Donald Tomczak Video Deposition on McDonough vs. City of Chicago

Dane Placo rocked on this video starring Frank Avila, Patrick Collins, Donald Tomczak and special star Patrick McDonough. As the saying goes… Herein lies the truth…;jsessionid=CD9A61A48A7BFB367AE0FFE7EF4DF30E?contentId=7455019&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1 Click on the link and enjoy. Patrick McDonough. Thank you Fox News Chicago.

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  1. Forbes magazine just rated Chicago one of the worst in terms of air quality and congestion.
    Other rankings had us as sone of the most obese. And yes, that is part of Daley as he has oppossed bans on trans fatty acids (that Ald Burke proposed)and other issues)

    Chicago was for most of the tenure of Mayor Daley since 1989 (maybe dropped for 2 to 3 years out almost 20) has been and is the Murder capitol of theUnited States both in terms of numbers and percentages. Chicago has more murders than larger cities like Los Angeles and New York and even more than the one’s Orion likes to mention like Detroit or Gary.

    The Sales tax in Chicago with the combined levels of government including the County are the highest.

    You have seen hundreds of percents increase in property taxes and while you will hear that that the increase in property taxes increases the value of the home or other property–see how much you can sell your property now for or if your property taxes go down in a market where the actual value of your home is much lower.

    We have a huge pension crisis.
    The firefighters are at 25% funded (which a math wizard like Daley much realize) is 75% unfunded.
    We have tens of BILLIONS of unfunded pensions from various agencies in Chicago.
    We could barley keep public transit alive.
    We have increase in taxes again and a budget deficit and actual debt.
    We have the TIF crisis.
    Yet when we are laying thousands of workers off and increasing taxes–we are trying to have an Olympics (at great cost to the taxpayer just look at Atlanta or other cities to compare what they spent) A deficit and debt and we are doing an environmentally unsound airport expansion.

    Every single major Daley project has been overbudget and not on time. Millenium Park being one big example with hundreds of millions in cost overruns.

  2. Pat,

    You are a true piece of shit. How did you get your job and for that matter, how did your father get his job. Now that the system doesnt work for you, then fuck the system. I hope you get your settlement for being a fucking rat and move your family out of the city.

    Don Tomsak is a fucking rat that sold his sole for less prision time. If you dont think for a minute that he is giving the feds what they want to hear. Then you are as dumb as you look.

  3. Donnie-boy does’nt look so high and mighty now does he.He’s a piece of garbage,rat bastard. I only hope he rots in prison.

  4. Donald Tomczak should have spilled his guts before his sentencing hearing; then we, the citizens, wouldn’t still have to be subjected to the ongoing shit that passes for our city and county governments.

  5. To: Remember your Roots

    Wow , I was believing Pat and Donald, at least as far as that the current system is an anti-democratic system, an anti-American system, an unfair system and an illegal PRO-DALEY system. (Not that everything in Donald’s past, my past, Pat’s past, your past, is perfect — no, no, no, our roots indeed are not perfect; I remember)

    However, now the focus must be placed on how a despicable anti-Christian and anti-American is THISclose to being PRESIDENT OF OUR AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn’t it mostly because of the despicable troll Richard Michael Daley and David Axlerod…and the lying by omission of the detestably communistic American media?! No?

    I think Pat’s gang is spreading some desperately needed sunshine and transparency. No?

    America’s constitution only works for a moral people.

    If we are not moral, this nation is all going to Axlerod, Communists, Daley, conman candidate for POTUS from Chicago, the ACLU, et al including the Clintons, Kennedys , Bill Ayers and George Soros.

    I hope Pat stays in Chicago to help me snitch on everything the rotten Daley political mafia has done to my United States of America. I hope Pat stays in Chicago for a very long time.

    PS. BTW, I always wonder why folks don’t sign there real names.
    This is AMERICA, and i am a citizen.

    Truly yours,
    Carl Segvich


  6. Interesting, very interesting…Pat I don’t see you write…Response: “don’t they teach you how to read and write in Bridgeport” anymore. I know you can’t teach old DOGS (Bridgeport Boys) new tricks.

