Forget the Olympics Daley look at the Chicago Ghetto

Chicago West Side Housing Slump.jpg Please read Fran Spielman’s take on Mayor Daley’s plan to fix the ghetto. (See Extended) Look Chicago, the west side of Chicago reminds me of the depression era. While I suggest one should never invest in $300,000.00 homes in Chicago’s West side, this is an ugly reminded of the dire situation in west side. Daley is worried about all his rich friends; this is a real Chicago emergency. We need Chicago Media in the West Side. Photo by Patrick McDonough]]> Continue reading “Forget the Olympics Daley look at the Chicago Ghetto”

Just a suggestion folks, Major Crime wave starts early in Chicago

The west side of Chicago is heating up to set record crime levels. Yesterday, a Central District Plumber was almost car-jacked. I strongly suggest all Chicago City Workers to pack heat and lots of it. Pack heat until the end of this summer. Many kids have no work and many stores are closing in the west side. Must be Daley's new round of taxes. The poor are hungry in Chicago and that spells trouble. The City of Chicago provided security guards in the schools, instead of real Chicago coppers, what a mistake. Patrick McDonough

Fran Spieman exposes Chicago Steets and Sans Sex Offender

Chicago has it rear-end in a trick bag again. Thanks to Fran Spielman and a "Chicago Clout Inspector General" this is exposed. Clout heavy employees have enjoyed a separate set of rules when punishment was dealt. Before this article, this clout heavy employee with other family on the City Payroll could have just got his job back as if nothing happened. This did not slip away because an entire group of City Workers are sick of the unfair treatment. As I see this, this employee might be allowed to return to work since he did not use a computer on city time. The crime did not happen on city time so they would allow his return. If he would be allowed back to work, that would allow every employee fired for behavior unbecoming and every residency case to be overturned. Any crime not on city time would not affect the job status. So mark your calendars as this will be watched. Read article below. Patrick McDonough Continue reading “Fran Spieman exposes Chicago Steets and Sans Sex Offender”

Chicago Time Clock Nightmare Again

Chicago Time Clocks.jpg The Chicago Time Clock Nightmare continues. After America suffered through 9/11, paranoia ran through the management ranks across America. The Chicago Department of Water Management decided to start a new time clock policy. Many workers in Chicago knew who got to sign the edit sheets and who did not. So this time clock policy is still a failure. Lately, I have had multiple problems with my I.D. I had it replaced several times, had a new picture, had my hand re-scanned. Remember, if my I.D. does not work, I get a call with-in a couple of hours. April 3, 2008, I went downtown to Chicago City Hall and met with Charles Spence and Thomas Bailey of Daley’s Comptroller’s office. I also met with Lourdes Lim in the I.D. room. (About 10:40 a.m.) They inspected my I.D., checked for damage, re-read my hand print, and found some programming problem with the software. They told me everything would be o.k. and to swipe at the end of the day. I went into the yard and a Union Local 134 Electrician was repairing and inspecting the clocks. This electrician repairs the approximately 500 time clocks with hand scanning in Chicago. I am glad I get this great service from the Mayor’s staff. I must be very important, yet they would not give me a gold or green I.D. Maybe next time. Well, I went to swipe out at the end of the day and sure enough, the I.D. did not work, then the next day, the I.D. did not work. Chicago, the City that Works. Would you like to swipe your hand on this filthy machine? Patrick McDonough

Neil Steinberg makes Chicago Clout Honor Board "Daley Needs Help"

Daley has lost his mind
That's the only explanation for his sputtering attempts at rationalizing theft of Grant Park land for children's museum
April 4, 2008
BY NEIL STEINBERG Sun-Times Columnist
Thieves always have their reasons. The door was unlocked. The pension fund was just sitting there. The old lady wasn't using her car anyway.
Thieves always have their reasons. The door was unlocked. The pension fund was just sitting there. The old lady wasn't using her car anyway.
Whether these reasons make sense depends, naturally, upon whether you are the one stealing or the one being stolen from.
So of course Mayor Daley has a rationale for grabbing a chunk of Grant Park to build his children's museum. Several, in fact: It's for the kids! To show the kids we love them! To put the kids at the center of the city! Kids! Kids! Kids!
The cold-hearted might call these arguments cynical, an emotional pitch to justify doing exactly what he wants to do. Particularly since the unarguable facts are: a) Chicagoans don't want it there; b) kids being bused in to a children's museum scarcely care WHERE it's located, so long as they get a snack.
Being a more generous soul, I believe that the mayor is not being cynical, but rather has completely lost his mind, unhinged by 19 years in office, the way the pashas supposedly went insane behind their harem walls.
He is sincere, alas, and so really does not understand that the only reason there is open parkland for him to try to steal today is because the 53 mayors before him, some deeply corrupt, managed to keep their penny-pinching mitts off Grant Park and resisted the temptation to put up their concert halls, solariums, social pavilions, or whatever the fashionable public structure of the moment happened to be.
That our Mayor-for-Life is not following their example is a sign of his growing brazenness, and his sputtering attempts to rationalize his expropriation is a sign — in my view — of detachment from reality.
He feels completely justified. Whether we, the stolen from, accept the reasons offered is still an open question. Nice Job Neil, Patrick McDonough

Federal Oversight at Chicago Department of Water Mangement Today

A Federal Monitor, an overseer, Luci Pope, and Greg Ortiz, had a meeting at 7:00 a.m. this morning. When I waited for my orders from my foreman, a nervous employee was afraid I was going to have a conversation with the Monitor. That employee was very, very, nervous. A little advice to the lady, calm down, we have nothing to hide! It is not as if I do not know what is going on. Patrick McDonough