Chicago Time Clock Nightmare Again

Chicago Time Clocks.jpg The Chicago Time Clock Nightmare continues. After America suffered through 9/11, paranoia ran through the management ranks across America. The Chicago Department of Water Management decided to start a new time clock policy. Many workers in Chicago knew who got to sign the edit sheets and who did not. So this time clock policy is still a failure. Lately, I have had multiple problems with my I.D. I had it replaced several times, had a new picture, had my hand re-scanned. Remember, if my I.D. does not work, I get a call with-in a couple of hours. April 3, 2008, I went downtown to Chicago City Hall and met with Charles Spence and Thomas Bailey of Daley’s Comptroller’s office. I also met with Lourdes Lim in the I.D. room. (About 10:40 a.m.) They inspected my I.D., checked for damage, re-read my hand print, and found some programming problem with the software. They told me everything would be o.k. and to swipe at the end of the day. I went into the yard and a Union Local 134 Electrician was repairing and inspecting the clocks. This electrician repairs the approximately 500 time clocks with hand scanning in Chicago. I am glad I get this great service from the Mayor’s staff. I must be very important, yet they would not give me a gold or green I.D. Maybe next time. Well, I went to swipe out at the end of the day and sure enough, the I.D. did not work, then the next day, the I.D. did not work. Chicago, the City that Works. Would you like to swipe your hand on this filthy machine? Patrick McDonough

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  1. I almost forgot to mention the machines do not register the hand correctly. I also made sure I told Mr. Spence of the other problems with the machine. That machine is a disgrace.

  2. hey pat what about how unsanitary these things are. What happens if someone with say a staph infection uses the clock first. Hepitatis


  3. Hey Pat,
    How about getting some one from the Medical field to answer our questions reguarding this FILTY MACHINES, there has to be a better way !!!!
    The city has knowledge about these machines, therfor we could sue as a CLASS !!!!

  4. I feel that i could get sick from these machines if an unsanitary or sick person uses it first

  5. I wonder how much Richie and his braintrust in City Haul have spent on Kronos and subsequent systems that do not work?

    That might be an interesting thing for Fitzgerald to look into.

  6. Hey Pat,
    well congrats that the time clocked worked.
    As I mention this to my Foreman Ortiz, he stated ” it will work now I justed talk with some one” Well can you quess what happened? It did NOT work, it was like this for a bout a week !! and they refuse to do anything about this in my opinion.
    One more question;
    now just suppose you got diabetes or asthma or even worse like heart disease.
    How would your system react? would you get so sick that you need to go to the hospital? would you use up all your vacation days all up? what if you get so sick you die?
    or would you be able to recover? or would you remain sick for years and years then die? would your family sue the City of Chicago? all because of a staph infection?
    A little about me?
    I used to be a GOD fearing person, never drank, never swore, never spoken evil about anybody. some would even ask if I was a Morman. nothing wrong with being a Morman either great people.But since I came to work for the City, I am not a disgruntal worker either? I even witnessed a Foreman plant stuff on a worker, ( not in the water dept) and was told ” I better not say anything or I am going to get fired” well I spoke up for this worker, and I got suspended for 29 days. which I won back at a hearing !!

  7. The city of Chicago’s Comproller’s phone number is 1-312-742-0323

  8. If you gentleman would only
    put in your 8 hours a day.
    The people that are complaining are the ones that
    are doing something illegal

    shutup and swipe….

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