    Posted by: Bridgeport Bob | September 18, 2008 11:53 AM
    You are a true piece of shit. How did you get your job and for that matter, how did your father get his job. Now that the system doesnt work for you, then fuck the system. I hope you get your settlement for being a fucking rat and move your family out of the city.
    Don Tomsak is a fucking rat that sold his sole for less prision time. If you dont think for a minute that he is giving the feds what they want to hear. Then you are as dumb as you look.

  7. Who is Anita Alvarez? A wannabee friend of targets of criminal, federal investigations? A friend of Daley, Madigan and Burke? She’s their girl?
    Revised significantly on Thursday at 2:50 pm
    Yet, Alvarez is saying, no matter what the U. S. Attorney is saying about you, you can contribute to Alvarez and have a willing new friend, personal or not, in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office. On hearing that, Daley, Madigan and Burke must have breathed a collective sigh of relief and said, “That’s our girl.”
    Did taking the Singer money create a conflict of interest for Alvarez?

    Another Reporter: Why did you accept a political donation, albeit small, from Bill Singer, who has been publicly identified in a federal trial as a target of a criminal, federal investigations? [See here].

    Cook County State’s Attorney Candidate Anita Alvarez (D): Okay, I don’t know Mr. Singer, personally, and I’ve accepted a small donation. I don’t believe he’s convicted of anything. As far as I know, he’s not. And, I haven’t violated any ethics ordinance, by doing so.

    Jeff Berkowitz: So, if somebody is subject to an investigation by the U. S. attorney, but not convicted of anything, it’s appropriate for you to accept a donation from him? is that right?

    Cook County State’s Attorney Candidate Anita Alvarez (D); I am abiding by the County ordinances and I’m abiding, you know, by those rules and I don’t believe I’ve violated any of those.
    Press Conference, September 16, 2008, following a debate sponsored by the Public Affairs office of the Union League Club of Chicago between Cook County State’s Attorney Democratic Nominee Anita Alvarez and Republican Nominee Tony Peraica. See here for an overview of the debate and pressers. Watch Alvarez interviewed here and Watch Peraica interviewed here.
    Conflicts of interest 101

    This reporter used to practice law at a large, loop, law firm, where one of the partners spent considerable time making sure the firm took no new matters where, to do so, would present a conflict of interest for the firm with one of its prior clients. Making such a determination started with a mechanical computerized comparison of the potential new client, and that new client’s adverse and third parties—to existing clients, and adverse and third parties in their matters, and so on and so forth. Once a possible conflict of interest for the firm was spotted, then the partner assigned to deal with conflicts spent considerable time applying complex case law, ethical canons and his judgment and wisdom to the situation at hand.

    That conflicts partner would often state that he never met a partner, who stood to benefit directly from the new business, who could see a conflict with a potential new client. Of course, that was a bit of an exaggeration. But, the point was, new clients meant money in the pocket of the partner who brought in the client—and that meant that partner might not be the best person to make the decision about potential conflicts. Indeed, that’s why the firm had a conflict’s partner, who would be at least one step removed, so to speak, from the situation at hand, and therefore could make an objective judgment about whether the firm should accept the new client. Maybe Alvarez needs a conflicts adviser.

    Alvarez and targets of criminal investigations

    Anita Alvarez, who has never been in a law firm, is kind of like that partner with a new client. Only, for her, the new client is a new contributor, Bill Singer, who was said, for purposes of the question put to Alvarez, to be the target of a federal, criminal investigation. Alvarez raised no objection to the premise of the question put to her.

    Alvarez and the Food Chain

    Alvarez apparently does not want to turn away new contibutors. Partly, that is because the money enhances her chances of moving up the food chain in her, sort of, law firm, i.e., the Cook County State’s Attorney office. Alvarez has spent twently-two years climbing the ladder in the State’s Attorney office of nine hundred attorneys to No. 3, just behind First Assistant Bob Milan. She is on leave, now, for her run for State’s Attorney, but this is just a technicality. Alvarez’s climb to the top involves getting more votes on Nov. 4 than her opponent, Republican Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica.

