Just a suggestion folks, Major Crime wave starts early in Chicago

The west side of Chicago is heating up to set record crime levels. Yesterday, a Central District Plumber was almost car-jacked. I strongly suggest all Chicago City Workers to pack heat and lots of it. Pack heat until the end of this summer. Many kids have no work and many stores are closing in the west side. Must be Daley's new round of taxes. The poor are hungry in Chicago and that spells trouble. The City of Chicago provided security guards in the schools, instead of real Chicago coppers, what a mistake. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Daley is stripping the black community of everything they have, getting rid of all the structure in their neighborhoods and raising their taxes, booting their cars and then this helps add to the bitter anger they already have because they grow up in poverty, you are so correct. I predicted this would happen. Does not take a rocket scientist to understand this. I hope good prevails now and the indictments begin to hit. But as I have been following the Rezco trial I must say that Rezco is rarely coming up as far as bombshell evidence. These are very slippery people. And Daley is the best when it comes to slippery. Well Fitzgeralds name will be mud if he can’t get Daley, and I think his kid really got sloppy. I love the feds don’t get me wrong but the poor are being stripped and robbed by this mayor and karma is long overdue him. thanks

  2. Hey Pat,
    Did you almost get car jacked? lets pack some heat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. you are all over the place today. its mayor daleys fault that people are car jacking? now u r telling us to pack heat? that is not legal. crime and poverty have been around a long time. step up, take some responsibility for your actions and get a job. put a rubber on when you have sex, and go to a beat meeting. ask not what your city can do for you but what you can do for your city. CONTRIBUTE IN A POSITIVE WAY AND STOP BLAMING OTHERS.

    (Response) Pack heat this summer.

  4. Daleys less guns for good citizens means more crime, take guns away from crooks not law abiding citi says:

    Chicago already has a handgun ban. Chicago already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Washington DC has some of the strictest gun laws in the country with the commensurate highest gun crime and murder rates.
    Handguns except with some exceptions like alderman, police officers, some security guards, and a hand full or grandfathered in people from decades ago–Nobody can own a handgun in the city of Chicago not even in their own home for personal protection.

    An Army Reservist in Chicago,trained and certified in weapons, cannot own a military weapon in Chicago even for target practice.
    It is illegal. It can be a felony under certain circumstances.

    Yes, guns are a problem. But yes, there is a legitimate and not dangerous according to statistics hunting and outdoors culture in many parts of the United States and not just rural parts. When I was in the Boy Scouts I shot 22 caliber and shotguns and nobody ever died and it was a skill, taught discipline and was useful in Army Basic training. Some Chicago Public High Schools used to have firing ranges with zero fatalities, no accidents, no shootings, no killings, no suicides. To teach respect for a weapon, safety, and markmensship is good. Too many kids who get illegal (Read: already illegal) weapons do not know safety or how to properly use them and have no respect because of our culture both the culture of violence and lack of respect for life and the complete ban culture which makes weapons even more attractive.

    What about an old lady who uses a weapon for personal security (like cases you have heard on the news about an old lady shooting a robber and the State’s Attorney could charge her) or one of these Arab or Korean(or any ethnic group) store owners who has a weapon when he takes the cash at night to make a night bank deposit?
    These are criminals?

    There is a different culture in Southern Illinois and rural areas.
    It does have less murders and crime. (although that is changing with Crystal myth and the hip-hop rap culture of stupidity gripping now maybe 2 generations even white kids in rural areas) They are getting more gangs because of a bad urban influence.

    There are hunting accidents. There are idiots who hunt drunk. There are the tragedies like in Wisconsin and Minnesota where Hmongs and Whites have killed each other although rare at least 2 high profile incidents. There are accidents where tragically kids get guns. But there is also millions maybe tens of millions or hundreds of millions over time that hunt, fish, outdoors, target shoot, skeet, shotgun, different animal hunting, bow hunting, military, former military, gun collectors etc. These are good law abiding citizens.

    Gun laws will not stop the horrible tragedy of the young man who got hit with a baseball bat and was killed who was a good boy and a good boxer. I don’t want to sound cliche about banning baseball bats. Many of these other high profile shootings would of not been stopped by the one gun a month law or any other gun laws as they were not (in some cases) automatic weapons and were not bought legally. These already are illegally bought or stolen guns.
    These weapons are already out on the streets. The march by Jesse Jackson and Fr. Pleger dealt with a manufacturer of weapons that does not sell to civilians, certainly it would be nice to turn our AK-47s into plowshares but the problem is that law enforcement and military need them against gangs, terrorists, other countries etc. It is a naive approach that is not really dealing with the problem.

