and the answers were— “NOPE we are not going to do that”
    And the answers to all my others questions were BS also to me. So a wasted time by me going to these meetings. This Piss’s me off!! I am thinking of running for the Local Union,in 5 years!!! I am going to chance this crap that goes on in my Union.

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