    The State’s Attorney office and Torture

    Milan is the First Assistant to the twelve year-incumbent State’s Attorney, Dick Devine, who himself was First Assistant, in the early 80s, to then State’s Attorney Richard M. Daley, when certain members of the Chicago Police Department (“CPD”) found torture, a convenient, albeit illegal, tool, to help build their cases. For some reason, Daley and Devine never found the roots, breadth and depth of the torture in the CPD a very compelling topic—not then, not in the middle years and not recently—the topic was investigated to death, so to speak, by others—and finally the statute of limitations for prosecutions had run.

    Alvarez—quiet on torture.

    When asked about it now, Alvarez says she was just a junior attorney in the mid 80s and kind of the equivalent of a junior partner in the 90s, so never really in a position to ask or do much about the torture near her, or so she says or implies. In short, on torture, Alvarez must have appeared very, very good to Daley. When other Democratic candidates for State’s Attorney were raising concerns about Daley and torture, not a word from Alvarez.

    Daley, Madigan and Burke for Alvarez

    Putting aside the leave, Alvarez is still No. 3 in the State’s Attorney office. And, in a sense, she is No. 1. That is, the Mayor may not have officially supported Alvarez in the February, 2008, Democratic Primary. But, she won the 11th Ward, (Daley’s home ward), the 13th Ward (Speaker Mike Madigan’s home ward) and the 14th Ward (Ald. and Chicago City Council Finance Committee Chairman Ed Burke’s home ward).

    So, it might appear that in the hearts of Daley, Madigan and Burke, Alvarez is the object of their affection. Alvarez claims not to be “one of the boys.” But the “boys,” seem to like her, notwithstanding Devine’s official endorsement of Milan, who finished a distant fifth of six candidates.

    Alvarez: not a lot of intellectual curiosity

    The important thing for Daley, Madigan and Burke is to have a State’s Attorney who is not too intellectually curious when it comes to history, whether it be torture, patronage or public corruption. All of that public corruption stuff, like the activities of Sorich, Tomczak, Hired Truck, etc., that has kept U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald busy, has never had much appeal for Devine, or any of his underlings, like Alvarez.

    The amount of the contribution discussed above from Bill Singer is apparently small stuff ($500). Much more important is that Alvarez stated publicly that she sees nothing wrong with taking money from someone who is the target of a federal criminal investigation. Daley not doubt saw that and said, “That’s my girl.”

    Obama-Rezko, a conflict of interest?

    Think about it. Barack Obama said it was a “boneheaded move,” for him to involve himself in a housing transaction with a person, Tony Rezko, rumored at the time to be under investigation by the feds, when arguably Obama was receiving a favor from Rezko. As a U. S. Senator (not to mention as a President) Obama could have a substantial say in whether the U. S. Attorney was kept, or not—and who would replace him—something that might be of great interest to a person being investigated by that U. S. Attorney. A boneheaded move? I’ll say. At least, Obama regretted it.

    Alvarez-Singer, a conflict of Interest?

    Think about it. Anita Alvarez says there is no conflict of interest for her to knowingly accept money from a person “publicly identified in a federal trial as a target of a criminal, federal investigation.” Yes, what she said was
    she had not “violated any ethics ordinance, by doing so.” But, then this reporter asked if, “it’s appropriate for you to accept [such] a donation.”
    Yes, Alvarez answered in a narrow way: “I am abiding by the County ordinances and I’m abiding, you know, by those rules and I don’t believe I’ve violated any of those.” But, clearly, Alvarez implied that there was no conflict of interest.