    Chicago Democrats really crack me up as they always have exceptions and prove that they are not only hypocrites but that guns do work to deter crime. Alderman carry weapons. All of the Daley family, kids, inlaws, even the grandmother while alive had ARMED police officer bodyguards. Alderman Ed Burke has armed police officer bodyguards and he himself carries a weapon. Alderman Tillman carried a weapon. Governor Blagojevich has State Police officers who carry weapons.
    It is the 11th ward precinct captains who illegally carry weapons, and city workers, and 19th ward sherriffs who legally carry but abuse it in shooting innocents. Why can’t law abiding citizens who are trained use a weapon?

    Switzerland has the highest rate of weapons per capita and mandates automatic weapons to be carried and in the homes of their milita.
    Go to the 41st ward (one of the safest, cleanest, and least crime, gun violence, and murders) in the city of Chicago–and it has high rates of gun ownership albeit with Chicago Police officers (some good, most good but also some bad), their families, wives, kids–the point being that number of weapons and access to weapons does not mean high crime. A pure correlation even if you disagree with causation.

    Lastly, not just the U of C studies, the Lott studies, the Dan Polsby studies at Northwestern but the FBI statistics state that when states (now many of them) have had concealed carry that crime went down. This makes logical sense. But even if you thought it was for homogeneous, low populated, rural states like Montana and Wyoming–what about multi-cultural, with large low income communities, urban areas like Florida and Texas.
    There are not many incidents of killings of those with Concealed Carry licenses. Crime has gone down in states that have Concealed Carry.

    Common Sense gun ownership, view of rights, gun training and safety, respect–these would help more.

    Crime is complicated and nuanced–the ever present call for more gun control by Daley and Arne Duncan insult our intelligence and do nothing to really do nothing to fight crime. Arne Duncan and the CPS exploit kids and use a political agenda that does not stop killings. Daley has already spent tens of millions of taxpayers dollars losing in court and may now be affected by upcoming Supreme Court battles on the 2nd Amendment.

  5. Dear “Daleys less guns for good citizens means more crime, take guns away from crooks not law abiding citi”,
    I enjoyed your posting. The democrats really have earned the term “hypocrite”. Their vapid philosophy coupled with their sorry practice is repugnant.
    I must correct you on one IMPORTANT item. Despite all the conventional wisdom to the contrary, there is a new political party in the Windy City. NOW there IS a 2-party system. So when you say “It is the 11th ward precinct captains who illegally carry weapons”, I trust you do not mean our REPUBLICAN precinct captains of OUR 11th Ward.

    Again, congratulations on your dissemination of accurate information of the correlation between gun rights and less crime. Perhaps we can open the minds of vacuous liberals.

    Keep up the good work.

    With respect of OUR 2nd Amendment Rights,
    Carl Segvich,
    11th Ward Republican Committeeman


  6. did somebody proudly pridict that the black community was losing their structure and cars were being booted, and daley was to blame? it does not take a genious to predict the obvious. let me try. next year crime will rise again in these communities, people will continue to break the laws and not pay their parking tickets, and the city will inforce the laws and boot your cars. people like you will continue to blame others for your troubles and nothing will improve. how is that? im no nostodomous but a can see a pattern from a mile away. obey the laws. SIMPLE

    (response) you insight is not much better than you spelling

  7. the ghetto is on fire in chicago. The gun fights at night are non stop in the west side. Mayor Daley please help the black folks.

  8. Dear Daleys less guns for good citizens— very well said. I strongly agree with your point of view. I too am a city worker and live in the Beverly communitty and for the mostpart we have no police protection. All of are police resources are consumed by the neighboorhoods to the east and therefore the savages have easy pickins with the law abiding unarmed residents of Beverly. I believe if we were allowed to carry concealed weapons (with the proper training of course) the animals would think twice before sticking up the people walking home from the train or anyone else for that matter. The current laws are in support of the criminals not the everday law abiding citizen

  9. How does Daley defy thee? Let us count the days
    John Kass

    April 11, 2008

    Any midnight now, Chicago’s mayor will channel his inner Mayor Chucky and send bulldozers to carve up Grant Park before dawn.

