Andersonville Social Justice March and Riot afterward?

Did Alderman Lori Lightfoot forget Covid-19 restrictions? Riot at Police Memorial at Rosehill after?

Does Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Governor Pigster parade in Chicago, in Andersonville neighborhood violate the Covid-19 orders? CurrentlyLightfoot and Pritzker ‘selective’ enforcement of COVID-19 orders violates IL state constitution. according to Mayor Lori Lightfoot staff, she will tell the police to back off and allow the parade. The parade start is at 10:00 a.m. at the intersection of West Bryn Mawr Avenue and Glenwood. According to a couple of local jokers, the parade will end at the Rosehill Monument for Chicago Police Officers that died on Duty. I assure you, if these punks are going to start trouble at a Chicago Police memorial, they will regret it. Chicago Police are always by the gate entrance.

Hey, please remember, stay safe. I have many stories due soon and how Mayor Lori Lightfoot handled the Corvid-19 disaster. Please make sure you stay away from other people. Politics and Covid-19 are no friends of mine. Please be away if bricks show up in your back yard. take pictures and put them in a safe locked place. Pritzker also has consistently stood by orders limiting the size of gatherings to no more than 10 people throughout the spring. I expect many more tomorrow. Sponsored by Lakewood Balmoral Residents’ Council. Remember, “everything will be O.K.

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