    However, there is one. Yes, it is doubtful Anita Alvarez would engage in such a conflict for a small sum of money. Even the most money hungry law firm partner wouldn’t take a case with a conflict to increase his income by, say, five hundred dollars. So, why did Alvarez accept the money from Singer? Maybe, she is “one of the boys.” That is, she won’t abandon her friends until they are convicted. You know, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

    Why does it become an issue for people potentially involved as government investigatory authorities to associate with people “under investigation.” Because the odds that they may be called upon to exercise judgment about that investigation go up significantly when that person, such as Bill Singer, is identified in a trial as under investigation. If Anita Alvarez returns to the State’s Attorney office as the State’s Attorney, she might be called upon to decide how to pursue or follow-up on evidence pointing toward Singer in the matter the U. S. Attorney is pursuing. The U. S. Attorney might ask her office for help in the matter. How she responds could present a conflict of interest, if she has an association with Singer.

    Yet, Alvarez is saying, no matter what the U. S. Attorney is saying about you, you can contribute to Alvarez and have a willing new friend, personal or not, in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office. On hearing that, Daley, Madigan and Burke must have breathed a collective sigh of relief and said, “that’s our girl.”

  8. Carl,

    Are you off your medication again? Doesn’t your family members work or worked for the city. They must have gotten their job by just putting an application in?

    FYI . . . you represent about 300 confused individuals. Jimmy Sabia has a larger constituancy that the 11th ward republican party.

    Have everyone in your family return their pay for all their years of service to the city or you have a moral obligation to report their participation to illegal activity to the feds. Remember, they took the jobs under this system, they are as guilty as the guy that gave it to them.

  9. The Sabias are corrupt too.
    The 11th ward is a cesspool.
    Look at the cleanliness and lack of infrastructure and transportation.

    The levels of income, the amount of crime, the levels of education.

    The 11th ward is no paradise.

  10. Pat,

    Is this you. I just checked the clout list and did find your name. Can you please explain to us why you tried to exercise your clout to get a promotion?

    Patrick McDonough W M J 2231 10/11/1996 Union-Gerry Sullivan

    (Response) Prove it is me. I do not know what you are talking about.


  12. Patrick McDonough W M J 2231 10/11/1996 Union-Gerry Sullivan

    How many other City Plumbers have the same name

    This information has already been paased on the City Lawyerswho are handling his case. I hope pat will pulbish his deposition transcipt on how he answer the question.

  13. hey Jack Byrnes, FYI Patty did not start with the city until November 26 of 2000, 4 years after Gerry Sullivan recommended him for a job with the city, like it or not a 130 member gets his job with the city with the unions blessing or a politicians, there is not ONE plumber working for the city that got his job purely on his qualifications, and I am 1 million percent sure that every single caulker working for Water Management has had a politiciand hand in their pocket, and that my friend is the truth

  14. This Daley keeps taking and taking and taking. He fools us into believing through Todd Stroger that the county is in trouble and needs a sales tax increase to make all fine. Then he comes back months later and says we need to borrow 3.7 billion now. He does this cause no one stops him. So whay should he stop. The city must look great so he has a legacy at the price of the poor rotting in hell will starvation. Milosevic did the same thing. He stole his neighbors land, no one stopped him so he took more and more and more. This must end now. Enough is enough. Maybe we need a woman to run for mayor, that may do it. Fed up.

  15. God Bless Mike McDonough
    God Bless Pat McDonough
    God Bless the Constitution
    God Bless America
    Your Father’s and your friend and LOCAL 130 member of 29 years MJPM

  16. I am not afraid to leave my name on here, I already got lawsuits filed, whats one more to the bunch,City of Chicago keep messing with me, other lawsuits will be filed, ask me how many lawsuits I won !!
    anyway lets get back to the original post.
    You want a women to run for the office of the Mayor,
    now that is interesting !!! Should Marion Santos run for office, how many of my brothers and sisters in God, will support her in her bid for office of the Mayor. Will the regular precindt captians support her, or will they just do what the higher ups tell them what to do? This is what I do not understand, You got these capts. out there and they keep telling these fine outstanding citizens to vote for Daley again~~~~~~ Daley is only out to get you, I think, its like common sense. not much sense. A note to the precindt captians, do you think the clout will get you a promotion, or get your friend a job with the city? come on be real. when I talk to other Precindt captians and they say ” well I like knocking on doors, its fun” well these people might need mental help? you might want to go see the city doctors, Mr. Gardner?
    Hey Pat, wait till the courts get this corruption in the city. There will be dancing in the street when they get Daley!!!! It’s coming !!!!!!!!