    And they’ll pour concrete for his new Allstate Chumbolone Kids’ Museum, the one that nobody wants, and the next morning, Chicagoans will wonder, the way they wondered after his Meigs Field destruction, asking:

    “Why, John, why? Why?

    “We didn’t want the mayor’s museum. We told Mayor Daley we didn’t want it. The alderman doesn’t want it. The Illinois Supreme Court is on record saying the park is supposed to be clear of buildings. Our lakefront was supposed to be pristine, and forever open and free! He’s destroyed it. Why? What’s next, a Bridgeport-style Polish sausage stand in Grant Park, and Carmine’s Steakhouse Too?

    “Why, John? Why?”

    And I’ll stick my head out some Tribune Tower window and shout back:

    Robert Sorich, that’s why! Chicago Held Hostage, 646 days, that’s why!

    “646 days? Robert Sorich? What?” they’ll ask. “Isn’t Sorich the mayor’s convicted patronage boss from Bridgeport who was compared to the crucified Christ by an 11th Ward priest?”

    Yes, madam, the very same. So let me explain, and quickly, before the mayor denounces me as a racist for not supporting his Grant Park museum idea.

    You might think the mayor is going ahead with his plans over the objections of his citizens because clout heavy rich people like Gigi Pritzker want it so. You’d be wrong. If Sorich stood next to Pritzker, she wouldn’t know him. She might even flip him the keys to her car and tell him to be careful.

    But without Sorich, Daley wouldn’t be able to defy his city and the local alderman by pushing for the museum that no one wants.

    Friday marks the 646th day since Sorich, the mayor’s patronage chief, was convicted by a jury on federal charges for building a gigantic and illegal patronage army for his master and commander, the mayor.

    The army he built put Daley in control of everything. Even Chicago’s great national reform presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, won’t dare criticize the corruption at City Hall.

    It’s been 509 days since Sorich was sentenced to 46 months in prison. And on May 1, 2007, Sorich appealed his conviction before the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. That was 347 days ago.

    Sorich was convicted because a jury concluded that he and other Daley minions participated in a scheme to defraud the taxpayers, and thousands of legitimate city job seekers, by rigging the job tests and exams and installing loyalists.

    Daley’s army not only energizes Daley’s favorite candidates, it also intimidates anyone who would dare oppose the Chicago Way. Business owners who might consider donating to the opposition develop second thoughts, lest they be hammered by city inspectors, and denied permits and licenses—not for political reasons, mind you, but just because some political payroller decided, as if by coincidence.

    Sorich’s lawyer, Terrible Tommy Durkin, hates it when I mention that Sorich’s case is under appeal. He becomes personally insulting and sends letters to the paper, shrieking that I’m trying to influence the court. I’m not. I’m just letting readers in on a little secret, understood by every political player in the state:

    The mayor is waiting to see if the 7th Circuit will make him happy by tossing the Sorich conviction. And, if they do so, I bet he’ll have those bulldozers busy in Grant Park before dawn, the way he had them carving up Meigs Field.

    Who will stop him, the Illinois Supreme Court? Get real. Don’t judges run for election and don’t they need political armies to pass out literature?

    As the Sorich matter has dragged on, City Hall has spent $75 million on court-approved settlements for those who lost out on the patronage sweepstakes. And where did that money come from? The same place the money will come from to pay the outside legal bills in the lawsuits over Daley’s Children’s Museum land grab:

    It all comes from you. Sip some ridiculously highly taxed bottled-water and ponder it if you will.

    Daley won’t pay. He’ll build his children’s museum, the Illinois Supreme Court will keep its mouth shut, as will the legislature and our governor-in-waiting, Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan.

    Perhaps the next big Grant Park improvement will be a Tavern on Rush in Grant Park and a Gibsons and a couple of Rosebuds, a Luxbar, a Café Bionda, and even a satellite of the 31st Street Maxwell Street Polish stand. And all of it developed by some mayoral nephew who gets his beak wet with millions of city pension dollars, and the mayor doesn’t know how it happened.

    Again, it has been 646 days since Sorich was convicted.

    What can you do in 646 days? Learn to play the kazoo? Plan a downtown park for children of privilege whose parents can afford the high ticket prices, not including parking? Play the race card? One thing is sure, in 646 days, a lot of people can forget how things work in this town.


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