  17. I wanna thank Frank Avila for not being corrupt…so much so that when I tried to apply for a summer job with the water of the insiders said the job was no longer available because it went to one of “avila guys” man nice to see the cleanest guys in city politics dont play favorites like everyone else…by the way pat you should marry frank jr. when gay marriages is legalized for now its only civil unions for you guys

  18. Patrick McDonough W M J 2231 10/11/1996 Union-Gerry Sullivan

    Illegal now, Illegal then Pat

  19. (Response) Prove it is me. I do not know what you are talking about.


    The beautiful system of corrupt prosecution that you adhere to does not care if the feds can prove it’s you. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. The good news for you is that you appear to be the type of person that would take the immunity deal if the feds could use this information to prosecute someone higher in the Daley administration. Furthermore, your response of “Prove it is me. I do not know what you are talking about.” makes you look like a “duck”.

    If this truly isn’t you then tell us your date of hire and how you went about getting your position with the city.
    (Response) I gave you a response via e-mail and it came back to my email. I knew it would. Please provide me with a correct e-mail and I will give you the info, otherwise you will wait for the court date like everyone else. The court date is shaping up the be front page fodder, I can not wait.

  20. Hey Pat,
    Do not tell them when the court dates are !!! come on hold on a little longer IT’S COMING !!!! It will be dancing in the streets!! front page news, and TV. and WORLD WIDEEEE.
    PAT there are little rivers that go into the large river which turn into DEP WATER !! you got people all around you protecting you,wait till court time !!!!!!!!!! oh its going to be heaven Praise the Lord brother!!!

  21. Patrick McDonough W M J 2231 10/11/1996 Union-Gerry Sullivan

    So pat when you hired by the city? Or so we have to FOI that information to compare it to this date?

  22. Pat,

    I provided you with my email address so that i can read your response. I’m not a city worker, but find your blog interesting. The question that always pops up into my head when reading about how the city is the most corrupt and the worst place to work, is why did you or anyone that feels left behind apply for positions with the City of Chicago. I assume that you are a licesed plumber that passed the test and would be able to work in the private sector as a plumber. WHAT MADE YOU APPLY TO THE CITY? (Pat, Bruce or anyone who feels they have been left behind by the hiring and promotion process with the city).

    This is not a personal attack on Pat or anyone else for that matter, but being a person who pays taxes, i honestly want to know what made you want a job with the City of Chicago.

    Was it the work schedule, the scope of work (or lack there of), the pension, the benefits or the job security.

    Now that you are an employee of the City of Chicago, do you feel that everyone neeeds to adhere to all the rules and regulations that govern the human resources aspect of being a city employee?

  23. hey dickhead Jack Byrnes, Pattys start date was 11/26/2000 his position was obtained through local 130 a hiring hall, I bet you are a laborer that is jealous of all plumbers that work in Water Management because you have never recieved that caulker position that was promised to you

  24. Pat, Bruce, etc:

    I thought that a response to my question would give everyone a better understanding on why you guys hate your employer. Telling us why you decided to work for the city is a simple question. Maybe the answer to the question is to painful for you to admit and that it would show that you are nothing more than “spoiled grapes”. Back in the day when you were hired, you may have thought that you were better than the other average city worker and that you deserved the promotions over the next guy. But in reality, once you started with the city you realized that many of the employees actually knew what they were doing and you were faced with the reality that you were not better than them, but equal or less qualified.

    I know you are going to say that some people got promoted because of the people that they know and they are not qualified to do the job. That’s fine i will agree with you on that point without agruement, but will offer this dose of reality to you. The private sector operates the same way. Don’t think for a minute that the hiring practices at major companies are not selective and that recomendations are not important. I have my college degree and can tell you that the best employment lead is the alumni from your university. It the same all over (public or private). Qualified or not, that is the way it goes. The hiring process is selective by nature and for that matter the promotion process is even more selective. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone with a degreee from a major university who their alumni work for and that will give you the answer about the selection process in the private sector.

    One thing that everyone can do is realize their ability and maximize their potential. If you believe you are as good as you are at your trade or your job, then the sky is the limit. Why work for an employer that does not value your worth, find an employer that does.

    Again, i would ask everyone, why did you choose to apply for a position with the City of Chicago?

    (Response) I will make it very simple. The taxpayers pay my salary. Law provides me with the right to an equal and fair opportunity to a promotion. I did not get that. In private industry the owner can promote whom ever they desire, they suffer or succeed if they pick the right or wrong person. I applied for a position at the City of Chicago because I thought I could make a difference and improve the Water Department. I am on course to that reality.

  25. Response to your response: You are 100% right that people like me pay your salary. The law does provide you with the opportunity to a promotion, but maybe YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED for the job. Just because you think you are, does not make it so. Have you improved the Water Department as an employee or are you just another city worker that wants paid vacation, a pension, over time and a schedule that fits your needs. Maybe private industry is not for you either. You would not have paid vacation days, sick time and at your age maybe not enough quarters for the pension. Time to move on Pat and stop costing tax payers more money. You and Bruce are the type of guys that jump in front of the car to collect the quick law suit. Suing the city for your own gain does not make the water department better. Let’s not forget the fact that your politically connected lawyer will get his 33%.
    (Response) I will make the Department better when the trial is done. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management needs a housecleaning. To date I have saved hundreds of millions in Hired Truck Scams. Wait for court and than you decide just like the jury.

  26. Poor jackie, he don’t know no better than to think everybody is as resigned to corruption as he is.

    That’s why he won’t understand your response, Pat, it’s way above his pay grade.

  27. Hey Pat,
    When I was in the other dept. I did change some rules over there, they do not suspend the city workers like they used to do.
    they used rule 18 of the personnal rules all the time. well you know what I used those rules on them also, but not in the workplace. I took them (city)to federal court, took the Foreman to the magistrate,for his tampering of a federal witness. He almost went to jail. I cut his some slack. but he knows not to mess with any one else like that again. And they are a few others that are going to go to jail this time.!!! No slack for the next Foreman!!
    So I do not know who this guy is but the nerve of him to say his crap about me or you Pat, believe me when I say its coming, IT COMING !!! I like to say who ever is breaking my windows, taking shots at me when I am at home, taking (gun)shots at my Kids.
    I WILL FIND YOU, AND GOD HELP YOU !!!! POLICE REPORTS WERE FILED. I got these 3 guys on film, I will find them !!!!!!! I am not scared !!! but when you come after my children, its war !!!! I am going to find you. I am …………

  28. Bruce,

    The nerve of this guy to say this crap about you or Pat? You have to be kidding me. I asked you a simple question of what made you apply for a job with the City of Chicago and the best response that you could give is an implication that i may be someone that is breaking your windows or threatening you family. Bruce you couldn’t be further from the truth.

    I will tell you who this guy is…I am a tax payer in the City of Chicago that does not work for the City. I just want to know how you got your job and want to draw my own conclusion if your current and past legal action is a retaliation to the fact that you might not be qualified for your job and was passed over for a promotion.

    What made you apply with the city?
    What made you apply with the city?
    What made you apply with the city?

    Maybe the answer will reveal your real bias and sometimes the truth hurts.

    I am still waiting for Pat’s attorney to play the full Tomsak deposition, so that we can hear the questions the city attorney asked. I will not hold my breath for that to happen. Like i said before, sometimes the truth hurts.

  29. Yep, jackie boy, sometimes the truth does hurt.

    How’s that Preparation H working for you these days?

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